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  1. Thanks everybody very, very much. I was stressing out very much, and that's new habit of mine's. It's been a bit agonizing. It's that it's a crossroads between pressures from both sides of the spectrum Yes, partying seems like so much fun and it's only natural that a bunch of young, hormone-driven adolescents have a few ideas in mind to do so. But, these days and with the pressure of the economy, it seems as if education is the only thing you can have to keep yourself standing still and sturdy. Education, as it may be in millions of other households, is strongly strongly stressed. But, honestly, hours and hours of studying each day doesn't sound like the partying and fun most people desire. It was a bit scary moving away for the first time and thinking about it and knowing that it's less than a year away. Also, I am going to go to a university that is known to be a party school for freshmen. But, I am getting calmer now, thank you. and P.S.- thanks for calling me intelligent, it makes me blush a little. It's nothing really, it's just what a few years of kissing up and bookworming does. I'm stupid in many other ways.
  2. Obviously, many people here went from the transition of high school into the "real world," dependent on whatever decision they respectfully made. It's only I'm going to graduate in only a few months, and I am in dire need to calm my nerves. It just seemed that in the beginning of high school, everyone was blissfully ignorant and naive and completely unprepared about what was going to eventually happen. None of my friends like to think about the future. Looking back, it just seemed that we were too spoiled. There was barely any concern in the world and we just worried about finishing the sparse amount of homework and the dinner plate, and then we could just leave the house and get involved in teenage debauchery. It was just barely do the homework and party afterwards. Yet we still managed to get decent grades, despite the hedonistic lifestyle. It's funny because I know many of my teenage friends always wanted to "grow up" and all of a sudden, this year, it seems that they want to latch onto that security blanket again. All of a sudden, there's intense pressure to become a mature adult while slowly weaning from that spoiled, hedonistic lifestyle that we had not too long ago. Now, all that is backfiring. It's not time to be babied anymore and that shows in our grades, no more handing out grades like candy. If you give less regard to your studies, it'll show up in your marks. Of course, I don't mind. I'm completely responsible for my blunders. I know to take responsibility for my declining grades. It's just a huge shock, but a reality check, going from getting straight A's to getting significantly lower grades suddenly in senior year [ok, mostly B's and C's, but that is still something] But grades are only the surface. All of a sudden, different people seem to push you into growing up. It's deja vu because we whined and pined to grow up, and now it's time to show that we're responsible for it, and not stupid and naive like we used to be a few years back. It's just feels like all of a sudden, I'll have to brave it all out on my own Mom says: "We'll have to find a man as soon as you're in college, we'll have to talk about marriage soon afterwards. Oh, and if I find out about any bad behavior though, just beware, young lady" Dad says: "remember you're paying for everything from now on: that means car payments, insurance, college expenses, and luxuries" Brother says: "Don't be stupid when you're dorming. Guys may seem like they're cute, but most of them are probably going to rape you" Teachers says: "You think this small blunder senior year is bad? Ha, wait till you get to college, you'll be up all night, literally" And I don't mind sucking up to the responsibilities, I mean that is life, we all have to deal with that. It just feels as if going away to college is the biggest and quickest transition into adulthood and the most difficult time I'll have to endure yet with a huge whirlwind of new things to adjust to. I know I need to grow up, I know that mom and dad respectfully did enough. It just seems that I set myself up for failure right at this moment. It's my fault I slacked off, abruptly, my senior year. It's on my shoulders to now find a job as quickly as possible to support myself [where is this job?, anyways. It seems as if I've been searching for years, but I was always too young] , I need to still try my damn hardest to get the best grade possible, and it's my fault that I don't have my license's yet to carry out most of these tasks. The future is exciting but very vague at this point, not knowing what I want to do with it. I think I desire security right now such as getting a decent paying job right out of college and all that nonsense. But, then at the same time, there's a desire to get out and have a life, chock full of partying and other activities that focus on risky fun and thrill. But I also can't be selfish about wanting to succeed and have fun and still think about helping others out in dire need. It also seems like an illusion, what if college is easier than I am told constantly? But what if it's harder? Probably, I'm still more young and naive than I think I am. It may seem I set myself up for failure, but I probably have absolutely no idea what will come later on, beyond this next stage. I hope this doesn't sound like ranting. I am willing to accept the fact that I need to be more responsible, but I am just profoundly and utterly confused, while being excited about moving away for the first time. I hope I didn't bore you. I'd greatly appreciate input, anything at all speaking from experience on what to expect and maybe on staying calm trials and tribulations that are inevitable rants on how the so called "real world" corrupts eager adolescents things to look forward to, even in the midst of all the frustration anything related to easing a high school senior's nerves.
  3. Spats, you quoted yourself, I don't know if that was on purpose or not and embarrassment is a wasted emotion. I can get embarrassed everyday if I wanted, I just laugh at it or move on. Try not to get embarrassed by little things
  4. I would respond to this in a sardonic way, but with Jethro's message and such, I think I'll pass
  5. I still love how you melodramatically make two pimples [that lasted a week] sound like a huge problem.
  6. Come on, Spats, you can laugh at a pimple joke.
  7. Heard it, but it's an old wives tale In other words, utter crap, don't do it.
  8. You're talking as if you're suffering from this, though. ALL of us l have pimples once in a while, even Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt has editors modulating his pictures with Photoshop and make up artists. Apparently, your non-existent pimples back in the past haven't aggravated your dating problems in the past.
  9. A pimple is agonizing to you? Aye, aren't you happy you're not in high school anymore? But, honestly, we all get pimples once in a while and puberty isn't a deterrent. And a lot of adults have way worse acne than you. They don't get the occasional breakout. So, don't agonize over two pimples that broke out. And yes, as Kristin said, diet very much can affect your skin. It doesn't cause pimples, but it definitely doesn't help your skin in the healing process. All that sugary and fatty junk aggravates the healing process. Wow, I began talking about pimples in this thread, didn't see that coming.
  10. Oh god, I'm 17 and always been single. I'm worse off than you, don't worry. Hope you fill out your resolutions [goes for everybody] But don't rush yourself into getting a boyfriend nor start dating because you feel like you have to. Good luck And yes, I have absolutely no resolutions. I'm horrible at that stuff. Heck, I said I'll finally start doing my homework two days ago. [didn't really happen] God save my soul, I'm gonna be 18 and I'm such a kooky, childish girl. [i meant woman, maybe]
  11. You have a girlfriend, that's excellent. I'm so proud of your positive attitude [God, I don't want to sound like your mother]
  12. I agree with everything Kristin said, but also maybe you're setting the standards a bit too high. This has probably been beaten to death, but it seems as if you missed out on an opportunity focusing too much on her physical standards. [For example, at the double date, you completely bombed it because you focused too much on the girl you couldn't have] Not every girl is going to be a 36-24-36, spats. It might help to loosen the ridiculous standards up a bit.
  13. My whole life But pretty much, I chose to be single and rejected everyone. Karma got back anyways
  14. I completely agree with you. I would know what it's like to the be the victim of unwanted sexual advances as a young child as well. I absolutely don't agree with the double standard. One man, who shall stay unnamed, mentioned on this board a while ago "Rape doesn't exist between a young man and an older woman" And to that, one woman replied, "Bullsh-t" Amen to that bullsh-t
  15. But it doesn't have to be that way Kids aren't only influenced by their parents. I mean his dad may be a bit extreme, but it doesn't mean his children will be the same way. It also matters if his parents shelter him and push their beliefs very strongly on him or if they are more liberal with him and let him interact with people a bit more freely And though I mostly agree with you, Rock Action, I can understand how some people will be offended by that name. With major events such as the Holocaust, we shouldn't ever forget about it. It's downright ignorant to completely disregard any aspect of world history [though many people do a fine job at it]
  16. I feel sorry for the kid, [especially if he feels disgusted with his name later on] Yeah sure he can change his name But in the meanwhile, it's gonna be torture for him Like when someone asks for his name when he just wants to call someone
  17. DN, If you ignore those girls fine, but to be honest, it just seems like you are not trying hard enough to do something with your life. I'm not saying you aren't, I'm just saying it seems like that to them. You may not be moping around the house, but it's hard to convince someone that you creating a life for yourself when you didn't fulfill one of those basics. First impressions really do count, for us all. "Mr. Knight in Shining Armor" won't get attracted to my personality first, either. It's just another matter of life and relationships. We can't ignore it, we all need money. We don't need to go to college, but we do all need money. If you need a job 'cause you need a car 'cause you need a this, well you gotta look for the way to untangle the web. I'm sorry there, buddy, but complaints after complaints after complaints is gonna do nothing. You're getting a driver's license, excellent, now get the job. Nothing is ever easy for any of us. Three years of looking for a job and I didn't get ANY. But I don't mind and I'm still looking , it's never going to be perfect. You don't have to go to college, but people who stare in the face of adversity and hardships still go to college 1) don't know what to study, don't have to, college is a time for exploration. Half of my classmates have no idea what they'll study when they get to college 2) don't have the money, there are plenty of grants, loans, work-study, and scholarship opportunities that you could have taken advantage of when you were in high school. I'm pretty poor but I am going to a state school that FAFSA provides plenty of money for. My cousin came here from Pakistan, paying the medical bills for his cancer, and still....still managed to have financial aid for college here. People from low incomes go to college all the time. Flunking is besides the point. First off, grants and work study is something you don't have to pay off. And how do you know you'd flunk. Did you try? I know it's a cliche, but it's ever so true. To be brutally honest, having that pessimistic attitude, it's no wonder you THINK you'll flunk. To push yourself past obstacles, with a positive attitude, does pay off. Too bad you didn't work on developing that attitude earlier. 3) how am I gonna get there? When there's a will, there's a way. I have no car at all. I am still going to my dream school an hour's drive away. I am going to dorm during the weekdays, I have the train, I can call my friends, I can call my parents. and 4) i'm too fucking stupid. Maybe you're not as stupid as you think you are. Excuse me for sounding corny, but with that type of attitude, it's hard to really push yourself to climb that barrier. Academics not your strong key? Why not an art school? Why not a trade school? It's about finding something you're the most interested in [not related to predicament #1] I'm sorry for sounding harsh, but you don't need someone to baby you. I'm sorry to say but your negative outlook on life is really dragging you down. None of us go through easy times. I am not that smart, but I work my butt off to the point of exhaustion and I manage to pull decent grades. There's not many excuses any of us can use. That attitude isn't getting you anywhere. There really isn't anything anyone can do the change the overall way the world and this country functions. To be very honest, it will seem pathetic to be past the age of eighteen and not have anything worthy under your belt. It will seem pathetic to not, either, go to college or get a job. You gotta keep going out there, rejection after rejection after rejection. I'm sure many of us are not unfamiliar to this.
  18. That would have been an excellent thing to salvage.
  19. Thanks Ricky, that really did help me out Hey, I'm sorry for what happened to you
  20. Supermodels can be lonely sometimes too. Anyone can be lonely. I don't have a man to clutch onto at night every single nigh either.
  21. I have such a deep adoration for those pin up girls R.I.P Betty
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