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  1. I am very conflicted because I love alot of what Robert has done post Zeppelin, but I can't help but think about how great Zeppelin could be today. Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones are the most gifted musicians and songwriters of this generation and I truly believe they all could still make great music together, but Robert is a mystery to me. He has done his greatest work with these two men and having Jason Bonham with them is an added bonus. I know Robert has stated his aversion to a Stones type stadium tour doing the songs of 30 years ago, and I don't blame him. Living off of yesterdays glories is not really living for today. Alot of the blame has to go to the so called fans who only want to hear the classics and not anything new. When Page and Plant were supporting their Clarksdale cd it was very sad to see hundreds of people walking to the beer lines, bathrooms etc whenever they played something new. I think Robert, JP, and JPJ could do something special again and I think they should at least try. I don't really understand how Robert can sing old bluegrass songs with Allison and think think it's moving forward. I enjoy Raising Sand and Dreamland, and love Mighty Reaaranger but can only think if Jimmy and John Paul Jones were involved they might might make magic again.

    Fans need to be less selfish. He can do whatever he wants - he's RP.

    Robert owes us nothing.

  2. I loved their sound. The production was great. Big and raw. The songs just okay. Was Page involved with production do you know?

    He produced the first one under a nom de plume...

    The production is definitely Pagey. Bonzo-sounding drums, Pagey-style riffs, Planty-style vocals w/ Michael des Barres...

    Great album - the CD is available on Wounded Bird records...

  3. Just watched the Isle of Wight.

    Maybe Hendrix changed the approach to the guitar in 1966/67, but clearly by 1970 Jimmy Page was running circles around him. I just watched it, and I Can't Quit You Babe had tons more fire and licks than Red House ever did.

    Go ahead, rip me to shreds. :beer:

    Here's my 2 as well.

    If there were no Jimi as we knew him, there'd be no Jimmy as we've known him.

  4. It rocks...though I did like the smoking on the original. Anyone else notice cause my ol man thinks I'm nuts. Their ciggis were smokin right? Anyway just had to give a "right on man" to the creators of this webpage. I love it....especially at the end when they appear rockin it out in 2008.

    Yeaaahhhh maaaan! Yall must a had that planned. Nice finish to the blimp over the stadium..at first it was just a shadow and Now its the band. fuckin ayyy

    Put a smile on face, it did

    I agree. Here's to the Webmaster...

  5. No.

    See Matt's post right below yours, it a perfect example.

    To my knowledge no one in this thread has put Robert down in any negative way for his voice changing. And they shouldn't have any reason to, he has always had a tremendous voice, and is a favorite vocalist of MANY here on the board. We're just discussing the changes that have happened throughout his career. It's obvious that people who just say "he developed control" and "he learned how to sing" just cannot take a detailed analysis into Plant's vocal changes. Statements like those are absolutely wrong. Yes, he has become a better singer as his career has progressed, but he already knew how to sing in the first place! And he didn't "learn control", he had to learn how to adapt to a different style of singing because of a his diminished vocal range.

    I think I hit a nerve...

  6. As Joel said before, it's all in the boots. The two examples you cite are a live cut and paste of the best of three nights at MSG, and a studio recording. Get a couple bootlegs from each Zeppelin tour and you can clearly see the progeressive loss of Plat's early years' wail. I think you're taking the "lost the wailing" too literally. Could he still wail his lemons off after 72, yes of course he could. But it definitely didn't sound like what he was hitting on a nightly basis 69-71.

    He simply developed more control...

  7. You're missing my point.

    If in 73 he's doing what he did in MSG, he hadn't lost his voice in 72, or whatever you and others are implying in this thread. Shit, as intense, as long, and as frequent as they performed in those years, there will be variances in performance.

    To say he declined before he recorded songs like Kashmir in 74 is bullshit.

    You do have excellent taste in bands for your sig though...

    Kim rules.

  8. Wow, both are GREAT albums. I think if you look at just the original songs recorded for PG, and not the outtakes, the picture becomes clearer. Custard Pie, Trampled Underfoot, In My Time Of Dying, Kashmir, In The Light, The Wanton Song, Ten Years Gone, Sick Again. Those songs alone I think trump Exile's strongest moments. That said, I do love Exile...Tumbling Dice, All Down The Line, Rocks Off, Sweet Virginia. Great songs. But I have to go with PG.


    But the 4th Album by you-know-whom trumps both.

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