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    Music, especially 1965-75 but I aint an old fogey yet!I enloy much modern stuff, but feel most of it is missing several essential ingredients;<br /> Originality, integrety, chemistry, history, longevity.listenability and finally soul, spirit and heart.
  1. Gervox

    Barry Fey

    Forgive me if this has already been posted, but the great Barry Fey, Led Zeppelin's first North American concert promoter, has died. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barry_Fey
  2. I have a long running disagreement with a local guitarist, who is also my friend. He believes that Satriani is the greatest of all time.Better than Hendrix,better than Jimmy.I have told him time and again that it is all about feel rather than how many notes you can play per minute. He is non repentant!.
  3. It is even more important than that. Les didn't build the foundations of Led Zeppelin,he built the very foundations of rock itself. I believe he once expressed regret for inventing multi tracking,because it meant you could go back and erase "mistakes". Those mistakes are the things that some famous musicians used to learn from and progress. That to me shows his love and knowledge of the wonders of recorded music. And always remember his original reason for inventing his guitar. He wanted it to be LOUD!. RIP Les,you will never be forgotten!.
  4. I suspect it would be fine. Towards his final years,he seemed to be stretching out, and even found acceptance among real opera stars. It hurts me to say so,because of the sense of loss when one is so young (46 is rightfully young these days!) and real talent is taken from us.but it all takes on the guise of make believe.Not what has happened,but what could have been!. What if Lennon wasn't murdered,what if Elvis didn't die on the throne, what If Peter Green didn't take that acid in Germany.What if Mozart lived until 75,instead of his paltry 35!. You see, all these things did happen,as rotten as they were,and we have to accept it. I suspect that Freddy,Like Jimi Hendrix guitar playing,would have gotten better.We shall never know,but must always be very thankfully for what they did do,and what they have left us!.
  5. I agree with the futility of theses pointless lists. I whole heartedly concur about Daltrey. It was always an amazing thing to me that Rogers voice was sort of whiny and high during the "classic" period of the '60's,and then,over night, took on a roar not unlike a male lion wondering when the wife is returning with another antelope,and if she is ready for another bit of "rough and tumble"!. I always suspected that Daltrey took singing lessons in the very late 60's/early 70's,his voice changed so much, but he has maintained recently that he had to tone down and contain his voice to suit the songs from that early period. If that was so,he should have been #2 on the list behind Robert. I am a huge Queen fan, and love Freddy,but he was never as expressively glorious as Percy or Roger at their peak.This very day, I found myself singing a few bars of Barcelona to myself for no particular reason,apart from the fact that someone on the radio mentioned Barcelona the city.His voice could be very evocative,very effective and uplifting,but he really didn't make me want to go back to olde Angleland,where maidens were fair,and Kings and Knights and beautiful Queens were to be adored and not scorned. Paul Rogers is good too,perhaps the best of those still able and willing,but I have always caught a whiff of him trying to sound like Robert or Roger to be able to call him distinctive.
  6. You would be surprised!. I think at this stage in his career,anything musical would be a bonus after the toilet and drugs debacle. Actually, after several months of ignoring this thread,and happily reliving my childhood ABBA fantasy's, I have to say that it must have been the welcome return to live music of Mott the Hoople. I was totally ignorant of them in the 70's,but rediscovered their importance via David Bowie. Covers of their songs "Once Bitten, Twice Shy" and others,belatedly introduced them to American audiences as well.
  7. Coming off listening to the Complete Studio Recordings again (it is late Jan 9th here)I am euphoric,and more than a Little deaf! .I could not agree with you more,and wish to augment it rather than argue!. Led Zeppelin was and is Jimmy Page's baby.It is his greatest and most important achievement, and he knows it.From reading the interviews over the years,it has struck me that he is very aware of our expectations,and at one time,not too long ago,tried to deliver them!. He is like his fans,and believes that there is still some Led in his pencil.He understands that his most powerful music was made bouncing off John Paul,John and Robert.It is a long time now since he wanted to cure cancer,but hey,the most important thing became his music,Which I know for sure cured a whole swag of lesser ills.(in my own case,depression) The reason that we are so bothered with them in 2009 is not that they influenced so many others,but because they arrived fully formed,like Athena from the head of Zeus.They didn't need to grow,I would be quite happy to listen to 12 albums all made in the style of their first.But they did change and grow,and so did our expectations with them. And then,in the last 30 years they have become became the "prime movers' of our dreams. I hate to bring up the subject of Chemistry again Steve,I know you don't believe in it,but it is true. Do you really think our passion would be so high today if Terry Reid had excepted Jimmy's invitation?.
  8. Woops! Sorry about that! .I was thinking about people who knew her, and described her being somewhat clumsy,long before her death. To me,Sandy was,is and will remain the greatest female vocalist England ever produced!.
  9. This is exactly true It is a romantic embelleshment.The whole idea was stolen from a Legend about a man called Robert Johnson!.Ever heard of him?You should at least investigate. Robert was an average blues musican of the early 1930's. In his community He was seemingly everywhere.Mostly unwanted. He was a poor guitartist and couldn't sing for shite. Then,for no apparent reason, he disappeared for eighteen months or so,and suddenly (magicaly) reappeared transformed! Not only could he play the blues properly,but so handsome had he become,he effortlessly attracted the attention of many women,married or not.{some say that this was not a good thing for him) Ah... the story said he went down to the crossroads and he made a pact with the devil! The sad truth was Robert had simply spent time practicing and practicing, practicing.... Many decades later,the whole "if he is that good he must be possesed! malarky Is still alive and well. Not unique to Johnson or inded Led Zeppelin. My Christian brother stole and destroyed my collection of Iron Maiden Lp's back in the early 80's,because he thought he was protecting me from the "Dark Lord Satan". I remember asking him at the time what his problem was,and he replied that he didn't like the llustrations on the covers. Only a few months ago,we were both watching a documentury about war planes,his favorite subject,when a very enthusiastic man started to talk. My brother nodded his head in agreement with him, and said this guy knows his stuff!. I said yes ,you know who he is"?... "not got a clue",he replied. Well it is Bruce Dickinson.My brother said who he?I said the singer from Iron Maiden..Sadly I don't think he made the connection.My brother is only five years older than myself,and if he was normal,would know more about these things than I!. He has not made a connection between real things in the secular world since 1981.For the rest of the 80's,I only remember him telling me that Led Zeppelin,the Beatles and ELO were all in on a conspiracy to lead us to Hell. My brother holds no store in the sheer enjoyment of life or the arts, holds no stock in talent or words that don't come from the mouth of his preacher,and only lives by the narrow minded belief of his own cult. I love my brother,and would die for him,but if it comes my time first, I will be regailing Jesus with stories of my wicked thief brother, till the cows come home!. With Bonzo playing the drums behind me!.
  10. I was actually looking for some mods,but like the real Police, they are never around when you want them Reading Micks latest blog (he is always down to earth and entertaining),it has become very clear to me that he is not in good shape for a man of his age.He is about 50,but has come across lately as 75. Reading between the lines,It seems he has some serious issues.Regardless of your thoughs on THAT book,he has a young family. A clue, as he said himself, is that he has just visted a church for the first time since he was married.He also has just broken three ribs after a fall.and seemingly suffered apalling health for many months now.This tells me that he is either. A hypocondriac B More clumsy than Sandy Denny C A reprobate drunkard,.which goes without saying, but we usually know how to take care of ourselves.and at 50,he should be a pro. D In very serious trouble indeed. He might be any or all of these things,but he is still a human being and deserves to be treated as such.
  11. Ah yes,I fully understood what you meant. However,I am not one to deny a good tale (or indeed horns ) if it serves a purpose. Anybody who truly believes that anyone can actually sell anything to the devil, is simply romantisizing or deluded.That is not actually a bad thing, in certain situations,And will no doubt serve Led Zeppelin in centuries to come. I shant be one to burst any bubbles here. Lets just say that there is myth,legend,and the truth,and given enough time they will all bleed into one. In Led Zeppelins case, it took less than 10 years!.
  12. I was nearly a teenage boy in the pre punk era. At the time I was into the Wombles.....And Supertramp. I have older brothers who were teenagers at that time. I have posed to them both this very question,and they returned the same answer. It has to be the return of ABBA!.
  13. "we might as well say britney spears cut a deal with ol' scratch. there's certainly enough evidence that she's cursed, eh?"
  14. I'm all pithed out! In regards to Mr Dancin' Days,did he understand my post?.I understand that some people take the mythology rather seriously,but that is all it is.If you want a full on audio assault from the greatest rock band ever,listen to Led Zeppelin.If you are intrigued/apalled/delighted by Satanic or Pagan referrences,start reading the bible backwards,attending midnight mass with a bunch of naked old hags(shudder), or, if more adventurous try "sacrificing" some poor old black cats,while dancing naked in the cold moonlight!.I know what I prefer to do!.
  15. I think Zeppelin are more like the Istari, sent to (Middle)Earth to instruct us,to teach, but not use their powers to try and have hit singles and multiple band members. In that they remain white (or perhaps a fetching shade of grey). Sadly Sabbath became like the Blue Wizzards, and ultimatley have failed in their task.Rather than rendering aid to the devout in the stuggle against the perveyors of bad music, they squabbled over their gifts,and often joined the Dark Lord Spinal Tap in the pursuit of stupidity and mediocrity!.They left the path of wisdom long ago. Many cults have now sprung up around them,fruitlessly re-awaiting their guidence once more, whilst their glorious brothers long ago achieved their purpose. One may yet leave behind Rock music forever and return to whence he came;the "undying lands" of a more traditional music,while his friends shall graciously teach us an important lesson in light and dark,one last time.
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