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    Music, especially 1965-75 but I aint an old fogey yet!I enloy much modern stuff, but feel most of it is missing several essential ingredients;<br /> Originality, integrety, chemistry, history, longevity.listenability and finally soul, spirit and heart.
  1. Well, nobody outside the industry knew who he was,that was the nature of things when Ahmet was doing his best work. It is something I am loath to contemplate,but I don't think O2 would not have happenend if Ahmet had not passed away, for his widow asked that Robert,Jimmy and John Paul contribute to this benefit. And they did so with little hesatation!. Such was the gentile power and grace of the man, that I would not be supprised if his spirit lingered at the venue that night, and Roberts comments were actually heard and appreciated by him!. He was, by so many accounts a lovely, intellegent and perceptive man.His loss is made harder to bear by the fact that he was a "one-of-a-kind".
  2. what part of New Zealand are you from

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