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  1. (quote from kozak) the band tries to cover it as precise as possible and the vocalist has zero for a range, so it sounds ok musicaly I tend to agree.
  2. I just listened to Godsmacks 'Good Times Bad Times'. Not very up on the group, but I thought that was a damn good rendition.
  3. I seen Heart live at Gusman Philharmonic Symphony Hall in Miami about 1980 and for theire final encore they did Rock 'N Roll. They absolutley kicked ass.
  4. The Rain Song, a beautiful, classical opus.
  5. From TYG Did you ever need somebody and really need 'em bad, did you ever really want somebody, the best stuff you ever had. Did you ever remember me baby, did it feel so good, 'cause it was just the first time, and you knew you would. From Tangerine Iwas her love, She was my queen, and now a thousand years between. Also from Tangerine And I do. After Plant sings "And I do" Pages solo comes in and it is so hauntingly chilling, I get goose bumps even when I hear it in my mind.
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