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  1. Good link. Sound's like a way to be a sellout though. I'm sure Zep would want their music heard from their actual albums and not a video game. Basically, it's not up to us to decide. Those games are fun and I do play them but they're cheesy. I would like to think of Zeppelin as on a higher playing field than that.
  2. Like most news sources, they took what he said and flipped it. He didn't say anything about giving up the master tapes or even considering putting Zep's material in a video game. All he said was that those games are fun to learn the timing of the music. Zep doesn't need to be in a game. They're awesome without it!
  3. Dick comment? So you think no one should take action just because you hate the politics behind it? "We've already harmed the planet and did our damage, instead of trying to change, let's just keep doing it!!" Let's just be thankful that Page is doing something! Sound good?
  4. Yeah I saw that. I heard a few weeks back that he has been wanting to tackle a Led Zeppelin song so I was wondering what he wanted to sing. You're right it was damn impressive! The notes were almost spot on.... He's no Percy though!
  5. Yeah I don't think he was mad about what was said about him because a few people were saying a few things he could've viewed as insulting even before he posted the pictures...back when he was talking about "of which I can say nothing."
  6. Ironically, in the Led Zeppelin DVD, the camera cuts to a woman holding a huge sign that reads "Led Zepplin" in huge words. I figured that they wouldn't have added that since the name was misspelled but who knows.
  7. I still find it odd that Mensch knows exactly what Page will NOT do, but has no idea what Page IS doing. Seems somewhat contradictory. Any thoughts?
  8. Yeah I remember something Robert said about writing in the tour bus on the Raising Sand tour. I think they could write some excellent music together but I guess it's like you say only time will tell. Regardless of what occurs though, I'm just glad he's still out working
  9. Yeah it definately was new to him and it was a learning opportunity for the first record. But what about the second? I imagine that he is simply enthralled to take part in another project with AK, but does he ever wonder what kind of magic they could create if the songs were written by the both of them?
  10. Ah, you might be right about that trend then. I don't think RP does anything for awards or for money. I think he's just been somewhat enchanted by AK's music and wished to be part of it. Like you, I wish he would be able to write some new material instead of doing more covers
  11. Do you think he should have been able to show off his creativity that we all know and love instead of T-Bone giving them a list of songs and him and AK choose?
  12. Here's another question: He followed the trend unintentionally for Raising Sand. Would you classify his Rasing Sand 2 as following the trend on purpose? I'm not certain as to what his intentions are for the second record. Personally, I wished he would take a place on the front burner and choose the songs with AK or actually write a song or two with AK instead of doing another cover record. What do you guys think? Following a trend on purpose? Or just wanting to do another Raising Sand because he wants to (regardless of success)?
  13. I think T Bone looked out of place. He said what one sentence, lol. Robert spoke well as always and he mentioned Page and Led Zeppelin....kickass!
  14. Why hold a press conference about the matter when Page can tell a fan and they spread it on popbitch...which is such a reliable site
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