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  1. Not to mention it sounds like her mouth is crushing a soda can when she talks.
  2. yeah I was My God, I feel horrible right now I tried calling my best friend I haven't spoken in a while, and her mother said she was missing since yesterday. I don't how to feel right now. I wanted to express my concerns to her mother, but I just froze. She said bye and all I could say was...."buh....buh.....bye"
  3. They said I can't watch it, I'm not British No seriously, I can't watch it because it's only available to play in the UK
  4. That is very harsh to experience. Unfortunately, if you know a person that knows this person and then knows this person, it gets caught up in the networks. So, I know trying counseling can be a scary thought. But, if you don't know the person firsthand, they can't judge you and they can't tell it to someone that can damage your reputation. There's no jumble up in the networks of personal relationships. Just be a bit reserved at this, and you can voice this particular concern. Then as you trust the counselor, you can unveil more information
  5. Let him speak Let him speak about what's on his mind. Make the environment comfortable enough for him to speak. If it needs to be, let it be silent at first. Let him sort it out himself. Just be very gentle when asking to speak it out. Everyone needs a good talking session, with the Kleenex box, because it's a huge, huge, huge, part of grieving and coping
  6. I am very sorry that you have to feel like this. But I'm pretty sure you're not alone. If your condition has been identified, then obviously other people know exactly what you've been through. I hope you, at least, attempted to find resources. I don't want you feeling this way constantly, I really don't. Thank you very much . It's been arduously difficult in forgiving myself. But, I know it's needed it. It's just going to take some time with my therapist.
  7. That's a very ignorant thing to say on your behalf I should we all should just brush off our problems now, no matter how serious they are. She's trying to address her serious problem, and your comment made it seems as if it was just a trivial boo-boo.
  8. Thank you very much, KB I can't tell you how much I'm relieved. I will PM you if anything is bothering me. I read a thread that you have some type of job helping rape victims.
  9. It's not as easy as following a proverb. Going through all these experiences I went through, my perception on helping myself vs helping others is thrown out of whack. Maybe I do need to make myself happy first, but I don't ever fully realize it. And I guess I sacrifice my happiness for my family members because I was brought up to feel guilty. I guess I'm saying I'm sacrificing my personal happiness by not living life like most teenagers do[dating and all that] even though I want to. I dedicate time to helping my family even if I feel as it's too much dedication. Sometimes, they can help themselves. Also, everyone except for my father, thinks I'm guilty for being sexually assaulted as a little child. You see, I feel guilty about something I shouldn't. If I told anyone, I'd bring a bad reputation to the family. It was all a hype though because I did get external help. But from the time I was 12 to when I was 17, I guess I did sacrifice so much out of..... "guilt" I appreciate you trying to help, I really do, it's just that it's never been an easy ride at all. Every night, I've been getting nightmares about being brutally raped, because somehow I feel as if I deserve it because the first perpetrator was able to escape. But, I will help myself. Following a proverb just doesn't register with me at the moment.
  10. What would happen if Einstein had created a hyperspace tunnel in America? And as for Wanna bee's question, well then the Atomic bombs wouldn't be created, and then we would have to fight in Japan, even more, and then it'd take a while for us to claim victory.
  11. We still would have definitely used the atomic bombs, and then Franklin would probably insist with proxy wars on communism had he continued to live in the 1950's, and plump the scientific community up more to come up with more weapons. If Apollo 11 crashed on the moon, then there would be huge controversy in the Cold War, and the Soviet Union would use that against us. Then they'd try to charge us with the deaths of Buzz and Neil, and they would try to take advantage of our weakness there. What would happen if Albert Einstein created a hyperspace tunnel in America.
  12. Thank you very much, that sincerely made me feel a lot better. And I do feel guilty about the therapy and other medical mishaps I have, but I should keep reminding myself that my dad truly wants me to be healthy. I also didn't like the fact that spats threw the term, abuse, around loosely. I know what abuse is, and what many people described with the bill ain' t it.
  13. Trust me, I also focus so much on my family. I sacrifice a lot for them. But sometimes, strategically planning ways to cause the least offense to our family, we need to focus on ourselves and make ourselves feel better
  14. At least, you have that one good quality Maybe, you're not such a bad person outside of relationships and dating
  15. I definitely can understand how it is struggling with money, longdistance. I hope you are content with your life though. I don't like to ask for much, but when I really do need something [not an Ipod, say something for my health] I still feel a little bit guilty when my father has to pay for it all. Especially my expensive medical bills, I still feel guilty when my father pays for it. I shouldn't because I'm a minor But, I guess it's a naturally innate side of me My father doesn't get physical either. He, in fact, gets a bit annoyed when I insist I'll pay him back. But he kindly explains that he can pay for it. I don't want to have a boyfriend in high school, but it was a poor judgment to make, Spats And even though it's a different realm of love than having a boyfriend, my father still does love me and wants me to just be a happy person [shutting down pleas that I'll pay him back when I have a job] I know teenage friends whose fathers literally force them to get a job and pay for everything themselves: medical bills and all. Some people insist to aid out of love, not hatred or force.
  16. Then there probably wouldn't be that many Catholics or Romance languages or Renaissance stuff What if we didn't need any crude oil or petroleum products, from foreign sources, in this world.
  17. That was quite incendiary and......sense provoking
  18. Bustle, I'm very sorry. I know how that feels, trust me. I hope you found resources to help you out. It has its cycles, I know
  19. I love these little trivial facts, I appreciate this thread. and I have so many stocked up in my head, I just forgot them a bit I'll contribute later
  20. I'm sorry, what is this? and with a huge question mark.
  21. I am sorry for how you're feeling, but I can't be qualified to help you. If you can relate this depression to an event you experienced, it'd be different than clinical depression A therapist would help you, and there should be therapists who have you pay only what you can afford [so it doesn't have to be expensive]
  22. It's alright. I won't judge you. You've come a long way, and you are living with it. That is remarkable enough. Well, I know there's some controversy over the meds, but as long as you're feeling as if you're healing and taking the meds properly, that is what matters.
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