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  1. Jayne Mansfield also has an extremely beautiful daughter, Mariska Hargitay, from Law & Order: SVU
  2. But if that's not your taste, there's always the classic and extremely curvy sexpot, Jayne Mansfield
  3. Audrey Hepburn, icon of classy and sophisticated beauty
  4. I am doing well. And thank you, I think those discoveries might help a lot of people, except it'll conflict with the last headline, lol. You rock on forever, as well.
  6. The funny thing is you would think older guys in college are more mature, but.....it's not too true. But luckily for you, there are less of them as they get older and you get older.
  7. Falling for a complete asshoe who makes you feel like crap, just for existing, and seemed to be kind and caring at....first and then begins to think you only have a [censored] and not human emotions and still feeling like crap, even though you know he's an utter idiot and you want to leave it at that. . . . . . . . . . . . . . at least, I recognized it before it was too late unlike last time. I definitely don't mind giving the stereotypical "nice guy" a chance, I don't know why they get such a bad rep.
  8. Thank you all who wish me well in college. What else made me happy? Awesomely good looking Romanian guy at college is getting friendly with me
  9. COLLEGE, COLLEGE, COLLEGE. first week as freshman no further explanation
  10. Yeah, and it'll be better for the environment. I'd rather have hemp being used for making these products than toxic crap that is barely recycled. [not to be a tree-hugger, but hemp is a much better counterpart to these industries]
  11. Ok thanks for telling me, I heard Vitamin E helps a bit, many times but I have no proof Oh yes, I wish it'd stay in the puberty years and not come back after that
  12. On the subject of acne, please tell me these post-acne marks will go away....eventually. You know those red dots that appear on the skin after a pimple is gone. I swear I don't pick at my pimples. I don't really have an acne problem any more either, it's just the marks afterwards. And Tony, I agree with slave to zep and mandy
  13. Cool, my mom manufactures Clinique products. As for acne, well the thing is if you continue using the medicated creams, like every day, it does get immune to it a little bit. But if you use it for the occasional pimple that pops out once in a while, it works great for that. I also send positive wishes your way, TonyIommi
  14. Hey zosodude, haven't seen you around either. Hope you're doing well

  15. Thank you for the suggestion

  16. No it wasn't shocking, I don't mind that you chose to lead the lifestyle you wanted. I was only curious what a guy who had sex with 300 women looked like. And I thought you were Plant, so I got my answer. I'm glad you're content with your life now.

  17. I saw your personal photo was Robert Plant, and so my curiosity ended right there.

  18. Greetings to you too. I love the Netherlands, I want to go to Amsterdam one day. I was only....embarrassed to admit....curious about what you looked like after reading the plastic surgery thread

  19. Some great additions here, I have one ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ George W. Bush was invited over, on an assignment, with the Queen of England. She made him come to a royal dinner one evening and she shared some knowledge with him. "You know what I do to test the quick wit and intelligence of my cabinet?" The Queen asks, "I ask them riddles when they least expect it. Allow me to show you." The Queen of England looks to Tony Blair and asks him, "Your mother and your father just had a child. It is not your brother and it is not your sister. Who is it?" "I know that one, it's me, it's me!" Tony Blair eagerly replies George W. Bush thought it'd be a great idea to try back in the States. Upon his return, he told his advisor the joke. The advisor didn't understand the joke, so he was commanded by George Bush to find the answer. He faxed all of the White House, he faxed every member in Congress. He even went to the Supreme Court. He went to each bureaucracy. He even asked each member of these organizations individually. He still couldn't find the answer. The last person he asked was Secretary of State, Colin Powell. Colin Powell regarded, "You stupid b*st*rds, the answer is me. IT'S ME!" The advisor rushed back to George Bush and excitedly stated, "Mr. President, we finally know the answer. The answer is Secretary of State, Colin Powell" "No it's not," George W. Bush replied incredulously, "The answer is Tony Blair, you dumb f*cks!"
  20. Thanks once again, I'll definitely have some more of these jokes tomorrow.
  21. One more for the night, Penny Read with caution, sensitive ones, another bitty dirty joke -------------------------------------------------------------- A butler was serving three newlywed couples at a hotel. The first man was marrying a nurse. The butler thought, "what a lucky guy, nurses are hot to trot" The second man was marrying a telephone operator. The butler thought, "another lucky guy, telephone operators can definitely keep it going all night with that sexy voice they have" The third man was marrying a teacher. The butler thought, "Ouch, teachers can be cute, but they can be bossy and frigid." The next morning, when he returned to the hotel, the butler was sure the man marrying the teacher would call up for breakfast first. At 8AM, he was proved wrong as the man marrying the nurse called up for breakfast first. Surprised, he brought up the breakfast as he noticed that the man's hair was neatly trimmed and he wore freshly ironed clothes. "What, I thought you guys would be going at it all night, knowing she's a nurse and all," the butler inquired "Let me tell you something: don't marry a nurse. All she was saying was 'This is too unsanitary, that is too unsanitary' The butler, still in disbelief, returned to his counter and was very sure that the man marrying the teacher would call up for breakfast soon. At 9AM, he was wrong again as the man marrying the telephone operator called up for breakfast. He was in more disbelief as he went to deliver him breakfast. He was more shocked as he saw that the man's hair was neatly combed and he wore freshly ironed clothes. "What, what's happening here. She didn't keep you up all night with that sexy voice of hers," the butler inquired again. "Let me tell you something: don't be deceived by a sexy voice. All she was saying last night was 'your three minutes are up, your three minutes are up' The butler tried to shake off his disbelief as he waited for the teacher's husband to call for breakfast Finally, at 4PM, the teacher's husband called for breakfast. The butler tried to ignore his surprised expression as he opened the door and saw the man with disheveled hair, boxers on, and scratches on his chest "What happened to you? Did she attack you?" the butler asked, worried For a moment, the man has a content smirk on his face as he slowly replied, "Let me tell you something, if you want to marry anyone, marry a teacher. All night, she said, 'We're going to keep on doing this over and over, until we get it right'
  22. Thank you very much, I have a lot more. But they might be a little bit dirty, hope you don't mind.
  23. I guess I'll revive this thread after a month I need a good laugh, and I hope anyone here does too This might be a bit dirty A woman wanted to take her husband to a stripper club for his birthday, thinking it'd be extra special. He agreed right away. When they got to the door, the bouncer said, "Hey Billy, great to see you again!" The wife was puzzled, but the husband assured her that the bouncer only knew him because he is a security guard at his office When they got inside the stripper club, the waitress said, "Hey Billy, I'll get the glass filled with ice right away for you" The wife grew more suspicious, but the husband tried to calm her by saying, "Hey, that woman serves open bar at the office......I guess she has a second job" The wife wants to cool down her tendencies as she wants her husband to enjoy his gift. The stripper sits on the table, looking at him, and says, "So Billy, I guess it'll be the usual." Right at that moment, the wife yanked her husband by the ear into the taxicab. She swore up a storm as she kept slapping him. The taxi driver said, "Jesus, Billy, you picked up a real b*tch tonight, didn't you" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A young college sophomore asks the pharmacist for a condom. "I'm going over to my girlfriend's tonight" The pharmacist hands him the condom "Oh and hand me another one, her sister might be lonely afterwards" The pharmacist does so "Give me a third one, who knows, her mom might be bored the next morning when the girls have to go." The pharmacist listens to him once more The man eats dinner at his girlfriend's house as his girlfriend is sitting left to him and her sister is sitting right to him. Their mother is sitting right across him. He has a smug, content look on his face, up until her father walks in. As soon as the father walks in, he ducks his head down, as if he was solemnly praying and continues to do so for a while. "I didn't know you were so religious," his girlfriend said "I didn't know your dad was a pharmacist," he replies -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I love the little Johnny jokes, Dzdloc, but I'll post a clean one, to start, in case this post is already filthy enough. Little Johnny's Sunday school teacher asked the children where Jesus lives. The children said, "in our hearts" "That's beautiful," she replies, "Amen" "Really? I thought he lived in my bathroom," Johnny inquired "Now, why would you say that?" the teacher wondered "Well because every morning, my dad wakes up, pounds on the bathroom door, and yells, 'Jesus Christ, are you still in there!'
  24. That is very harsh to experience. Unfortunately, if you know a person that knows this person and then knows this person, it gets caught up in the networks. So, I know trying counseling can be a scary thought. But, if you don't know the person firsthand, they can't judge you and they can't tell it to someone that can damage your reputation. There's no jumble up in the networks of personal relationships. Just be a bit reserved at this, and you can voice this particular concern. Then as you trust the counselor, you can unveil more information
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