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  1. High There.....Glad to finally catch up with the BOB

  2. Have one beautiful BDay little brother.......BoB forever
  3. I graduated in '75 and Zep was still KING!! NoBodys Fault But Mine is a good example of Bonzos' since of "funk", and of course my personal fav....They created a sound unlike anyother that was being played at the time. That's just my humble opinion. There were alot of great bands that came out in the '60's and flourished through the '70's...a few of them still rock on today.
  4. I saw Zeppelin in '77 in Houston, Texas....it was awesome!!
  5. Wonder what Reggie29 thinks about the subject? He usually has some pretty good theories.
  6. I understood he was refering to his grandma, Oma Thelie{pronounced like Tee Lee} Isn't Oma German for grandma. Thiele or Thelie, I'm not sure of the spelling, was his grandmothers last name.
  7. It makes me happy that my hubby has a job to go to. Given all the lay offs going on. It also makes me happy that I get to wake up everyday in beautiful Deep East Texas...I feel very blessed..
  8. It's a cloudy 9:23am here in Texas...
  9. I had scalped a great seat for the 1977 Zep concert in Houston, Tx. Didn't realize how close the seat just was. I gave it to my then boyfriend cause it was his BDay. What a stupid move!! He was up wandering around, didn't even use the seat!! I was stuck with the seat he bought, in the nose bleed section!! The only good part, besides the concert, was getting to sit with his really cute brother, and we did have 2 sets of opera glasses.
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