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  1. High There.....Glad to finally catch up with the BOB

  2. Have one beautiful BDay little brother.......BoB forever
  3. onalaska


    This was the last post that I saw: And the truth shall set you free. Kid's Purim Costume Idea: The Burning Twin Towers? I remember Israelis dancing in the streets of New Jersey and New York as well. And they were promptly arrested, which led to information involving a spy ring. And information was gathered that some of these Israelis knew about the plot pre-occurance, if I'm not mistaken. My father and 2 brothers worked for the Pentagon during 9/11. And regardless of the consequences I don't hate people from Palestine or Israel just because some of their countrymen were parading deaths. Your quotes provide one of two thing: 1. A personal attack on Scarlet on your assumption that she is a Muslim. 2. Or you're attacking Muslims using religious discrimination. Either way, I'm offended. Your last statement leaves no doubt. One size does not fit all (except for liberals) You're stating it as absolute in your passing of judgment. Or were you meaning that as sarcasm as well. If you wish to hate Muslims in private, fine. If you wish to "fix" Mexico, fine. Have your neighboring country spayed or neutered. But when you pass judgement as your statements above, don't expect that there won't be any scrutiny to go along with it. And who am I to ask the poster of the thread to tone it down, just because I might not wish to see a different side of the conflict that I didn't know existed? It's not about Muslims. It's about the senseless killing of the "people in Gaza". I agree with Jabe. This is an interesting thread. The thread is bigger than Scarlet, you, me, or anyone else. How can such a small piece of land in the world, cause so much consternation? Beyond me. __________________________________________________________________________________________ This was the last post that I saw. It would be so great if we all could come together and learn from our differences. Hate is a learned behavior. It is such a shame that this is the legacy we are passing on to our children. No good could possibly come from it. That's why I found the pic above so very sad.
  4. Very Vividly....the laser lights looked way cool. Enjoyed, and remember it all.
  5. OMG! Great stuff. You are sooooo lucky, what a rare treat. Is he the Guitar God OF The Universe or what! Taking over his parents livingroom really paid off. Moms' everywhere should take note.
  6. WOW! Sounds like it'll be a great read. Will be ordering mine ASAP.
  7. I vote for this one too. Keep it plain and simple. Though the letter was nice....
  8. Patients is a virtue which we all need to practice...something will pop up. We need to just bide our time. They know the world wants them to play again. I believe in Karma. I think they'll be drawn in eventually..
  9. Suz, I saw Stevie also....I knew I was leaving someone out..thanks for reminding me. Was he great or what!!
  10. Led Zeppelin Allman Brothers Emerson Lake and Plamer YES Jethro Tull Bad Company Lynard Skynard Elvis P. Loretta Lynn BJ Thomas Robert Plant 38 Special
  11. I graduated in '75 and Zep was still KING!! NoBodys Fault But Mine is a good example of Bonzos' since of "funk", and of course my personal fav....They created a sound unlike anyother that was being played at the time. That's just my humble opinion. There were alot of great bands that came out in the '60's and flourished through the '70's...a few of them still rock on today.
  12. Guys can't we solve this problem without resorting to fisty cuffs....just trying to lighten the mood....please don't swing at me, I'm just and innocent bystander......
  13. To be in the middle of a Page/ Plant sandwich...
  14. So true!! Nice observation...
  15. I saw Zeppelin in '77 in Houston, Texas....it was awesome!!
  16. Wonder what Reggie29 thinks about the subject? He usually has some pretty good theories.
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