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  1. 50 Years Later: The Surprising Memphis Roots of “Led Zeppelin III.” An exclusive look at the important local connection behind the album that Jimmy Page himself called “the real beginning of the band.” November 3, 2020 | by Alex Greene | MemphisMagazine.com You could be excused for not thinking it a very momentous thing: two twentysomethings winding through the hills from southwestern Kentucky to Memphis sometime in 1966, hewing to a thread of highway from Land Between the Lakes to the banks of the Mississippi River, late at night, seemingly on a mission. Half
  2. David Coverdale interview: Have you any further news on the Coverdale Page album being reissued? Well, my time with Jimmy was amazing. We spoke a couple of weeks ago, in fact, I'm probably going to speak to him this weekend. I think we're probably going to be looking at an anniversary issue in '23. What would that be; 20th? THIRTY?! Fucking hell! As my wife would say; "how old ARE YOU?!" [Laughing]. Have you any idea what an anniversary edition might include? Yeah, I think you're in for some nice surprises. Jimmy and I have been talking about it, and he's isolated out in the countr
  3. John Paul Jones was interviewed on BBC Radio 4 for the Today Programme about the premiere of his new classical work for London International Festival of Early Music on 5th November. Here is an excerpt of the interview where he talks about “Thank You”. Those of you in the UK can listen again to the full interview here (2hr25 min in): https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m000nvsg BBCR4 Vid.mp4
  4. Jimmy Page on His Vision for Led Zeppelin For the release of a stunning new book, ‘Anthology,’ the guitarist and producer goes deep on several Zep classics, the excellence of John Bonham, and why he’s fascinated with hip-hop By Kory Grow Before Jimmy Page will entertain an interview, he has a question of his own: “Do you play the guitar?” The correct answer, of course, is yes. “That’s useful,” he says. It’s early October when Page calls from the home just outside London where he and his girlfriend have been quarantining since March. “The place has a garden, and you don’t fe
  5. John Paul Jones Commissioned by London International Festival of Early Music The London International Festival of Early Music (LIFEM) has just announced the world premiere performance of ‘The Tudor Pull’, a newly commissioned work by John, written for acclaimed viol consort Fretwork. The world premiere of the newly composed piece will be broadcast at 7.00pm on Thursday 5th November from the LIFEM website, www.lifem.org This isn’t the first time that John’s music has been performed at LIFEM, his hauntingly beautiful Amores Pasados, settings of three Spanish poems were performed b
  6. Jimmy Page Is Still Practicing The legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist has nothing left to prove. But when he picks up his instrument, the ideas keep on coming. Oct 20, 2020 “I don’t do face calls and all of that,” says Jimmy Page. “Because I’m a creature of habit, I usually end up holding the phone to my ear as opposed to looking at the image.” Fair enough. So a regular call it is from a chatty and affable Page, 76, who is currently riding out the pandemic at his home in Southeast England. The occasion is the release of the new photo collection Jimmy Page: The Anthology, w
  7. First photo is at JPJ's house and the color one is something I made about 20 years ago, as part of a Bron-y-Aur animation for the homepage. Only JP and RP were actually at Bron-YR-Aur, not the whole band.
  8. If I remember correctly, JPJ said it was a Danelectro bass on his lap, using a slide.
  9. [Oct. 8] Available to pre-order now: a limited edition, 7" vinyl replica of the Japanese version of the album’s only single: “Immigrant Song” b/w the non-album track “Hey, Hey, What Can I Do". Only 19,700 copies available - pre-order here: https://Rhino.lnk.to/ImmigrantSong More info at ledzeppelin.com IMMIGRANTSONG45_.mp4
  10. Sandie Shaw in 1969 became the first musician to cover Led Zeppelin - Your Time Is Gonna Come:
  11. Limited Edition Reissue Of “Immigrant Song” Japanese 7” Single Available For Pre-Order This Thursday Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Bonham and John Paul Jones released Led Zeppelin III 50 years ago today in the U.S., on October 5, 1970, with the U.K. and other countries following a few weeks later. The band’s third album in less than two years, it would top the charts in several countries – including the U.S. and the U.K. – on its way to selling more than 13 million copies worldwide. Beyond its overwhelming commercial success, the album also represented a turning point musically for
  12. Update: 1/14/21: With great regret, Warner Music must inform Led Zeppelin fans that the “Immigrant Song / Hey, Hey, What Can I Do” 7” single has been cancelled. We sincerely apologise for any disappointment or inconvenience this may have caused. Refunds will be available at point of purchase. ______________________________________________________________ Limited Edition Reissue Of “Immigrant Song” Japanese 7” Single Available For Pre-Order This Thursday [Oct. 8 update: PRE-ORDER IS NOW AVAILABLE!] Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Bonham and John Paul Jones re
  13. Robert Plant Talks ‘Digging Deep’ Solo Anthology, His ‘Golden God’ Moment, Missing John Bonham With a new compilation out now, the singer reflects on how he changed course after Led Zeppelin, his “post–trip-hop” phase, and more https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/robert-plant-interview-digging-deep-led-zeppelin-john-bonham-1068391/
  14. Tune in Friday the 16th of October for a rare stream of Them Crooked Vultures performance at Royal Albert Hall in 2010 as part of #TeenageCancerGigs Teenage Cancer Trust Subscribe on YT now for a reminder: https://www.youtube.com/TCTUnseen To view the full lineup of events or find ways to donate, visit: http://teenagecancertrust.org/unseen https://www.johnpauljones.com/them-crooked-vultures-royal-albert-hall-live-stream-for-teenage-cancer-trust/
  15. "Nights With Alice Cooper" 40 YEARS ON: LED ZEPPELIN’S JOHN BONHAM REMEMBERED https://nightswithalicecooper.com/2020/09/25/40-years-on-led-zeppelins-john-bonham-remembered/
  16. I believe these were in late September 1985. The one in Spain aired on Sept. 24th, 1985. It's a shame the only available pro-shot footage of this tour is lip-syncd TV appearances.
  17. JOHN PAUL JONES SIGNATURE BASS UPDATE September 9, 2020 MANSON GUITAR WORKS, IN COLLABORATION WITH JOHN PAUL JONES, ARE DELIGHTED TO ANNOUNCE UPDATED SPECS FOR THE JOHN PAUL JONES SIGNATURE BASS, THE FLAGSHIP E-BASS MODEL. The biggest change in the 2021 edition is the adoption of USA Aguilar pickups and circuits. Featuring twin DCB humbuckers equipped with dual ceramic magnets and 42 gauge Formvar wire, the pickups feed into Aguilar’s legendary OPB-2 preamp (offering +/-18dB of boost and cut at 40Hz and +/- 16dB of treble boost and cut at 6.5 kHz) giving clean headroom, improved
  18. It was definitely scheduled (there's an ad/flyer for this gig), but as nobody seems to remember it taking place, I'd say it most likely did not.
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