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  1. BBC Radio2 Folk Awards 2008 John Paul Jones will present an award and perform with John Martyn at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards, Feb. 4th, 2008. http://www.johnpauljones.com http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio2/events/folkawards2008/
  2. John Paul Jones w/Foo Fighters @ Grammys [1.24.08] As previously announced, the Foo Fighters will perform as part of this year's "My GRAMMY Moment" segment on the telecast (Feb. 10th). Produced in partnership with YouTube and CBS.com, up to 20 unsigned musicians will be given the unique opportunity to play with Foo Fighters as part of an orchestra created specifically for this event. Three of these musicians will vie to be a featured instrumentalist during the performance. Arranging the orchestral piece and taking up the baton as special guest conductor will be Led Zeppelin's legendary
  3. New Orleans soul singer Ernie K-Doe.
  4. http://www.ledzeppelin.com/show/may-13-1973
  5. http://www.ledzeppelin.com/image-galleries...in/pre-post-zep
  6. The text of my old article is in the Timeline: http://www.ledzeppelin.com/show/july-5-1971
  7. Another request from ITV: Looking for a Led Zeppelin expert who could come to Pangbourne on Monday 3rd December to talk, on camera, about their early days, in particular, Jimmy Page's connection to Berkshire. Anyone who thinks they may be able to help should call 0844 88 14519 and ask to speak to Emily or Jay - in connection with Led Zeppelin.
  8. ITV News is looking for Led Zeppelin fans from the region (Surrey, Berks, Oxon, Wilts, Bucks, Hants) who remember the early days, in particular, anybody who went along to the gig at Surrey University in Guildford in 1968. They're also very keen to speak to people who have managed to get tickets for the O2 concert and who are from the region. Contact: emily.unia@itv.com or by phone: 0844 88 14519
  9. The first week of launch has gone really well and the servers were pretty solid too. Feedback has really been tremendous - thanks again. I've been doing some updates and additions on the Timeline and Photo gallery, with some generous assistance from fans and should be adding a lot more as things progress. I'd also welcome any suggestions or ideas from you for the future of the site as well.
  10. It was a shock when I was told yesterday that he had died. Kevin was a really nice guy. too young indeed....
  11. Thanks, glad you like it. I'll try to have some wallpapers up this week.
  12. Glad you liked that. I heavily eq'd the bass up full on that sound effect. It shakes the room! I designed that page and basically the overall concept is just based on the earlier use of WWII themed Zep imagery.
  13. Yeah there was some confusion about it. That was the original press report that said "TBA" (to be announced) about the deluxe edition. For whatever reason it was not included.
  14. New site commemorating the Gladsaxe Teen Club, where Zep first played in 1968: http://www.teenclubs.dk/Led_Zeppelins_first_gig.html
  15. Existing members of the old L-Z.com board can login there now and retrieve your pm's etc. I'll keep it open for at least a week, probably a few weeks.
  16. Won't be importing and old threads. This is a brand-new board. But I'll open the old board up to existing members for a little while, staring tomorrow so they can retrieve pm's etc.
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