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  1. In My Time Of Dying, No Quarter (with out vocal) and Nobodys Fault But Mine ( three takes) bit of jamming at the end from Jason and Jonesy.... Jimmy steals the show...welcome back Mr Page...Lord Of The Strings..
  2. I only had to show photo ID, credit card that I used to purchase tickets and conformation e-mail from Ticketmaster, not the winning ballot email....which I didn't have as I paided for my passcode....please don't hate me!
  3. Got to the O2 at seven am, Q'ed in the cold and rain outside for two hours before the arena staff allowed us in to Q for a further hour until ten when we got the tixs and wristband. Had to change wristband as they gave us the wrong colour five minutes later! We were the first in our Q (F) and were the second to get our tickets, Q A was quicker. Lots of Americans and Canadians in the Q, one Canadian guy with an acoustic guitar slept out all night and will do the same tonight! I cried getting my tickets, christ what am I gonna be like tomorrow night?
  4. Wasn't the show, The Old Grey Whistle Test and the alternate title being "One Day In July"
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