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  1. The Mountain Goats - Zopilote Machine
  2. Not counting singles or EPs (though I have many from these artists): Radiohead Led Zeppelin Pink Floyd My Bloody Valentine Joy Division The Doors Television The Velvet Underground Sigur Ros ...though many of those only have 2 or 3 albums total, so it's not like it was on any special effort of mine.
  3. Went on Amazon to get myself some 'comfort' albums. I'd say it's the aural equivalent of crawling under your bed and eating a tub of ice cream while watching Oprah, but not quite so dramatic. Been meaning to get these singles for months. Decided I want them now: Pyamid Song EP Knives Out Pt.1 Kinves Out Pt. 2 High And Dry Pt. 1
  4. Interviewed for a job today. That's GREAT for me - I'm running out of money and my other leads fell through. I should hear back from them in a day or two. Got some cool albums and singles used at the local shoppe. I've got quite the list I still need to get, but I've had to hold off until I get a cash flow back...
  5. I never watch television. I almost never watch films. I just don't care about them. It's amazing how little I connect with most people when you skip out on those things. Tacking on my unique musical taste, and I'm practically an alien to some people. It's like I'm a weird sub-culture of one. wait, there's more... sports? Meh. I play some, when others want me to. Never watch it. Don't care about any teams. Another mark against me.
  6. Gliding through the Calculus quiz and Physics midterm I had today, and a full weekend before me with no homework (unless I decide to do some early.... of course that won't happen.) Finding recordings of some of Jonny Greenwood's other works: 'Smear' and 'Piano For Children'. This is some sweeeeeeeeeet thinkin' music.
  7. Ebay and Amazon are very, very last resorts for me. I don't like internet shopping... the wait, the shipping costs, annoying sellers who don't ship for a week or more. I want those albums but haven't wanted them enough so far to go online. I'll keep hunting in the local stores.
  8. I've never found these... now I want 'em even more!
  9. DUDE!!! - Mystery Science Theater 3000 RULES!!! I thought I was the only fan on the board, because I'd brought it up a few times and no one responded. Anyways, yeah. Tied for the best TV show man has conceived.

  10. My tuition bill is $300 less than what I was expecting. I've got money to spare to cover it. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Even doing poorly on my Calc quiz today can't dampen my spirits.
  11. Never been much of a fan. I have 5-6 of their albums because I keep finding them used for $4. I dunno about a favorite song, but I absolutely love the acoustic cut of Pop Song '89 off the rarities disc of In Time. I think that song sports some of their finest lyrics: 'Hello, I saw you - I know you - I knew you think I can remember your name' 'Hello, my friend, are you visible today?' Love it.
  12. I should've asked you if you had any connection with them - I hear they hail from Boise.
  13. Just got a great lead on a job that should carry me through the next semester or two until I can get that internship at my uncle's music gear factory.
  14. There Will Be Blood - Jonny Greenwood Giant Steps - John Coltrane Live - Built To Spill I bought the BTS album because they're coming to town end of February and I wanted to know if they can throw it down on stage. It's got a 20 minute jam session cover of Cortez The Killer... and it sounds pretty good.
  15. Worst Vocalist of all time: that dude from Coheed and Cambria. I'd been blessedly and purposefully ignorant of this band until last week when I heard one of their songs on rock band. I thought it was a joke. runner up(s): Every frontman AC/DC ever had.
  16. I made my public performance debut last night... played Radiohead's 'There There' and Buckley/Cohen's 'Hallelujah'. I should've done more of a soundcheck, because I didn't have the distortion right for the lead line of 'There There', but otherwise it went really well. My family was really impressed/confused, because most of them didn't even know I played. I've kept it quiet, thus far. I really enjoyed it. I must perform more.
  17. I've got that album, too. Though, I've always preferred Space Ghost: Coast To Coast over Cartoon Planet. Its humour appeals more to me. Space Ghost: 'Brain wave! How about you guys come up here and be my new house band?' Beck: 'Um...' SG: 'Come on... I got two turntables and my mommy's home!'
  18. I hated them because it's all my siblings would listen to. Many of their songs still annoy me, mostly whatever the radio stations overplay. But they're OK now. I love The White Album.
  19. I just watched 10 episodes of Space Ghost: Coast To Coast in a row. I laughed the whole way through, even though I've seen each of them countless times. They need to release more volumes on DVD. 3 is not enough.
  20. Got this while Christmas shopping tonight: OK. So WHAT?!?! Someone gave me a gift card and I had to use it. Fine. There's something seriously wrong with me. HAPPY NOW!?!
  21. So I've never performed for the public of any kind (with a guitar or piano, that is. High school choir doesn't count) but I'm seriously considering making my debut at the family talent show on Christmas eve. Depending on how many songs they want (after hearing the first one... ) I'll probably play... Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley's version There There - Radiohead Street Spirit - Radiohead Maybe. I'm still thinking about it.
  22. That cut I got from biting my own lip (D'oh) is finally healed... I hate mouth sores... they sting. But it's gone now so that's good. My new guitar is finally getting properly broken in (i.e. the strings actually stay in tune now... the G is still giving me trouble, though.) It sounds sooooo gooooood. and... my friend is letting me borrow one of his super nintendo controllers. I busted the thing out of it's old box last night and my controller was so old and hammered I couldn't even get Mario to move.
  23. Ya gots a point. I spent a solid week ripping all my albums onto my iPod without thinking what the bit rate was... turns out it was all done in 128. D'oh. There's no way I'm reripping all that again, so bands and albums I like more, or I think really need the higher quality, get the 256 treatment. The rest I'm just leaving as is. Besides, everything wouldn't fit on it if it was all in higher bit rates... I've only 30G to work with here, people.
  24. That 'You Don't Know What Love Is...' song really, really annoys me.
  25. I got about halfway through (an abridged) War And Peace at work today. I was skimming. I don't think I could take reading every last detail. It's pretty good but I'm sure I won't be reading it again once I'm done. Tolstoy was clearly paid based on the length of the book.
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