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  1. Perhaps a little but then there is context to consider as well. In any event i edited the message and this is my last posting regarding this matter
  2. That is the second time you made the point so allow me and suggest you concern yourself with you own life and not mine
  3. I admit i am not God(god) -now get a life and stop obsessing over my posts
  4. Killer solo on Suite Madame Blue though. I remember seeing them in late 70s,had 10th floors and the solo blew me away. As for the Moody Blues, Days of Future Passed now there is an innovative album
  5. Some of Suite Madame Blue sounds like Babe I am gonna leave you
  6. Always in the sun eh? What is that in the background?
  7. I dont understand why doctors are so quick to medicate for patients that clearly have cognitive disorders. I mean exercise,proper nutrition and focusing on the joy of the present seems to help much more than medication
  8. euro

    Swine Flu

    What we have now that did not have then are anti-viral drugs, more people can access public health care systems, international co-operation and a lot more knowledge.
  9. I remember buying alot of those albums Nice to see people have passion for vinyl,seems especially prevalent among the younger music fans. I have slowly benn giving away my albums to those worthy(i.e those who show an ethusiam for the music and vinyl),although many look at me incredulously as if i have committed an act of sacrililege by giving away the vinyl
  10. There is also a connection with Orwell's "Animal Farm"
  11. And Judaism is just as moronic so I am not sure what your point is. I hope you are not trying to argue the intellecutal merits of Judaism over Chrisitianity?
  12. Led Zeppelin much more diverse and eclectic throughout their career AC/DC never has or never will deviate from their simple riff and chord structure,and Zeppelin were no slouches with regards to that type of music either They do share a common fan base to some extent among those fans that like their music exclusively loud but their music is totally different. Zeppelin much more influential and time-tested,and arguably the most influential artist post-Beatles i
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