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  1. Been having the same issues. See message at top: “Webmaster please contact Hostgator.com”
  2. Setlist from The Concert Files: We're Gonna Groove I Can't Quit You Baby Dazed And Confused Heartbreaker White Summer - Black Mountain Side What Is And What Should Never Be Moby Dick How Many More Times Bring It On Home Whole Lotta Love Communication Breakdown C'mon Everybody Something Else Long Tall Sally
  3. That sounds pretty neat, Ev!
  4. solar

    DVD O2 news?

    Would those 4-5 years he spent playing almost exclusively Zeppelin material with Page qualify as "dabbling" per chance?
  5. As far as I can recall, the master tapes for this BBC session were lost. Someone salvaged what we have from the acetate. Someone can confirm this, I'm sure.
  6. Never stopped him from working with David Coverdale, did it?
  7. Honestly, I'd tend to agree with both of those answers. A case could be made for both the Live Aid and Atlantic Records 40th reunions as well. But even ITTOD has moments of sheer musical brilliance that stand out now more than when the album came out and was critically dismissed.
  8. Oh yes, it sounds very VERY good...feels like an almost a frenetic pace compared to the millard recording from the MP3s I'm listening to now.
  9. Awesome one in an episode of WKRP In Cincinnati that has all of the albums up to In Through The Out Door on the door to the DJ booth. I think there also was a poster in the hallway of the famous Knebworth group shot in the field.
  10. I loved when Robert sang about these: (It's actually The Wanton Song) But I do agree, a SB of one of those Chicago shows, maybe even Cleveland, would be an AWESOME find. Sadly, Indianapolis in late January to the end of Februrary is pretty rough with Plant's voice (as evidenced by most of the boards that exist between then).
  11. I have Another Trip, which is similar and was released around the same time, but those two really predates much of the great quality recordings which have come out in the last 15 years. Still, a great concept and excellent execution. The booklet inside Another Trip is well done, as is the box itself. I keep all my CDs together, but I use this box to hold onto all the receipts ... to show myself how much cash I've blown through the years.
  12. This show was the impetus for me starting the underappreciated shows thread
  13. Again, if you haven't heard Vancouver 75, I highly recommend you check out Youtube. Kicks in to the craziness around the 4:45 mark.
  14. No, those in-the-dressing room shots were from Baltimore, not Pittsburgh. However, the scenes of arriving at the airport and driving away with the police escort are all from Pittsburgh ... up until the time when they hit (I believe) the Holland Tunnel and end up in NYC. Also, a lot of Pittsburgh tape ended up in the Travelling Riverside Blues video as well.
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