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  1. Tea For One Moby Dick Carouselambra Ten Years Gone Royal Orleans
  2. I had mentioned the 'minus' piano issue as well when I started my topic as to this mix's early digital release back in September. Yes - piano is slightly less prominent - but obviously still there. I think the vocal mix is far better than the original, insofar as being louder and more prominent. The guitar mix is definitely different, especially at the song's close - but I really love that the mellotron levels are raised - especially during the 'It is the summer of my smiles' verse. Anyone notice the working title for the song in the Super Deluxe edition's book??? And no - 'Slush' wasn'
  3. Aside being available in iTunes as I originally indicated - you should be able to hear it in the pitchfork link I included in this thread's first post as well...
  4. If you preordered the SD Edition of Houses for iTunes like me - it's already in your iTunes library NOW if you've enabled Automatic Downloads, having received the notification/email of release to my iPhone at 2:08 AM EST, Tuesday, 9/30. And if The Rain Song is your favorite Zeppelin song like it is for me - you're in Heaven!!! Still hearing what I think is piano in places though... But the guitars are brought out more, the separation of sound seems more partitioned - and drums and vocals are crisper, IMO. Magnificent... Here's the alternate version & Jimmy's take on it... http:/
  5. Yes, and to simultaneously let people know the name of the band (at the behest of Atlantic)... Like the 4th album - it was the band's intention to omit the band's identity from the front and back covers.
  6. Happy belated Birthday to your daughter. Thank you for the comment.
  7. Another day is ending I remember when my world, came falling down Out there the stars stop dancing Lost in my darkness now, the rain keeps falling down Light of my life, where have you gone Love's true flame dies, without the warmth of your sun Here comes the blue train rollin' Across my heart it crawls, the rain still pouring down Another day escapes me A little later maybe, love will roll around Light of my life, where have you gone Love's true flame dies, without the warmth of your sun I've been waiting on a corner Yeah, I've been waiting for a sign now Oh, I've been
  8. That is amazing... nice find. If Page, Jones, and Jason ever really did dare tour w/ another singer, Robert can respond... ;-)
  9. Cool... I'd greyscale the Steelers logo and remove the word Steelers for continuity - and you're there.
  10. Makes sense that it is a different version... allegedly recorded in '72.
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