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  1. I agree with you Ned to some extent. The lottery didn't work well even though the band had the best of intentions i.e 1. to be fair by allowing equal access and 2. allowing a lot of people to see the concert at a "relatively" low price. The best thing would have been to have an auction for a substantial part of the show (say 75% limited to say 4 tickets per bid) and a lottery for the rest. There would be so many tickets available in the auction that the scalpers would not have been able to corner the market, true fans would have been able to buy tickets - not at 100 pounds each but
  2. Houses of the Holy by a nose from the Brown Bomber. Obviously love the orange and the hippie children and I always think Led Zep 2 is hilarious.
  3. One thing that really struck me was the relationship between Jonesy and Jimmy. Jonesy was really focussed and concentrating on what Jimmy was doing - very supportive. At the final bow jason got down on his hands and knees to "worship" them. Jimmy gave him playful whack across the head - almost as if to say - you did really well and you are one of us, on the team.
  4. I have to admit that after the euphoria of Monday and Tuesday I have been feeling the stab of an existential sadness that this might be the end and that Led Zeppelin will have to be consigned to history. It seems such a waste of these huge talents that they can't work in what is the ideal context and team. That something beautiful and important has died and that some of the very special and good people in the band will be unhappy and frustrated for the rest of their lives. It seems so wrong and such a waste. It is not about my unhappiness but about theirs.
  5. For me it is The Ocean. The guitar solo, Robert's sing, the phone ringing, the stunning bass line and general joyous mayhem is one of the most beautiful and important things humans have created.
  6. And I should add that their only responsibility is their own personal happiness. They have given so much that we are all already hugely in their debt. BUT - I think some (and maybe all) of the band would also find a lot of happiness and joy in playing the occasional concert and having a go at making an album or even just recording a few songs.
  7. I spent 59,000 pounds (US$120,000) on 23 tickets on various auctions and took some of my best friends. It was worth every penny and and I would have paid twice as much. If they ever have a concert again they should auction of about half the tickets so the die hard fans get a chance to go. The way it was run you either had to be a plutocrat or VERY lucky to see them.
  8. I was at the O2 and I was at Knebworth and they were BETTER at the O2. Jason was fantastic - every bit as good as Bonzo. Yes they are Led Zeppelin! THEY WERE DEVASTATINGLY GOOD. THEY WERE MAGNIFICENT!
  9. If you love Jimmy (and who doesn't?) why not become involved in the charity he has been Patron of for the last eight years or so - ABC Trust - Action for Brazil's Children Trust (see abctrust.org.uk). It is a great cause and is close to Jimmy's heart.
  10. The Ocean Over the Hills and Far Away Houses of the Holy Travelling Riverside Blues Dancing Days When the Levee Breaks Hots on For Nowhere Heartbreaker Four Sticks Boogie Mama I know... I can't count
  11. As someone who was at the concert on Monday night I would say that Led Zeppelin live is something that is too good to let die. The band were magnificent and I have NEVER been to a better concert. So what would be great is if every one or two years they did a few concerts rather than undertaking exhausting tours. Let people come to see Zeppelin rather than the other way around - London, New York, Rio, Los Angeles, Toyko. And even better if they started writing some new music. God that would be wonderful.
  12. That was a stunning moment indeed. However there was a moment near the beginning of Dazed and Confused when the band was very tightly clustered together, Jonesy was looking at Jimmy very intently and ALCHEMY was being performed - DEVASTATING BEAUTIFUL MUSICAL MAGIC.
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