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  1. I searched the forums but it kept coming up error, so I'll post it any way. I just pulled a 08 Caddy CST in at work to tint the windows on it ( to make a long story longer ) and it had factory XM radio in it. I was scrolling thru the stations and hit a channel that plays nothing but Zep . Unbelievable. Suffice to say the sound system was awesome. I heard 'Nobodys fault', 'TSRTS', and 'Achilles Last Stand'. It was like hearing them for the first time. Sad to say at the height of my Zepdom C.D.s were not around so my library consisted of albums, and at the time I had a kick ass system. I'm sure
  2. (quote from kozak) the band tries to cover it as precise as possible and the vocalist has zero for a range, so it sounds ok musicaly I tend to agree.
  3. I just listened to Godsmacks 'Good Times Bad Times'. Not very up on the group, but I thought that was a damn good rendition.
  4. I seen Heart live at Gusman Philharmonic Symphony Hall in Miami about 1980 and for theire final encore they did Rock 'N Roll. They absolutley kicked ass.
  5. UFO? Micheal Schenker UFO? Led Zeppelin of Germany? Man your showing your age. They kicked ass, huh? I read somewhere they just came out with a new album (C.D.). Does'nt he have a brother who plays guitar too? Can you name all the groups he's been in? Montrose? Scorpions? Any more?
  6. In the song 'Babe I'm Gonna Leave You', after the second time Plant sings "I've got to ramble" you can hear someone (Plant?) in the background say something. Any one have any idea who and what they are saying.......or am I losing my mind?
  7. HAWK3D

    Top Five?

    I don't know if this has been done yet, but, what are your top five favorite Zep songs. Mine are (in no paticular order) Since I've Been Loving You Tangerine Rain Song Out On The Tiles Nobody's Fault
  8. The Rain Song, a beautiful, classical opus.
  9. Lemon Song by far! Zep was not only a kick ass rock n roll band they were also an exceptional blues band (which everyone knows rock derived from) Lemon Song is just one fine example of this. Just listen to SIBLY for further proof.
  10. From TYG Did you ever need somebody and really need 'em bad, did you ever really want somebody, the best stuff you ever had. Did you ever remember me baby, did it feel so good, 'cause it was just the first time, and you knew you would. From Tangerine Iwas her love, She was my queen, and now a thousand years between. Also from Tangerine And I do. After Plant sings "And I do" Pages solo comes in and it is so hauntingly chilling, I get goose bumps even when I hear it in my mind.
  11. I thought for the longest time that the line in 'Going to California' was " I think I might be extinctive ". I don't even think thats a word. The line is "I think I might be sinking." any one got any more.
  12. YEA, I was there. I remember getting our tickets at the Orange Bowl in Miami. There was a few small skirmishes there. I also remember the whole town of Tampa was full of stoner hippy Zep heads, it was fucking great. They played like 2 1/2 songs and it started pouring down rain. They announced to hold on to your ticket stubs that they would play the next night; but it was like the tickets dissolved when they got wet. There were some pissed off fans. I wouldn't call it a riot, but there was definitely a melee. The day after, in all the local papers (Tampa Tribune, Miami Herald) there was a full
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