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  1. but come on, Jason Bonham drummed at the O2 because he fits with the way they were going as a band and not purely because he's John's son? if you think that you are absolutely deluded.
  2. Oh and this is some of the biggest load of garbage I've ever read, by the way. Well done for that. They're too old to jam now, yeah, too old for that nonsense. It's got nothing to do with the fact that they have a tecnically limited drummer who hasn't the ability to jam with them, no nothing to do with that. (That's sarcasm by the way). Yeah, they're too old to jam, oh they could still do a world tour though yeah, they're not too old for that. Jesus christ. I registered here because I thought it might have an informed, adult and reasonably intelligent community. How wrong was I?!
  3. I didn't want to argue about anything. Seriously, and I don't mean to be rude/xenophobic/racist here, but the fact you cant understand a simple point and your awful punctuation is that an American trait? Don't answer that, you'll start harping on about auditions and grooming or something as if that was something I was talking about.
  4. you're semi arguing with me without actually making a point, well done. I never said anything about being groomed or auditioning, my first post on this subject was purely about Jason Bonham being behind the kit solely because he is John Bonham's son. Fair enough. For a tour, though, I would like to see Michael Lee on the drums because technically he is a better drummer's all. It really isn't that difficult.
  6. deluded, they played with him because he is capable and John's son, the end. You're talking like Jason is one of the best drummers available for a Zep tour, sorry but all sentimantality to one side, he just isn't.
  7. don't get me wrong, he's come a long way since the Hall of Fame gig, but if anyone thinks Jason Bonham was behind the drums for any other reasons than sentimental ones then you're kidding yourself. Decent drummer, yes, great drummer, absolutely not I'm afraid. I'll be fair, he's got a hell of a lot to live up to and not many, if anyone, could. Michael Lee was fantastic on the Page/Plant tour and has many more stings to his bow than Bonham
  8. no, ability-wise, Michael Lee is a better drummer - FACT
  9. personally I think Michael Lee is a much better drummer than Jason Bonham, I'd prefer to see him tour with the band than Grohl and Bonham, purely on the basis of ability contraversial I know, correct too.
  10. Has anyone cared to mention that Peter Grant was the bands actual manager and not just their tour manager? just a thought
  11. without meaning to sound rude, I think that's a ridiculous suggestion
  12. I spent 2 days trying to register for tickets for the O2 gig, 2 days sat there refreshing my screen until eventually it didn't crash and my details were registered. I had everyone I know sat by a computer registering (I don't know or care much whether that is "cheating") did I manage to get a ticket? Did I f*ck as like (what's the score with swearing here). I was absolutely irate when I read through the papers the day after the gig and seen pictures of the scores of "celebrities" quaffing their free champagne back stage. I wonder, did Kate Moss and the like also not get any work done for 2
  13. The Rain Song, no contest
  14. as much as I would cut off both my arms to see these hippies live, alas, I feel it's never going to happen Hello by the way, I'm a "newbie"
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