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  1. Just a heads up, but today I finished the book 'Interviews with Jimmy Page - Brad Tolinski'. Really good read folks and can highly recommend. Lived with Zeppelin for 40 odd years now and learnt so much in this book...great stuff. Check it out.
  2. I play golf with a guy who won tickets off the radio back in the day and went to the Perth gig. He swears that the show was broadcast on the radio some time after, but like Reggie, never heard a peep about it.
  3. Deep Purple / Journey - Perth Arena, Western Australia 7th March, 2013 Never seen Journey before, so looking forward to it. Saw KISS / Motley Crue / Thin Lizzy last Thursday...AWESOME night again at the Perth Arena, Western Australia
  4. Who really cares about 'it has to be pro shot quality or nothing', I am just glad video footage of shows exist be it b/w, colour, pro shot, fan shot, in-house shot, etc. If people have the 'rumored / uncirculating' shows, then at some point they will see the light of day...just have to be patient. I personally enjoy all the circulating shows, and the Page 2003 DVD. I also like the Page & Plant 'No Quarter' DVD...unusual but amazing.
  5. 49...and been into Zeppelin since my babysitter played the first album one night in 1971 when the folks went out. Thanks Carol!!
  6. FATE OF NATIONS (in my opinion) far eclipses the rest of the Plant catalogue. Still on rotation on the car CD stacker for the drive to work. Pictures at Eleven is up there as is Principle of Moments, but for me, FATE OF NATIONS has the vote. **On another note, Black Country Communion I & II are on present car CD rotation...great rockin albums for this decade.**
  7. Thought this would be cool. What is your plate that shows your a Zep head? Mine is on my 2010 Santa Fe in Perth, Western Australia. Kenny
  8. Hi...thanks for the cool reply. Metallica certainly pulled out all the stops and didn't look like a band going through the motions on the tail end of a 2 year sojourn!! I took my boy along to the show too. He is 15. His first ever gig was KISS in 2004. Since then I've taken him to Metallica, AC/DC, Black Crowes, Iron Maiden...to name but a few. A proper little 'rock' chip off the old block. Need to blood him for Zeppelin though!! Kind regards from sunny Perth, Western Australia Kenny
  9. Just back from the first night that METALLICA played in Perth, Western Australia. First time I'd seen Metallica in what, 15 years?? since they played Donington Monsters of Rock. What a great show they put on...they are getting better and better with age. Lars was outstanding. Just wanted to share my METALLICA moment.
  10. ...just back from a trip to Bali...and saw loads of Zep stuff at the Bali Hard Rock Cafe.

  11. Got a few coming up in Perth, Western Australia: Metallica on October 22 Peter Frampton (highlight of 2010 for me) on November 12 Bon Jovi on December 8 (getting dragged there by the wife!!) U2 on December 10 (thanks ZepGirl for the 'It Might Get Loud' DVD) Not a bad end to the year. Kenny
  12. I have really liked the OUTRIDER album since it came out. It is still an album I listen to regularly to this day. Other Jimmy albums...I must be the only one who raves about the Cocerdale/Page album...again, I love it. The two FIRM albums, although I like them, I think they havent faired well with the passing of time. I havent heard the DEATH WISH OST or THUNDERCHIEF by JPJ...worth checking out by all accounts. Anyway, after all that, I would be lost without any of my Zeppelin and post music.
  13. ...just got the Neal Preston book for Christmas!! Thank you mum and dad!!

  14. Bottom line is, if you don't dig the band or the music, then don't watch/listen to it!! If you do dig the band and the music, then make the most of it. Enjoy in whatever way you please.
  15. Steve...don't pass over the chance to write a book. There is something about a Hard Back that .pdf can never match. I hate reading too much on the PC...gimme paper!! There are a lot of Zep books out there...some are great, some are good, others are just regurgitation. Go for writing the book mate!! Kenny
  16. What is it with Kenny's and Led Zep!! We love 'em, thats what it is!!

    Kind regards from sunny Perth, W.Australia


  17. Hey Steve...I look forward to your posts. Great source of Zep info.

    Kind regards, Kenny

  18. I'm so chuffed... ...just bought a pair of WHARFDALE XR-4000 speakers for my music room...cranked them up for disc 2 of Mothership today while the Mrs. was out!! They sound fantastic.
  19. Loved KISS since '77...32 years...WOW. Got to admit, although I love the songs, the show and Stanley as a singer / songwriter, I am just totally over the merchandise being pumped out over the last 10 years and GS merchandising of 'everything'. The merchandise in the '70's was tacky, but unique for a rock band, but some of the stuff now is just plain over the top. Still, we keep buying it!! Fav songs: Love Gun I was made for lovin' you Detroit Rock City Strutter Mr.Speed Newer ones that are outstanding...We are one and I just wanna (very clever, sexist lyrics!!)
  20. What a silly thread...how about some REAL discussion?
  21. Oh please...can we just get over this type of thread!! Jesus, it's getting boring. The year is 2009, not 1973. Just remember how good the band was and take that into your future.
  22. 'Manic Nirvana' is an album I have liked for a long time, but 'Fate of Nations' I can listen to and listen to. It manages to press all my buttons. As for JP, I also particularly like the 'Coverdale/Page' collaboration and the 'Outrider' album, although both albums get slated from time to time in the Forum...each to their own I suppose. Enjoy your music people...I have 'Flying Circus' on at this precise moment. Thanks Dave in Sydney, Australia for that!!
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