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  1. alien

    Sky Watch

    In 1997 i saw a diamond-shaped black object flying slowly without any sound : eerie...
  2. neen , mijn zoon zat in een van de tenten...

  3. No they are coming to the bluesfestival in PEER

  4. I saw Ray Manzarek and Robbie Krieger on their last 5 visits in Belgium , and they play fantastic Doorssongs. Next month they are here again with the singer from Wild Child : awesome singer!
  5. Ray Manzarek and Robbie Krieger from The Doors!
  6. now i see that Scott Thunes is with the band , and even Frank's daughter Moon Unit was on stage in England
  7. Sure i will , but Ray White is not present...too bad
  8. Joe Satriani on saturday and the next week : Zappa Plays Zappa
  9. alien


    listen to Kossoff here :
  10. I just saw this on Dutch TV here in Belgium , and it looked and sounded great! I taped it also...
  11. went to 3 concerts in a row a few weeks back Monday : Johnny Winter Tuesday :YES Wendsday : Moby All good shows folks...
  12. yesterday : Jonny Winter tonight : YES tomorrow : Moby
  13. What a band!But nobody mentioned the fabulous song : SOULKITCHEN...
  14. i saw him a few months ago here in Belgium , he's still playing great! i have some fine dvd's from him, i'm allways ready for a trade...
  15. went to Neil Young yesterday : still GREAT!
  16. june 6 : Neil Young june 12: ZZ TOP (are they still good ?) July 19 : Jeff Beck Juli 20 : John Fogerty
  17. alien


    HEARTBREAKER-lp is a true classic !
  18. The Australian Pink Floyd Show , in two weeks Al DiMeola , next month Zappa Plays Zappa Randy Hansen : 2 hours Hendrix-tunes:)))
  19. Hear My Train A Comin Jimi Hendrix at Royall Albert Hall Rehearsals , bootleg : excellent stuff
  20. some of my favourites... Tomaso Albinoni : Adagio in G minor Alberto Ginastera : First Piano Concerto
  21. There's more excellent stuff in bootland , what these : Box Of Gypsys : all BOG-shows Axis : Bold As Love : The Sessions Black Gold Out Of The Studio Voodoo Chile Sessions
  22. if you can get 'Live In Poland'-cd or the Montreux 97 DVD , get them : excellent stuff!
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