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  1. SNL online exclusive where TCV makes a cameo - the video titled "Tooter" http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/
  2. Good to see Jonesy having fun - take that Robert LOL There is an online sketch exclusive that TCV was in titled "Tooters". http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/
  3. Happy 66th and look forward to hearing you play on Apr 17th in Beijing www.jimmypageonline.com/concert dates
  4. Happy 64th Birthday and glad to see you out there having fun again
  5. Below is an excerpt from an article in Sunday's Dallas Morning News commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Texas Pop Festival in Lewisville, Texas. I believe the promoter is referring to Richard Cole because I don't believe anyone would be stupid enough to try flipping a car with Peter Grant in it! Led Zeppelin gets the news Even among the stellar lineup at the Lewisville pop festival, none was hotter in the summer of '69 than Led Zeppelin. So when the band came to perform at the Fair Park Coliseum on Aug. 4, three weeks before the festival, Angus Wynne III and his partners saw a
  6. Happy Belated Birthday to the MAN!!! Enjoy your break from touring and hope you're back soon
  7. My heart skipped a beat because I thought you meant JOHN PAUL Jones.
  8. Thank you for posting the trailer - can't wait to see this
  9. Anyone else catch his performance? (Yes, I admit that I watch American Idol LOL) Pretty damn impressive and he hit all the notes. Surprised because I didn't think the Zeppelin catalog was available for use by Idol.
  10. Thank you very much for posting that link
  11. Happy Birthday JPJ - can never thank you enough for that beautiful piece of music known as No Quarter Keep on rockin' in 2009!
  12. Thanks for the expert breakdown of which songs were tuned down. IMO, it worked on most of the songs because it gave them a new feel, making them sound more sinister and dark. They did what they had to do for Robert's voice and I don't give a spit about Jack Bruce's criticism
  13. Took a quick look in the different forums and didn't see this mentioned anywhere so my apologies if someone brought this up already. There is a special on VH1 Classic titled "Led Zeppelin: Live". It airs tonight and I think it's being re-aired over the weekend. No specifics of what it is - likely clips that most of us have already seen before.
  14. I bet they were off stage getting blow jobs LOL
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