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  1. Exactly. I love the song now (2008) but back then in mid-69 they didn't want that song to get in the way of what they were trying to do. HHmmm...Such as YTIGC and RO from Z2.. To me the second album reminded me of ITTOD..Very good..but very accessible and "poppy" I mean catchy! I think that's one reason why in '79 and '80 they didn't play too much from ITTOD..and back in '69 when they were still trying to find themselves in the music industry why they chose not to play LLM among others.
  2. Well since Jimmy was the head of the band, there must have been some reason why he didn't want to play the song live. Maybe it was a Bi*ch to record in the studio and he just hated it for that. Maybe the others wanted the song on the record and he didn't, but he gave it. Who knows.. Very good, catchy song though. I think it was a sequel to Zeppelin I's Communication Breakdown or Good Times, Bad Times. Just a short, rocking song. I'm thinking it was a personal song to Page and that's why he didn't want to play it live. Like maybe at the time he had been pissed off at a woman/or Plant had been. I still think the song just sounded to "poppy" for Zeppelin to play live and that's why they didn't play it live. They were used to the live sound they were doing and the song just didn't fit; same as Your Time is Gonna Come. Zeppelin II is an altogether wonderful album from start to finish. I remember listening to it and not liking Moby Dick or Bring it On Home. But listening to it as a whole it sounds so fresh (for the times and even today) and so rocking. And as some of you have said..Zeppelin putting out some humor..Let's not forget HOTH's The Crunge! I hated that song for a long time but I love it now since I'm older. Although I feel the song did not fit on the album and that's the only reason why IV flowed better than Houses!
  3. I think that at the time it was a little to pop, unlike Comminucation Breakdown. Of all the Zep. catalogue, I feel this song is the most pop-friendly. But I love it. Perhaps it was about someone he didn't like. It's one of the most catchy songs EVER played by the band, if not the most. For whatever reason, I think it was a good reason at the time not to play it live or make it a hit. If it had, I feel this song could have made the public feel Zep. was about pop, friendly type songs instead of diversity..which is what Page wanted! I'm happy the band became what they are instead of another Britney Spears!
  4. To end this debate: The four members of Zep got together back in '68 and just played together as the "new yardbirds" and they and Peter Grant KNEW that there was a connection..That's why Grant was so hard and so demanding on Atlantic and throughout their career..because that was his job..He KNEW that they knew they had something..all 4 members just fed off of each other! Jeff Beck Group didn't have that..Decent album, yes..But they just didn't have a "guiding light" or focus/inspiration. Zep was willing to take a risk and change..Zep III ("Unplugged" before MTV) and Grant stood by them..because he backed his band, not himself! Yeah so I can see why The In Concert Files was dedicated to Peter Grant..Without him supporting Zep's music to the end there would never have been a Zeppelin! It was not four members of Zep; It was Five. If Bonham had not been the drummer or if Jones had not been bass, it wouldn't have worked. Grant knew this..It was either all or nothing. Anyways, Steward's full of SH*T. Seems like jealousy! I don't recall his music going anywhere but blues rock and pop..Ministry does a great parody of "Do you think i'm sexy." I doubt they would NOT do the same with Zep. When Bonham died, instead of selling out, the band disbanded. (Why do some people think In Through.. was a sell out at the time?!) We all have to give them credit for that!! Steward was never in a 10 year hit career..not that I know of
  5. Sorry gang...at least Page & Co. did put out something in their heyday...TSRTS was great...until we started to hear other shows like HTWWW. And the BBCs...all very historical. Different for each piece but just as good i think. Shame there's not a single official release of a kick ass compilation from their 80's europe tour...they were back and ready to prove themselves...more faster, heavier..oh well
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