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  1. You really ought to listen to some of the stuff he cut for CBS records before LZ. They were trying him out to be the next Tom Jones. You can hear it on "66 to Timbuktu." He had quite an ability to sing in many styles. Glad he chose the path he did.
  2. So do half the guys everyone's been mentioning. Just thought it was worth tossing out there
  3. What about Logan Plant filling in for his dad?
  4. Just saw the replay of the closing ceremonies. What an astounding performance! The syncronization of that many performers is astounding! It was nice that they asked Jimmy to particpate. For him, it must be be one of those once-in-a-lifetime events. Both performers were competent. This was obviously a marketing driven coupling and nothing more. They represented the old and the new culture of music. (no value judgements)Let's not hold this up for too much scrutiny, as outside forces probably contribued heavily to the production. Let's leave it at, "Jimmy got to perform at the Olympics, he
  5. An article that was posted on another great site leaves little doubt a reunion is not in the offing: Originally appeared in The News and Observer (North Carolina) By David Menconi It took Robert Plant a mere instant to determine that his collaboration with Alison Krauss was going to work. On paper, it’s a profoundly odd pairing — frontman for uber-metal superstars Led Zeppelin, pure-voiced bluegrass goddess — but they teamed up to sing a 2004 Leadbelly tribute at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Improbably, sparks flew. “The minute she came through the door of the rehearsal room a
  6. Well said L. One of the benefits of being an RP fan, is his introduction to so many other kinds of music and bands. I'm in my late 40's and was NOT a n LZ fan in my youth (before anyone throws a fit--I am now). I was into so many other kinds of music. RP has steered me in so many wonderful musical directions.
  7. I was rude and danced through the whole show at the Grreek. I made my husband stand in line early so we could get into the pit at the Wiltern! Personally, I don't care what music he makes, I'd listen to him sing an evening of lullabies!
  8. US and SS are all prosperous busy musicians in their own right. Clive Deamer is really enjoying getting back to jazz (he's an avid Art Blakey fan). I'm sure they don't feel left behind in the least.
  9. I'm with you Allison! I was at both nights at the Greek too, awesome experience. And I would love to see them go to the Wiltern. I saw the SS concert there and at the Greek and much preferred the Wiltern.
  10. Jeez, not matter when you check in, it's stil the same old thing. Forget the coffee, I need a beer Spats, GROW UP!
  11. Spats, It's all about common courtesy and give and take. You may want to see a movie she doesn't like, but she goes because hopefully, when there's a chick flick she wants to see, you'll compromise and go with her. As for the opening of doors and pulling out chairs, that's justs common courtesy that we all show to each other in the real world. It's not sexist, it's not a sign of weakness, it's just polite. The reason the whole world doesn't go to hell in a handbasket is because we have societal "rules" that most people follow. It's how we play nice together in the sandbox of life. Edit
  12. Sorry about your ego Chien, you know how those young vixens can be.
  13. Steve, I'm sure you've just forgotten. One of the old articles you posted about Robert when he was in Listen mentioned that he played the flute. Could have been Robert having a go at the interviewer (as usual) but who knows.
  14. Well, guess there's a silver lining to everything Rabia, Glad you're feeling better. Seems Chien is good medicine for you
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