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  1. Achilles Last Stand, no question.
  2. The Doors, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Yes, Hendrix, Allman Brothers, Sabbath (w/ Ozzy)
  3. One of my tops would be MSG - 9-19-70 (Evening Show) Everyone is so loose.
  4. In 1972 in Adelaide, right before Dazed and Confused, Plant makes fun of some guy by saying, "he's the kind of guy who goes home and jerks off to it" regarding the concerts. The crowd goes crazy and just laughs. Also at Southampton University (1-22-73) after Dancing Days, some guy yells "WHOLE LOTTA LOVE" and Plant yells back "WRONG!" Priceless
  5. I'm 17 and have been a Zeppelin fan since I was 12, when I began to play guitar. Stairway To Heaven was the first song I heard and from then I began to listen to Zeppelin all the time. For me, its the variety of the music that they played. They were so unique and the music was like nothing else at the time. Jimmy was/is my biggest inspiration for playing the guitar and that is also a reason as to why they're my favorite band.
  6. I was at a friends house when the program started on KZEP. We heard the first part of the Immigrant Song and it sounded alright. The vocals seemed a little too high but overall it sounded good. My friend was there too and said it was amazing. Wish I could have gone...
  7. I love playing Dazed and Confused with my band because we can just jam for so long
  8. if you love Zeppelin (and The Doors), then you might like my band ENCEPHALON. http://www.myspace.com/encephalonnb
  9. I haver the most versions of Dazed and Confused
  10. I think Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and Deep Purple all played important roles
  11. I think the movie would be interesting. It would be awesome it were to turn out like The Doors movie.
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