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  1. Great! I don't recall seeing pics with Detective and JP before. Just the one where he's sleeping in the background.
  2. https://www.ledzeppelin.com/show/july-23-1973
  3. I've asked Jason... He said his dad didn't own a RUSH album and never mention Peart to him. Jason first heard them for the first time around 1981/1982, on the 2112 LP and was blown away.
  4. John Paul Jones contributed to the forthcoming Danny Barnes album, out on ATO Records Click link for more info: http://atorecords.com/featured/danny-barnes-announces-new-album-man-on-fire-on-march-6
  5. I have a partial page of this spread from Buddy magazine:
  6. As mentioned earlier in this thread, these two photos were also @ Mother Blues. Probably the same night as the Bonzo jam, April 1977.
  7. I posted this jam recently, one that many fans were unaware of: (April 1977, Dallas)
  8. John Bonham jam, circa 1976. info?
  9. I've posted a couple of new photos from the night at Slip Disc in Bombay 1972: Richard Cole and Robert Plant: A better quality and more complete full frame image of Richard Cole, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant (partially obscured): https://www.ledzeppelin.com/event/october-16-1972
  10. It's a bootleg - even says in the auction that it's an "unofficial pressing".
  11. This is the original image I had for the homepage animation: It's also available on Getty if you need better quality. https://www.gettyimages.ca/detail/news-photo/zeppelin-lz-126-ascending-in-fog-c1924-1933-lz126-was-built-news-photo/463982681
  12. NAMM 2020: John Bonham signature drumsticks debuting at Winter NAMM By MusicRadar Exact spec of Bonzo's original '70s "trees" promised NAMM 2020: In 1964, a then little-known company in Yorkshire, England began producing drumsticks. The Professional Music Company, latterly known as Promuco, initially struggled to break the lucrative US market, until a certain Buddy Rich adopted their sticks. John Bonham was one of the many drummers who then took up Promuco sticks, and quickly had his own specification commissioned. Original Bonham Promuco sticks are still highly sought after, and now you'll be able to get your hands on faithful reproductions of what Bonzo allegedly referred to as his "trees". Initially available from February in the UK thanks to Barnes & Mullins, and then globally through 2020, the sticks will officially debut at NAMM 2020 on 16 January. They're premium hickory sticks made to that exact original specification, down to the legendary ‘acorn’ tip and feature Bonzo's signature logo. You can learn more at the Promuco site here: John Bonham Signature Price: £12.00 Product Code: 19015JB Throughout the 1970s John clung to his Promuco ‘Trees’ and together they created some of the most iconic and celebrated rhythms in rock history. Now, you can own and play these legendary sticks. Crafted from premium Hickory, they’re made to Bonzo’s original dimensions and weight and feature his original signature logo too. Diameter:1.5cm General: Premium Hickory Length:41cm Tip:Wooden
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