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    Wife (you know she has to be first!), family, music, movies, my poor baby '86 mustang. Def. not chicken!
  1. His voice had a few changes in the Zep era: Mainly three categories, early, middle, and end 68-early 70. This is evident in Zeppelin I, II, BBC. His vocals were more bluesy and high pitched. "I Gotta Move" is a classic pre-FM performance. late 70-early 73 Vocals went all the way. This is his trademark that people remember him by and how he wins "best singer" time and time again. HTWWW captured this perfect right before his range died down. Studio albums: III, IV, Houses late 73-80 Vocals become deeper but more controlled. Even more bluesy than the early years. Deeper and less "feminine" but just as good when it comes to the soul. Just my opinion. Live version of "Money" in '80 was just as good Zep as "I Gotta Move" in '69. IMO. Different, but good. Love listening to his vocals on Train Kept a Rolling in '68-69 and in '80. Both very good!
  2. It's only a flesh wound! Agreed to all of the above..Both bands are very good but cannot be compared. It's like comparing star trek to star wars (damn another debate!) Anyways..Love zeppelin's music and power,,and love floyd's for the same reasons.. depends on the mood of the individual at the time. Castle of Temptation: Can i get a spanking? Do I have to go?
  3. Both are great bands..No comparison! Plus..both bands contributed $$$ to help produce the funniest movie ever........... MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL! What is your favorite color?
  4. I've read all of the above posts.. All very interesting points. In HTWWW, Plant's voice was just then losing its height and power but it was still there. The album still SO disappoints me!! I'm like Ok..Love the show, Bring It on Home was great, Disc 1 was decent but not much different from the official BBC release as far as song order! Great performance though. What would have made this album a must have would have been the INCLUSION of the remaining last few songs..the organ solo, Thank You/Louie Louie! That would have been a great finish. I wish I had never even listened to Burns like a Candle! And what about Weekend? Even my step-dad who got me into Zep was like "The album was pretty boring." If it had meant dishing out a lil' extra money for royalties, so be it. The pay off would have been so much more! Great show, but now thanks to the internet feel very cheated! Page needs to keep this in mind in the future..an official release is great and I can see editing/omitting certain songs based on quality..but LIVE Zep should never be abridged. The addition of Tangerine (such a short and wonderful song) would have been great also on the first disc. Wish I had never bought it and supported the album now that I know the so many omissions! TSRTS is a great remastered album, Plant's voice was really losing it at this point. He had to contain and control it so much more than a year previously. The good thing is that he was able to find his style of singing instead of "showing off" by pushing his voice in the early years. The only gripe I have on this album is the shortened version of No Quarter. Never cared for a 10+ Moby Dick (unless you were there live!) and editing No Quarter was a big mistake. I think that's the best track on this album..much better than the studio version! So as far as the '72 long beach recordings, they were known in bootleg form. Quality form, I don't think so. The robbers in the 80's seem to have missed this gem. The only problem I have with it is that Page edited the two shows for a great live release which is a plus but left out the audience and feel of the show! The songs Tangerine, Organ Solo, Thank You/Louie Louie were deeply missed to fans who have listened to the boots!
  5. Damn just saw the link..looked good until the statement about bonham's death! It's like someone telling you to buy their car after they hit and killed your dog! Pathetic and very bad marketing!
  6. Ok I don't believe in mixing Floyd albums..I think Animals and The Final Cut should stay as is..listen to as a whole..such as it depends on your mood..which is why both albums are so damn underrated! Peter Grant felt the same way with the Zeppelin albums. And IMO that's how the Floyd albums should be.. A Collection of Great Dance Songs was the last Floyd I purchased because it had a '81 version of Money (which was decent) and a re-edited version of SOYCD. But as a whole it just didn't flow at all. Perhaps Pigs on the wing (parts 1 & 2) to end the album would have been nice..or including "Bitter Love." But I can see why Roger Waters was against the release of the album. Floyd should be about their music..album to album..not their "greatest hits!" At the time I'm sure fans were expecting more than just a compilation album. Especially after the success of The Wall..just a release to please the record company.. DSOTM and WYWH were the band's masterpieces as a whole..Animals, The Wall and the Final Cut IMO are much better listens than Gilmour-led AMLOR and TDB. They're all just more focused and more balanced. Musically, TFC does not have it. However, what it does have is feeling and compassion..the most dramatic album i've ever listened to even though i can't relate to the whole concept..Waters was able to put feeling onto the record which didn't sound like "just another rock album." Musically, if Waters/Gilmour had still been on speaking terms then i think it would have been very good beyond just "underground floyd." Gilmor-led Floyd seems to be more about music..Very good music..but with no start or no finish. Hell, Meddle was better than these albums. The instrumentals are great, of course, on both albums..but what's missing is the compassionate vocals of Waters instead of the pop/radio-friendly voice of Gilmour. I love them both, but Water's voice put more distinction on the band than any of the other members....same as Plant with Zeppelin..If DSOTM had sounded vocally the same as Animals or the Wall, I don't think the impact would have been the same. And TFC, being all Waters sung, was a plus in my book. Oh well this is a Zeppelin forum. So if anyone can direct me to an official Floyd forum hit me up with some links..
  7. Ok I love bootlegs..But they're not of 100% quality. Although I'm pissed that HTWWW left out Louie, Louie and Thank You, at least the sound is good (forget a few feedback moments..it's great!!). The magic and power is there..such as it was with the BBC '71....even though the '69 live show should have been inc. in full! Bootlegs are bad because why? They actually let the fans know what is there and what should be there..In that case, they are bad! On the other hand, this forum and site can be good for one thing..Feedback from the fans to the band and vice versa. The remastered TSRTS is a beginning..Although not the best show group wise, I still love NQ and D&C (inc. the new outro) and the solos of OTHAFA. For years the "out-takes" from this soundtrack/film were circulated via bootleg..and now they're publicly released thank god. Bootlegs are not bad as long as they sound somewhat good and represent the band as a whole. If bootlegs did not exist and we just ended up talking about the studio albums, I believe this site would have a lot less discussion. I'm only 31...I didn't know my piss from my shit when Zep. was performing Knebworth..But from the studio albums and bootlegs here I am..We Are..discussing and enjoying their music. 'Legs are bad if you use them to make $$$. If you want a good soundboard show to share with friends, so be it. Shame how there's so many good shows and out-takes yet to hit the record store or even hit an official "ok."
  8. Okkk can't we all get along? I do remember reading briefly (think it was Hammer of the Gods) that a black album had been planned ala the white album, the Beatles. But hey maybe i'm on crack..
  9. Exactly. I love the song now (2008) but back then in mid-69 they didn't want that song to get in the way of what they were trying to do. HHmmm...Such as YTIGC and RO from Z2.. To me the second album reminded me of ITTOD..Very good..but very accessible and "poppy" I mean catchy! I think that's one reason why in '79 and '80 they didn't play too much from ITTOD..and back in '69 when they were still trying to find themselves in the music industry why they chose not to play LLM among others.
  10. This is true. But it would be good IMO to simply have an official download site of previously unreleased tunes. If this is an official site, then the administrations would have to go through Page & Co. of course..but it would be nice to have an input from the band/site itself.. such as a '77 live version of SIBLY/inc. T41.. alternate mixes of tracks soundchecks such as "The Rover" Anyways, it out of our hands. Sure we can download the stuff and enjoy it. But for this site & Co. to take the time and clean it all out and put it on here would open up horizons!
  11. Ok I'm going to start this off easy.. Should this site offer an exclusive, official download site for unreleased/out-takes/live tracks? Be it from good quality bootlegs or from soundboard recordings..to out-take sessions such as the full version of "All my Love." Would this boast the Zeppelin image or degrade it?
  12. Presence isn't my favorite album..none of them are..they're all #1 in my book (even Coda)! Every album has its own feel. PG is very good, although i wonder if the vocal tracks for Houses of the Holy were recorded in '72 or '74..HHmmm... Presence is a very wonderful album, however. The track listing is fine the way it is. I Think T41 is a very good ending for the album (the first time the band put a very slow track at the end of an album, BTW - so I can see "change sucks" in that category)..FYL right after the opening track is very good..Page & Co. mixed the album up so that it was more evened out rather than put all their marbles in one basket. Meaning, they wanted it to be a stripped down rock album and that's what came out. All four members did a wonderful job on the album! The only thing I always wondered about when I was like 15-16 (and 31 now) and listening to the music, checking out the vinyl art and sleeve (Yes, I first listened to Presence on LP!) was why Page/Plant was credited to 6 tracks and the band only one.. Considering the time and LP restrictions on 2 sides, it was put out as is and very good. Nothing should be changed with it! I do think this album was more of a Page/Plant effort rather than a band effort. However, it came out with a Zep feel just as ITTOD..and that album was more of a Plant/Jones effort. But both albums retained the band's magic and sound.
  13. Does Coda qualify as a Zeppelin record? Yes it does. Even though it was released after the band official broke up, it still contained unreleased tracks from their career and thank god it was put out. To me, I always wondered why this album and Presence are so overlooked. They're both great albums! Anyways, tell your friend that you win. If it was not an official album, Page would not have added it to The Complete Studio Recordings. So there..that's done. We can debate all we want but it's the band who have the final say so. At least it wasn't a damn greatest hits album which I'm sure they could have put out in '82 to fulfill their contract but they chose to put CODA out..So i'm satisfied with it being an official album.
  14. I had no clue Sugar Mama was a BBC session recording. I doubt it is; It's an out-take from Zeppelin II recording in mid-69.
  15. Well since Jimmy was the head of the band, there must have been some reason why he didn't want to play the song live. Maybe it was a Bi*ch to record in the studio and he just hated it for that. Maybe the others wanted the song on the record and he didn't, but he gave it. Who knows.. Very good, catchy song though. I think it was a sequel to Zeppelin I's Communication Breakdown or Good Times, Bad Times. Just a short, rocking song. I'm thinking it was a personal song to Page and that's why he didn't want to play it live. Like maybe at the time he had been pissed off at a woman/or Plant had been. I still think the song just sounded to "poppy" for Zeppelin to play live and that's why they didn't play it live. They were used to the live sound they were doing and the song just didn't fit; same as Your Time is Gonna Come. Zeppelin II is an altogether wonderful album from start to finish. I remember listening to it and not liking Moby Dick or Bring it On Home. But listening to it as a whole it sounds so fresh (for the times and even today) and so rocking. And as some of you have said..Zeppelin putting out some humor..Let's not forget HOTH's The Crunge! I hated that song for a long time but I love it now since I'm older. Although I feel the song did not fit on the album and that's the only reason why IV flowed better than Houses!
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