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  1. Is it not time that these legends are properly recognised by this country.They have knighted some really overated performers over the years who are famous only in their backyard but have failed to recognise these masters who have given pleasure to millions of thier fans all over the world
  2. i would like to know what the total cost for the cocncert was for the fans.Please follow the list a) cost of tickets--- my niece won the codes so it cost me £280 for two tickets who did you take------ my son c)where did you come from--- Epsom,Surrey d)transport and hotel costs-----only £15 for transport(FOR TWO) e)souvenior costs-----£120 ROUGH TOTAL £415 Comment- worth every penny
  3. Led Zep were the greatest rock and roll band of the 20 th centuary and after seeing them on Monday they will be the greatest rock and roll band of the 21 st centuary
  4. MY TOP 10 LIST " TO DO THINGS IN LIFE" was to see a live Led Zep concert with my son and I was fortunate to be able to do so on Monday It was one of the most memorable night in my life and for that I would like to thank Led Zep and ALSO the legions of the loyal and dedicated fans who made the concert such a historic event. For all the fans who travelled from all the corners of the world a big thank you. Without the amazing demand from the fans for the tickets,this concert would just be rememebered as a another come back concert by another group No other group in the world have such
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