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  1. Fans need to be less selfish. He can do whatever he wants - he's RP. Robert owes us nothing.
  2. He produced the first one under a nom de plume... The production is definitely Pagey. Bonzo-sounding drums, Pagey-style riffs, Planty-style vocals w/ Michael des Barres... Great album - the CD is available on Wounded Bird records...
  3. I remember picking that mag up at a newstand, and reading the article over and over on my way home from high school. Still have it - great cover pic.
  4. "Why did Robert Plant hate David Covedale?" Because in 1988, David Coverversion was getting World Props for doing his version of Plant to huge audiences on MTV and world tours...
  5. Here's my 2 as well. If there were no Jimi as we knew him, there'd be no Jimmy as we've known him.
  6. I understand... For the sake of demonstrating how well you think you know his voice, you and KFB were in effect, pointing out what you believe to be a decrease in his vocal prowess... and then realized how it may sound negative. Don't worry - I'm sure you're both true fans.
  7. Damn... they even have snobs on Zep message boards.
  8. You're missing my point. If in 73 he's doing what he did in MSG, he hadn't lost his voice in 72, or whatever you and others are implying in this thread. Shit, as intense, as long, and as frequent as they performed in those years, there will be variances in performance. To say he declined before he recorded songs like Kashmir in 74 is bullshit. You do have excellent taste in bands for your sig though... Kim rules.
  9. Don't get this thread. He lost it in 72? If so, what are those insanely high vocals doing in Whole Lotta Love from TSRTS?
  10. PG. But the 4th Album by you-know-whom trumps both.
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