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  1. euro

    Zeppelin's indoor attendance records

    They never played Mexico nor in South America which is too bad since they can really pack them in those countries
  2. euro

    Atom Egoyan Meets Jimmy Page

    He might have been wearing his director's cap instead of fan cap in his current assessment of the movie. I betcha he loved it when he was a teenager
  3. euro

    Post A Picture Of Yourself!

    Perhaps a little but then there is context to consider as well. In any event i edited the message and this is my last posting regarding this matter
  4. euro

    Post A Picture Of Yourself!

    That is the second time you made the point so allow me and suggest you concern yourself with you own life and not mine
  5. euro

    Post A Picture Of Yourself!

    I admit i am not God(god) -now get a life and stop obsessing over my posts
  6. Just to name a few Abba Ann Murray Carpenters Laura Pausini
  7. euro


    Hear the similarity?
  8. euro


    Killer solo on Suite Madame Blue though. I remember seeing them in late 70s,had 10th floors and the solo blew me away. As for the Moody Blues, Days of Future Passed now there is an innovative album
  9. euro


    Some of Suite Madame Blue sounds like Babe I am gonna leave you
  10. euro

    TSRTS as an opening number

    I always thought it had much more energy live than the studio version,just like Celebration Day seems to have much more energy on TSRTS version than the album version
  11. euro

    Post A Picture Of Yourself!

    Always in the sun eh? What is that in the background?
  12. Moody Blues one of the most influential bands in pop music A great version for German TV. Justin Hayward still got a great voice after all these years And this is Justin Hayward covering Stairway to Heaven
  13. euro

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    "The Rising" Bruce Springsteen
  14. euro

    Mental Illness Thread

    I dont understand why doctors are so quick to medicate for patients that clearly have cognitive disorders. I mean exercise,proper nutrition and focusing on the joy of the present seems to help much more than medication
  15. euro

    Individual total record sales?

    Global sales for english music is not evenly distributed so extrapolation estimates by population are misleading; English music sales are skewed towards USA,UK,Canada and Australia for obvious reasons. A country like. Japan while a large music market in its own right,favour their own artists over international acts(such a distincition for Zeppelin is not made in the english speaking countries). Brazil may have 6X times the population Canada but the latter is a much bigger market for groups like Zeppelin and Floyd(Remember music is very expensive in Latin America in real terms)