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  1. I am a huge Dave Grohl fan, however, if he does keep banging on about wanting to play drums for Zeppelin, I'm gonna get pissed off with him real soon. Jason is THE ONLY man worthy of playing with Zeppelin. If we are going to go out and look further afield for a drummer, Grohl would not be at the top of my list. Carmine Appice (who was a big influence on John Bonham) would be top IMO, with Mike Portnoy coming a close second (listen to his Zeppelin tribute "Hammer Of The Gods") - he REALLY re-creates that Bonham sound. Although it's probably only the media anyway, but if not, shut up Grohl - Taylor Hawkins owns you on drums anyway!!
  2. Listen to Opeth!!! They are incredible. The only thing that tends to put people off is the fact they use "Growling" vocals at times. But once you get used to this there is an incredible world of musical discovery there, and when Mikael Akerfeldt (vocals) sings cleanly, he has one of the most beautiful voices in music. I would recommend the album "Ghost Reveries", as I would put this album up there with the classic albums - simply awesome. The musical landscape shifts from full on death metal, into beautiful acoustic passages (with clean vocals) into eastern tinged sounds. I cannot recommend this highly enough! As far as rap goes, I'm really into "old school" rap/hip hop such as Public Enemy, Eric b And Rakim, Ice Cube, Beastie Boys, NWA (I hate modern day rap). I'm suprised more Zep fans don't listen to some of this stuff, and some on Bonham's drumming has a real hip hop groove to it (oh, I'm a drummer by the way!!)
  3. I was just wondering, what with Zep having such a wide ranging fanbase, what other bands other forumers listen to. My top 10 (not including zep) are:- Metallica Queen Opeth Iron Maiden Dream Theater Queensryche Alice In Chains Pantera Public Enemy Slayer
  4. To all the people who are getting annoyed about the "ticket wasters" who were present at the02, dont worry, I was there representing all us "real" fans. I stood for the set, maybe 10 rows from the front, absolutley bursting for a piss, but clung on for the full performance!! I headbanged my way through the "heavy" mid section of Dazed And Confused, howled my eyes out throughout No Quarter, attempted to get some jumping going for Ramble On, just freaked out for Black Dog and stood in bewilderment throughout Kashmir. I waited until afterwards and a late bar to have a few beers. I cant believe the people who were drunk - this wasn't just "any old gig" you know!
  5. Thought the 02 set was pretty spot on. Thank You, Over The Hills And Far Away, How Many More Times, On The Tiles, Achilles Last Stand, Custard Pie, Moby Dick wouldn't have gone a miss though, but hey, they could have played all night abd all the next day and it would have still kicked arse!!
  6. No Quarter. Just made me a jibbering mess! I still well up when I listen to it now. Oh, and the rest of the set from start to finish. Kashmir also was too good for words.
  7. I'm in two minds about it. I was at The 02 show, and I don't think the magic of that night would diminish if they played more gigs or not. That was the best night of my life, and will remain so regardless of what happens. That aside, I hope they don't make a Glastonbury appearance. They should keep to their own gigs, gigs where only "real" fans would attend. I think another big show at Madison Square Garden would be good for the US fans. Plus it would allow a UK invasion into New York (much like the US invasion into London last Monday!!). Whatever the band choose to do, I know they will make the right choice.
  8. Spot on. The message from me is the same. A big thank you for giving me the best night of my life.
  9. Jason was incredible. Some of the fills, even the apparently "off the cuff" ones were just soooooo John Bonham, it was scary. Being a drummer myself, I was paying particular attention to Jason, and he really delivered. Thanks to him for being a big part in the best night of my life.
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