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  1. At this stage... it's about their live PRESENCE, together again, under the LZ title, and making History, once again. Everyone more than realizes that time is marching on, and it's been nearly 40 years since the Beginning of Rock. They are each gifted enough to work around any limitations. I think the Moment will cloak any shortcomings, IF ANY. As Robert so aptly put it... THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME.
  2. Thursday, May 19, 1977, Baton Rouge. Got to LSU Assembly Center at 2:00 P.M. (I was a junior in high school at the time.) My friends went to party - I sat against the glass doors. My ticket was for the floor and there was no way I was going to forfeit a chance to be close to the stage... By 6:30, I was pressed against the doors, and people were pounding against the building. They let us in under heavy security, and I made it to the stage (separated by steel barricades). By 8:45 P.M., they had still not appeared, and by this time with all the pushing and shoving I was about 6 feet back from the stage. Turns out that the cavalcade was tied up in a serious Interstate traffic accident. But then Pagey's opening TSRTS note pierced the place around 9, and until about 12:30 A.M. they were relentless. Percy's greeting after Sick Again was 'Baton Rouge! --- Red Stick!!!' Later in the show during Going to California in the acoustic set, Plant had to ask the audience to stop hurling those phosphorescent night sticks around and onto the stage... He said something like, "It's rather hard to stand on a hill in a mountain of dreams with those green things flying at you"... My highlight was 'Ten Years Gone', my fave song at the time, and Jimmy's Danelectro playing was superb. Being a hardcore Zep fan from before then, I thought his playing was spot-on that night... I also remember Robert sitting atop a big Marshall stack and jumping down right after Jimmy's Black Mountain Side segued into Kasmir!!! The last song was Achilles Last Stand... I was deafened for the next day or so. The experience is forever burned into my soul!
  3. I like the topic. (Pushing the limits of Side 2...) Side 1: The Wanton Song The Rover Ten Years Gone Sick Again Side 2: Trampled Underfoot Kashmir In My Time of Dying
  4. Awesome work... To be involved with Zep says a lot about your reputation... Congrats, and thanks for sharing.
  5. I didn't mean Robert's denying it makes for great hype; I meant threads like these do (respectfully...). And there's a big difference between reneging and lying. I just think if there were real truth to this backwards-masking issue w/ Stairway, he'd man-up about it - at least to some extent, and not dismiss it so thoroughly. I believe he's got way more character and integrity than that.
  6. Here's my 'II'... I think anyone can rationalize almost anything; and I don't think all that premeditated thought went into it. Plus, I don't think Robert would lie about it in his dismissals of the backward masking. Makes for great hype, though...
  7. My compliments to the Webmaster/Designer(s) - Very nicely done with the ITTOD-font menu box... And did you notice the smoke from Pagey's and Bonzo's cigarettes??? Very Cool!!!
  8. I'm 47 as well... Was 17 in '77 when I saw the Band at Baton Rouge's LSU Assembly Center on May 19, 1977... 6 feet from center stage on the floor, I was literally deafened for 24 hours after the Show. One of the greatest experiences of my life.
  9. I dig Maynard's 'feminine side' as he puts it, with APC... Their Mer de Noms CD is on par with anything ever recorded, IMO...
  10. Great question... I think the menu theme is an outtake snippet from a live show, but as to whether or not it's from MSG 73, who knows... I need a few more listens and comparisons to the DVD, but I also think Celebration Day could be a combo of both MSG performances...
  11. What did you all think? Thought it way cool. Peter Grant was a very intelligent Dude - he definitely helped Zep's already powerful momentum as the band's Manager/Exec Producer... Percy's hair kept flopping over his face downriver... Very cool supplement to the DVD's.
  12. As far as being underrated, guess it all depends who's voting. It's one of my faves... The Studio Outtakes are cool as well.
  13. I love the '2nd night' versions of TSRTS and The Rain Song... and am grateful Pagey included all the Madison Square Garden songs. Just wish the entire version of Black Dog was included on the CD's...
  14. The term 'Best' will always be subjective. I love ALS. Then again, I love them all...
  15. Aside from Mothership and TSRTS, A Perfect Circle's Mer de Noms...
  16. My Best Buy in Southern Florida had the CD's, but not the DVD's... When I asked about it, the employee looked it up and it showed a December release date. So I'll be at Circuit City tomorrow... thank you all for the info. And the CD's are brilliant!!!
  17. Quite a responsibility... not to mention HONOR, to maintain the website for the World's all-time Greatest band.. Congrats!
  18. There's something about a new Zep release, even if it's a very-best-of. I dig seeing the 2007 copyright and it reminds me of my teen years back in the 70's when I was buying the vinyl. Not to mention I like the elevated sound. My "II" cents...
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