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  1. Why is this POS listed at 1.5 million? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Coalburn-ORIGINAL-art-oil-painting-Masonite-Jimmy-Page-Led-Zeppelin-/140625006362?pt=Art_Paintings&hash=item20bde74f1a
  2. Well, in all due respect, I think Zep has done the best they could given the fact that after 1980, there is no 'Led Zeppelin' because there is no John Bonham. As much as I love them, want them to tour, etc., to think they've cheated us is inncorrect. They've done what they could do by protecting the integrity of the music and being honest.
  3. NME is reporting this today: http://www.nme.com/news/led-zeppelin/33264 How reliable is this outfit?
  4. This is correct. It is well known that Clapton is/was angered that Page "ripped off' the old bluesmen that he (and other English blues/rock players) adored and worshiped by not giving the old guys credit. (Note that Page was not at Clapton's big guitar festival this year.) Remember that Zep faced legal action for not crediting their blues sources on some of their early songs. Clapton, the blues purist, is upset at this slight, and not over any alledged "jealousy".
  5. 7 minute solos and 30 minute songs require a lot of work on the listener's part. Notice they did a shorter version of Dazed as well. The thing is, such extended solos and songs are hard for a modern crowd in the 21st century given their attention deficit/video game disorders.
  6. Percy nails it, but man, No Quater is killer, and Page is laying down some chunky guitar
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