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  1. Yes I do plan on staying here, for a long time.

    And thank you very much for your condolences. It means a lot to me. But that is the nature of the beast [human society in general]

  2. Thank you very much, mandy, for your very thoughtful and insightful post.

    I know you're not a bigot at all, and I can see that you were just getting used to a new experience.

    But you saw and came to realize what so many people fail to see, we are all humans and that is not going to change depending on culture or ethnicity

    And humans will have elements of good and bad, some more severe than others, despite ethnicity or culture

    I'm very glad that you had the open-mindedness to see that important message and that you felt as if you learned something significant from it.

    And about the idiots, well I've been dealing with it for a while, so I'll be alright. But I wish they could just see that every culture has so much beauty and splendor to it, and that despite our differences, we share so much in common [most of us want to find love and acceptance from others albeit how much we try to hide it and most of us want to raise our children in a loving and caring manner so that these values live on]

    [it's also amazing to hear about what they had to endure, very tough situations I can't imagine]

    I'm doing quite alright, besides that ;) , I just pray for the safety of my relatives in Pakistan.

    [oh and by the way, I was born in Pakistan, but you're right, it doesn't really matter]

  3. Nathan, my friend, I have also walked down the familiar and ugly paths of facing prejudice and racism

    As an eighteen year old woman coming from a Muslim family that can trace back to Pakistan [india and Bangladesh too, but those countries don't have a bad reputation] and even to Persian and Afghan roots, in the eve of the devastating 9-11, things have been very difficult.

    I also had very direct hits. In fact, even this year, with tensions escalating in Pakistan, someone said directly in class, "We should just nuke Pakistan." I also heard, "we should nuke India" several times [india is a strong ally of America, so that is just stupid to hear]. I'm glad the teacher didn't stand for it, otherwise that would have been worse.

    I can't tell you how many times I heard that I should "go back home and just die or something" or "my terrorist daddy should just take me back home" when I was living in the Midwest [in a strictly homogeneous community as you can tell]

    But there is beauty in life as people have said here. That stereotype of "Middle Eastern" [since that's what people presume I am] is not me: I, in fact, love it here in America and I don't hate infidels and I want to live peacefully and, just normally, not like a fanatic.

    Adding to that, The "Middle-Eastern" label is nothing I'm ashamed of. In fact, it's very beautiful: the music, the food, the art, the fashion, the facets that nobody gets to see in CNN or anything. That, along with my family, is what keeps me going strong.

    And every culture is beautiful, including yours, Nathan. So, just remember that most of these bigots truly are uneducated people with more problems than the people they attack.


    I also want to be happy as well, sans depression, and it's working pretty well so far. It's just I'm very worried about some of my relatives in Pakistan [in the wake of the insurgency and everything]. They seem to be doing fine, but I still worry a bit before drifting off to sleep. They're also such innocent bystanders and I really care about them. I keep telling myself that no nuclear attack is gonna happen there or anywhere because of these tensions and that it is just the words of some uneducated warhawk classmates, but the worrisome mind is.....annoying to deal with.

  4. Yes, I think that maybe his management may have been playing it safe trying to balance the two issues, the right to free speech and the right to protect people from defamation.

    They may have gently suggested that he prepare an apology in his own words meant to convey his good wishes and then reviewed for any possible editing. Once approved, he could then make it public. That could explain why it took a few days before he apologized.

    And I agree about the right to free speech.

    If he had made the joke less personal that would have helped a lot, perhaps if he had referred to all the attractive women at the game rather than just one person as the subject of the joke.

    I understand what you mean.

    But of course, this type of media circus will happen over and over.

    Next, Jay Leno said blah blah blah about Selena Gomez.

    And then a few months later,something like.....Johnny Depp said blah blah blah about [insert teen celebrity because I sure as hell don't know many]

    and then, Miley takes another scandalous picture, blah blah blah

  5. Okay, you made it a bit clear now, eternal light. I was a bit hazy and I thought it was like the case on the one episode of SVU that I mentioned.

    It's so incendiary when it comes to free speech, unbelievably incendiary.

    It's like you're allowed to say what you want in this country, but....[a million other restrictions]

    I still stand by what I said earlier purely about tasteless jokes and free speech.

  6. Women contribute to it to. There are millions of women who willing exploit themselves. Look at any magazine cover. or watch any tv or movie. Those women are not forced to do what they do.

    And more and more men are treated badly and disrespected as well. I have talked about it in the past the amount of male bashing that goes on. Women look at men as sex objects too.

    I know, what much can we do about it? Are we going to censor what can be said? I completely understand what you mean by the fact that women can contribute to an oversexualized society as well. It's just so enforced that all women [not teenage girls, though the truth is many of them love to be lascivious too] are so innocent and are so victimized by a sexualized society, when many women love to dress in a revealing way and commit such acts, by their own accord.

    Now that's not such a bad thing, sex is one of our most primal and natural instincts. But to take advantage of someone in that way is not right at all. However, is our oversexualized media, with the contribution of women, really contributing to more and more people being taken advantage of? If so, how does that explain the vast number of victims who've gone through sexual assault in the far past before the influence of media?

    Yes, some of the things people say are disgustingly and horribly offensive, but that's been going on with comedians for a while, and they have the right to say that. People have already made many obscene child abuse and statutory rape jokes in the public already [such as in comedy tours with examples such as Bill Burr], but it gains so much attention and sympathy only when a famous person is involved. [deja vu to Miley Cyrus vs. Jamie Foxx]

    Don't get me wrong, I strongly dislike jokes with exploitation of children very much, but where do you cross the line on what is allowed to be just said in the media, especially comedy? Free speech can go both ways in the sense that people can express opposition, but should someone, even with jokes that many people are disgusted by, be silenced? [Have you not seen shows like Family Guy, children are disgustingly exploited all the time, way worse than this case, in the name of comedy, but it's still allowed, as well as it should be allowed]

    There's a great episode of Law and Order: SVU called "Obscene" that covers exactly this topic, with many of the similar details, with obscene sex jokes said about a sixteen year old actress on the radio and Lewis Black's[great comedian] character arguing vehemently about free speech, while angry parents want the show canceled off the air.

  7. It's a shame he even had to apologize. he did nothing wrong. That's how tight assed society is about certain things. If the joke was about a male i don't think there would be the same attention.

    I have to agree with you here, Spats.

    ...What was the joke?

    It's on another thread concerning David Letterman. It's on YouTube.

  8. AND, I wrote "You SOUND like the most untrusting, devious, cheap, nasty person alive". I didn't say he WAS.

    Okay, I'm sorry I misunderstood you. It just seems that you associated all those traits with someone who was abused as a child.

    It was the way you asked him if he was abused as a child and then you said he "sounded" like that person immediately afterward

    It seemed that way, so please don't get angry.

    Child abuse is horrible enough, we don't need a stigma attached to people who been through it [yes, I've been through it too, but I'm moving on with life]

    and I was talking about the comment you made about the child abuse, specifically. I'm not talking about the insults everyone says towards him, even though it might hurt him and that wouldn't be good. But it doesn't seem to hurt him at all. But anyone can go through child abuse, and that generalized comment can definitely scorn anyone

  9. Thanks Bustle, Mrs. Plant, and Wanna Be

    Bustle, I really appreciate the compliments in the beginning. That was a lot of horrible things to face in college. I hope you healed from all that chaos. And I think I can do worse than to be reminded to do my homework on the kitchen table, though I am being a bit irresponsible this senior year.

    Mrs. Plant, I do get some crazy advice. But, I do know that some of it is crap. It did make things seem worse than they are. I appreciate your specific comments on the advice.

    And wanna be, I do get busy sometimes, but a lot of my friends in college can balance jobs as well. So I definitely get what you mean

  10. Some great additions here,

    I have one


    George W. Bush was invited over, on an assignment, with the Queen of England.

    She made him come to a royal dinner one evening and she shared some knowledge with him.

    "You know what I do to test the quick wit and intelligence of my cabinet?" The Queen asks, "I ask them riddles when they least expect it. Allow me to show you."

    The Queen of England looks to Tony Blair and asks him, "Your mother and your father just had a child. It is not your brother and it is not your sister. Who is it?"

    "I know that one, it's me, it's me!" Tony Blair eagerly replies

    George W. Bush thought it'd be a great idea to try back in the States.

    Upon his return, he told his advisor the joke. The advisor didn't understand the joke, so he was commanded by George Bush to find the answer.

    He faxed all of the White House, he faxed every member in Congress. He even went to the Supreme Court. He went to each bureaucracy. He even asked each member of these organizations individually. He still couldn't find the answer.

    The last person he asked was Secretary of State, Colin Powell.

    Colin Powell regarded, "You stupid b*st*rds, the answer is me. IT'S ME!"

    The advisor rushed back to George Bush and excitedly stated, "Mr. President, we finally know the answer. The answer is Secretary of State, Colin Powell"

    "No it's not," George W. Bush replied incredulously, "The answer is Tony Blair, you dumb f*cks!"

  11. 99 fucking pages. :lol:

    And the wheel rolls on.....again and again. :rolleyes:

    And Spats, if that sushi shit tasted better than "going downtown"... ( :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: )

    Roll her over. You're licking the wrong crack.


    That should be in the Make Me Laugh thread

  12. One more for the night, Penny

    Read with caution, sensitive ones, another bitty dirty joke


    A butler was serving three newlywed couples at a hotel.

    The first man was marrying a nurse. The butler thought, "what a lucky guy, nurses are hot to trot"

    The second man was marrying a telephone operator. The butler thought, "another lucky guy, telephone operators can definitely keep it going all night with that sexy voice they have"

    The third man was marrying a teacher. The butler thought, "Ouch, teachers can be cute, but they can be bossy and frigid."

    The next morning, when he returned to the hotel, the butler was sure the man marrying the teacher would call up for breakfast first.

    At 8AM, he was proved wrong as the man marrying the nurse called up for breakfast first.

    Surprised, he brought up the breakfast as he noticed that the man's hair was neatly trimmed and he wore freshly ironed clothes.

    "What, I thought you guys would be going at it all night, knowing she's a nurse and all," the butler inquired

    "Let me tell you something: don't marry a nurse. All she was saying was 'This is too unsanitary, that is too unsanitary'

    The butler, still in disbelief, returned to his counter and was very sure that the man marrying the teacher would call up for breakfast soon.

    At 9AM, he was wrong again as the man marrying the telephone operator called up for breakfast.

    He was in more disbelief as he went to deliver him breakfast. He was more shocked as he saw that the man's hair was neatly combed and he wore freshly ironed clothes.

    "What, what's happening here. She didn't keep you up all night with that sexy voice of hers," the butler inquired again.

    "Let me tell you something: don't be deceived by a sexy voice. All she was saying last night was 'your three minutes are up, your three minutes are up'

    The butler tried to shake off his disbelief as he waited for the teacher's husband to call for breakfast

    Finally, at 4PM, the teacher's husband called for breakfast.

    The butler tried to ignore his surprised expression as he opened the door and saw the man with disheveled hair, boxers on, and scratches on his chest

    "What happened to you? Did she attack you?" the butler asked, worried

    For a moment, the man has a content smirk on his face as he slowly replied, "Let me tell you something, if you want to marry anyone, marry a teacher. All night, she said, 'We're going to keep on doing this over and over, until we get it right'

  13. I guess I'll revive this thread after a month

    I need a good laugh, and I hope anyone here does too

    This might be a bit dirty

    A woman wanted to take her husband to a stripper club for his birthday, thinking it'd be extra special. He agreed right away.

    When they got to the door, the bouncer said, "Hey Billy, great to see you again!"

    The wife was puzzled, but the husband assured her that the bouncer only knew him because he is a security guard at his office

    When they got inside the stripper club, the waitress said, "Hey Billy, I'll get the glass filled with ice right away for you"

    The wife grew more suspicious, but the husband tried to calm her by saying, "Hey, that woman serves open bar at the office......I guess she has a second job"

    The wife wants to cool down her tendencies as she wants her husband to enjoy his gift.

    The stripper sits on the table, looking at him, and says, "So Billy, I guess it'll be the usual."

    Right at that moment, the wife yanked her husband by the ear into the taxicab. She swore up a storm as she kept slapping him.

    The taxi driver said, "Jesus, Billy, you picked up a real b*tch tonight, didn't you"


    A young college sophomore asks the pharmacist for a condom.

    "I'm going over to my girlfriend's tonight"

    The pharmacist hands him the condom

    "Oh and hand me another one, her sister might be lonely afterwards"

    The pharmacist does so

    "Give me a third one, who knows, her mom might be bored the next morning when the girls have to go."

    The pharmacist listens to him once more

    The man eats dinner at his girlfriend's house as his girlfriend is sitting left to him and her sister is sitting right to him. Their mother is sitting right across him. He has a smug, content look on his face, up until her father walks in.

    As soon as the father walks in, he ducks his head down, as if he was solemnly praying and continues to do so for a while.

    "I didn't know you were so religious," his girlfriend said

    "I didn't know your dad was a pharmacist," he replies


    I love the little Johnny jokes, Dzdloc, but I'll post a clean one, to start, in case this post is already filthy enough.

    Little Johnny's Sunday school teacher asked the children where Jesus lives.

    The children said, "in our hearts"

    "That's beautiful," she replies, "Amen"

    "Really? I thought he lived in my bathroom," Johnny inquired

    "Now, why would you say that?" the teacher wondered

    "Well because every morning, my dad wakes up, pounds on the bathroom door, and yells, 'Jesus Christ, are you still in there!'

  14. Thank you recent people for your advice. I appreciate the morally enriched advice.

    Wanna be, I know I was sheltered and spoiled with a privileged lifestyle. I hope I don't get fed on a silver platter, coming into college. Moving away for the first time seemed sort of intimidating, though.

  15. Hi DeepBlackZeppelin!

    As a parent, I have been through "senior year" twice recently with my two sons who are one year apart in school. One is now a junior and one is a sophomore at Ohio State. From my perespective, I feel that I am now an expert. There is a difference between boys and girls in rates of maturity and I can only speak about my observations and perceptions and it may help you gain perspective on what you are going through.

    First off, there is tremendous pressure on you to decide your future. And at 18 years old, I don't believe that one can decide what it is that one wants. The maturity is just not there. You haven't had many life experiences and there is so many options that are available, it is impossible to know what they all are and then to choose the one that is the best for you.

    This pressure makes you do things that are our of character, like not studying and getting poor grades. You just want high school to be over and get on with the next stage of life. You want to do adult things and be free of your parents, but then you want their security. So you push them away, but then want their help also.

    College is indeed alot different than high school. It is up to you to do your school work. The professors don't care if you do it or not, and they are just as happy to give you a F and are begrudging with the A's. You can't waste your time and have to keep up with your assignments as it is impossible to catch up. The competition is fierce for grades. It can be very cut-throat. This atmosphere makes you grow up fast. And if you don't, you flunk out of school (and waste your parents money :lol: ) So this gives you added pressure.

    There is so much to do in college, so many new people and friends, so you must learn to manage your time well. This is difficult as you must develope self-discipline and this takes maturity.

    Both of my boys almost gave up on high school after they got their college acceptance letters and scholarships. They both learned some lessons in their last half of their senior year, and they buckled down and kept up with their work and it resulted in alot of awards and honors at graduation time.

    I will be happy to talk to you some more about this, but it is so late and my brain is not working. I hope that this has helped you some.

    Keep plugging away. Keep your chin up. Enjoy the last half of your senior year. Don't wish it away. And don't be afraid of the future. And don't give your parents too much of a hard time. They don't want to let you go.


    That was profound and very humorous too. I'll keep you updated, but my brain is definitely malfunctioning too, at the moment.

    I think I'll get some sleep as well. I only get about 5 hours of sleep during the weekdays, time to slumber in.

  16. Thanks everybody very, very much.

    I was stressing out very much, and that's new habit of mine's.

    It's been a bit agonizing.

    It's that it's a crossroads between pressures from both sides of the spectrum

    Yes, partying seems like so much fun and it's only natural that a bunch of young, hormone-driven adolescents have a few ideas in mind to do so.

    But, these days and with the pressure of the economy, it seems as if education is the only thing you can have to keep yourself standing still and sturdy. Education, as it may be in millions of other households, is strongly strongly stressed. But, honestly, hours and hours of studying each day doesn't sound like the partying and fun most people desire.

    It was a bit scary moving away for the first time and thinking about it and knowing that it's less than a year away. Also, I am going to go to a university that is known to be a party school for freshmen.

    But, I am getting calmer now, thank you.

    and P.S.- thanks for calling me intelligent, it makes me blush a little. :blush: It's nothing really, it's just what a few years of kissing up and bookworming does. I'm stupid in many other ways.

  17. Obviously, many people here went from the transition of high school into the "real world," dependent on whatever decision they respectfully made.

    It's only I'm going to graduate in only a few months, and I am in dire need to calm my nerves.

    It just seemed that in the beginning of high school, everyone was blissfully ignorant and naive and completely unprepared about what was going to eventually happen. None of my friends like to think about the future. Looking back, it just seemed that we were too spoiled. There was barely any concern in the world and we just worried about finishing the sparse amount of homework and the dinner plate, and then we could just leave the house and get involved in teenage debauchery.

    It was just barely do the homework and party afterwards. Yet we still managed to get decent grades, despite the hedonistic lifestyle.

    It's funny because I know many of my teenage friends always wanted to "grow up" and all of a sudden, this year, it seems that they want to latch onto that security blanket again.

    All of a sudden, there's intense pressure to become a mature adult while slowly weaning from that spoiled, hedonistic lifestyle that we had not too long ago.

    Now, all that is backfiring. It's not time to be babied anymore and that shows in our grades, no more handing out grades like candy. If you give less regard to your studies, it'll show up in your marks. Of course, I don't mind. I'm completely responsible for my blunders.

    I know to take responsibility for my declining grades. It's just a huge shock, but a reality check, going from getting straight A's to getting significantly lower grades suddenly in senior year [ok, mostly B's and C's, but that is still something]

    But grades are only the surface. All of a sudden, different people seem to push you into growing up. It's deja vu because we whined and pined to grow up, and now it's time to show that we're responsible for it, and not stupid and naive like we used to be a few years back.

    It's just feels like all of a sudden, I'll have to brave it all out on my own

    Mom says: "We'll have to find a man as soon as you're in college, we'll have to talk about marriage soon afterwards. Oh, and if I find out about any bad behavior though, just beware, young lady"

    Dad says: "remember you're paying for everything from now on: that means car payments, insurance, college expenses, and luxuries"

    Brother says: "Don't be stupid when you're dorming. Guys may seem like they're cute, but most of them are probably going to rape you"

    Teachers says: "You think this small blunder senior year is bad? Ha, wait till you get to college, you'll be up all night, literally"

    And I don't mind sucking up to the responsibilities, I mean that is life, we all have to deal with that. It just feels as if going away to college is the biggest and quickest transition into adulthood and the most difficult time I'll have to endure yet with a huge whirlwind of new things to adjust to.

    I know I need to grow up, I know that mom and dad respectfully did enough. It just seems that I set myself up for failure right at this moment. It's my fault I slacked off, abruptly, my senior year. It's on my shoulders to now find a job as quickly as possible to support myself [where is this job?, anyways. It seems as if I've been searching for years, but I was always too young] , I need to still try my damn hardest to get the best grade possible, and it's my fault that I don't have my license's yet to carry out most of these tasks.

    The future is exciting but very vague at this point, not knowing what I want to do with it. I think I desire security right now such as getting a decent paying job right out of college and all that nonsense. But, then at the same time, there's a desire to get out and have a life, chock full of partying and other activities that focus on risky fun and thrill. But I also can't be selfish about wanting to succeed and have fun and still think about helping others out in dire need. It also seems like an illusion, what if college is easier than I am told constantly? But what if it's harder?

    Probably, I'm still more young and naive than I think I am. It may seem I set myself up for failure, but I probably have absolutely no idea what will come later on, beyond this next stage.

    I hope this doesn't sound like ranting. I am willing to accept the fact that I need to be more responsible, but I am just profoundly and utterly confused, while being excited about moving away for the first time.

    I hope I didn't bore you. I'd greatly appreciate input, anything at all

    speaking from experience on what to expect and maybe on staying calm

    trials and tribulations that are inevitable

    rants on how the so called "real world" corrupts eager adolescents

    things to look forward to, even in the midst of all the frustration

    anything related to easing a high school senior's nerves.

  18. Spats, you quoted yourself, I don't know if that was on purpose or not

    and embarrassment is a wasted emotion. I can get embarrassed everyday if I wanted, I just laugh at it or move on.

    Try not to get embarrassed by little things

  19. Well, I didn't/don't go to the forums on there.

    Right now my gf is going through some bs because of her ex and her brother who keeps pissing her off and she shut everything off and cut off everybody. If I'm right she went down to Arkansas to her aunt's to clear her mind. I'm gonna give her a big hug when I see her again, haha.

    Oh and it's the new year, guys....let's hope the economy gets better and I can get myself a job soon.

    I'll have a toast to that.

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