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  1. IIRC there was a suggestion doing the rounds a while back that Jimmy had a habit - call it a nervous tic, or whatever - of tapping his guitar pick against the guitar top & that that was the cause of the marks in that particular area of the guitar...

    This will have been back in the days of the old forum board, so I don't think it'll turn up by searching, but I remember it clearly. It struck me as so odd that it has stuck in my memory ever since.

    Now I can't say that I've ever noticed this myself in any of the videos I've seen so I'm not claiming this is true, I'm just recalling what was said.

    Thanks for the post. They look way to deep to be caused by a guitar pick, IMO.

  2. Y'all know the scene from It Might Get Loud...

    Pagey's playing Ramble On excerpts on his iconic, Zeppelin workhorse guitar - the 59 Les Paul he received from Joe Walsh...

    Pock Marks on Pagey's Les Paul...

    So why those pitted areas on the horn of his Les Paul, adjacenet to the cutaway (you can see them well at 0:42)???

    I'm assuming they're marks from his bow from all those years of performing Dazed and Confused!!!

  3. Two things stand out about the Edge in this movie to me (other than that stupid hat and nickname): at one point he plays a riff that involves strumming two chords. It's not very interesting, but he points out that the effects are adding some notes that he's not playing. Then he turns the effects off and shows how boring the riff really is, demonstrating that the idea is dependent on effects rather than substance.

    Then in the big soundstage, he's got his roadie in there setting up all his effects, and he can't remember how to get the 'Pride' sound. The roadie reminds him, and he fumbles around and finally finds it.

    The whole thing strikes me as pathetic: his ideas are dependent on effects rather than substance, and he's dependent on someone else to dial them in for him because he can't remember how to operate his own equipment. Meanwhile, Jimmy's acoustic playing--with no effects-- on the first deleted scene is a hundred times more musical than anything Edge did in the whole movie.

    But he 'conjured' the sound, knew what it sounded like in his head, and programmed his electronics to produce it after the necessary output from his guitar. Point is he still created it. And the end (brilliant sound/music/songs) definitely justify the means...

    My Led Zeppelin II cents...

    And make no mistake... he can play the guitar.

  4. Saw the movie when it opened in the theater (although it only lasted 2 weeks here), and have the BR disc and the iTunes Extra download as well...

    The Ramble On and Theramin sequences are worth the price of admission alone. Also love the Edge and jack White - thought they complemented 'Our Maestro' well, insofar as unique guitarists for their respective generations. But Pagey could have done it alone. I do understand though that Producer Thomas Tull wanted to expand the demographics of his audience.

  5. yeah after listening to it. i think the closest that i can hear. is "sure 'nuff they do"

    This HAS to be it - perfect follow-up to 'Everybody needs the Light'!

    Thanks again! Have only wondered about this for 35 years... ;)

  6. What is Percy singing just before 'Light, light, light - in the light' near the end of In The Light?

    Sounds like the thread title - but I have never been able to break it down or find it.


  7. I was at the '77 BR show...

    Zep came on about 9 - traffic from a bad accident.

    Show ended at 12:30. I was 6 feet from the stage - deaf for the entire next day.

    Plant said right after they played Going to California: "It's kinda hard to stand on a mountain of dreams when there's all those little green things flying at you"... (referring to those green light-sticks which were prominent at the time).

  8. Last Saturday Kiss played on the Graspop festival in Belgium. I heard from a friend of mine they played 10 seconds of stairway (or tried to) and then stopped and said "naah, we're gonna play real rock and roll tonight !".

    Obviously I didn't go because I think Kiss ***** but now they hit another low.. .

    I guess someone's having bad dreams about the real Rock n Roll Legends (possibly) reuniting.

    KISS only deserve to play Star Trek Conventions.

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