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  1. HI everyone, you probably have all your copies on DVD BUT for all those with digital TV, BBC 4 Are doing a special night on the music of the 70s tonight. There is a whole evening devoted to that decade then.....They are showing TSRTS at 11 pm. Can't wait!
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    Hello everyone, I am new here too.
  3. very true, very true.......nevermind, one can live in hope!!
  4. There are rumours flying around and unfortunately I think they are just that, rumours. But you never know. I read somewhere that they 'are being courted to play.' Lets hope it works!! I for one will be trying to but a ticket anyway as I try to go every year. I can't think of a better place for them to play, with the beautiful and mystical Glastonbury Tor in the background. Apparently they played on the Tor once (or so my mum says, she is from just down the road in Street) anyone know if this is true?
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