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Big Blue

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    Blues, Booze, Bikes, Wummin.
  1. Big Blue

    Are you in a band?

    If the memory serves I'm referring to our gig frequency. All over the country, every night or every other night. Schedule was mental at the time. Still busy but nothing like it was. Feckn'ell. Three years and eight months to answer a question. That's shurely shome kind of record.
  2. Big Blue

    I've Been Going to the...MOOOOvies

    Saw this at the pics earlier in the year. Now out on video. Makes the hair on your neck stand up. Incidently, it's got nowt to do with dinosaurs.
  3. Big Blue

    Song Name Game

    On the Run - Pink Floyd
  4. Aloha!

    Miss you. I did cruise around the web one day looking for ya, saw the Dallamy (?) fest and at least I got to see you. Looking very well I might add. Yes I do believe you should be on this US tour. New email for me-sent you a pic of Robert. With his silly little pick on the Washboard. Stay warm in snowy Scotland.

  5. Hey.

    Long time. Don't come here now.

    Thought about offering my services for the tour/next album/TV appearances.

    See what strings you can pull !


  6. hey you.... you need to teach robert how to play a washboard!

    happy hollerdays blue


  7. Big Blue

    Rank of Electric Guitarists

    Gallagher. SRV Peter Green Jimi In no particular order at the moment 'cos I just can't be arsed.
  8. Big Blue

    Song Name Game

    A fool in love : Frankie Miller
  9. Big Blue

    What are you watching on TV now?

    Doc about the classical (now jazz) violinist Nigel Kennedy. He lives and works in Poland now, playing locally with his jazz ensemble. Talented bloke.
  10. Big Blue

    Song Name Game

    Turkey Leg Woman : Dr. Ross.
  11. Big Blue

    Song Name Game

    Stand your ground - Rancid
  12. Big Blue

    What are you listening too

    Fats Waller - Best of. Right now . . . . . . That ol' feeling.
  13. Big Blue

    What's Your Latest Purchase?

    CD - The best of Fats Waller. Realised that I didn't have any when I fancied listening to some. Rectified that fast enough with the kind assistance of Ebay and £1.49 +pp
  14. Big Blue

    Talk to Your Past

    Hmmmmm inneresting. 1) At 17 - Get a year of drum tuition. It'll really pay of in the long run. And when you're in yer 40's you'll be able to play well without knocking your pan in trying to play like a teenager. 2) Get your bike license before you're 20. Don't wait until ten years later when your brain is like fluffy bunnies eating porridge. 3) See that girl you met at 17, fucked around, ignored, forgot, begged and finally married 13 years later. Sort yer shit out and marry her at 20. Save everyone 10 years duffing around with bimbo's. 4) Don't lose contact with your close friends. You'll spend the next 20 years wondering about them. 5) Learn to cook. 6) Stop collecting/hoarding shit like a twisted Klepto. you'll wind up with a house like a junk shop. Full of crap and worthless tat that no-one will care about, not even you.
  15. Big Blue

    Song Name Game

    Action Strasse : Sensational Alex Harvey Band