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  1. Ah. You brits. There was a recent story here locally where a guy killed a woman and he got 10 years. That's it. Eligible for parole in 5.
  2. I almost got it the other day at work. There was a container I needed on a high shelf and when I went to get it down it seemed too heavy. So I climbed up and looked in and someone had put water in it, so when I pull it down I get soaked. They didn't get me, but believe me, I'll get them.
  3. Yea, by my new neighbor across the hall. She's black, I'm white. We hang out on occassion and she just came home from a bad date and for some reason decided to ask me out. She's also at least 19 years younger than me. I just sort of dismissed it. Thoughts?
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  5. I LOVE buds. Nice and green and sticky if possible. Oh, wait......are we talking about something completely different?
  6. OK, well, your all going to laugh at me. Or call me stupid. Or whatever, I don't care. And other people in my family and close friends have seen me do this. And they are all totally FREAKED about it. I get what starts out as deja vu, you know, when you sense that you have done something before, exactly how your doing it RIGHT NOW. But I progress and work backwards from the deju vu to the present. By thinking about it. And then I get this flash of what will happen in the next 15 minutes, or hours, or days. Good example, it happened the other day. I got the deja vu, then I thought about it and I suddenly though about my cousin James, who I am the closest with of all my family. Then I looked at my phone. At that moment, the caller ID flashed my cousins phone number then started ringing. I answered with, "Hello james." in a wry sarcastic foice. He answered with, "you expected my call didn't you? God I wish I had that." And don't dismiss it as technology tipping me off. I'm fully aware that you could say the caller ID prompted me. It didn't. If I thought that would give you a pause on believing my story would I include that fact? No. But I sensed it and he did to. Today, on the bus home from work, I was thinking about Nine Inch Nails song Heresy. The next that played on the dudes iPod next to me.......???? That song.
  7. I'm never nervous around her. She is one of the few people in the world that actually puts my neurotic self at ease. She's gone back to college majoring in Computer Science. She smart, funny and bitchen hot. And I'm not the only one to say that. My best friend thinks she's all that too. Here's the full story about her. We met when I worked at the mall at 16. She worked in the store next to me. We met, talked and sort of dated a little. I had to move when I was 18 to go to college and she went back to her old asshole boyfriend. I lived in Cincinnati for a while and moved back here. 3 friggin days later she found out I was back in town and called me. She was very unhappily married at the time but I just could not let that stand in the way of how I felt about her. So we hooked up for a while. I know her past and all and didn't go too deep with her. Then I met my first fiancee. She actually knew my to be father in law and was at a party he had. My fiancee didn't know anything about our past. But I was getting married and couldn't hook up with her. A few years later, me and the fiancee broke up and I saw her. She was engaged. That was in 2000. 2006 she found me on myspace and we started talking again. I wasn't in the mood for anything because I was going through a nasty divorce. When I was ready we got together just so she could break it to me that she found someone. Apparently that's over. I can't wait to see how my new year starts. Though I'm staying real and not expecting anything. But just spending time with her is golden in my books.
  8. Anyway, this girl has been in and out of my life for the last 20 years. We sort of dated in high school and it's like we've been passing each other in the night ever since. I moved away in 88 to go to college and had to say goodbye. I consider her one of my true loves. But it always seems that when we hook up, either she's gotten married or had a boyfriend or I've been married or had a girlfriend. She got a hold of me through myspace a while back and we've been in touch. Well, right now we are both unattached. She's coming over tomorrow night to spend New Years Eve with me. I.......am........stoked. What a way to ring in a new year. And yes, we have if your wondering. So there is a strong bond between us.
  9. One of my favorites is when I leave a grocery store I turn off the automatic door on the way out. This causes the person behind me to smack into the door expecting it to open. Fucking hilarious when the have a cart and can't go through. My other one is I get a cheap tape recorder at the goodwill store and tape a baby crying. then I go to Wal-Mart or the mall, hit play and throw it in a garbage can. GREAT FUN
  10. Well, so far cool. My neighbor across the hall got me "Futurama Season Four" on DVD. She didn't have to get me anything at all. Hell, I've known her for maybe a month. I guess I make an impression.
  11. You all are not going to believe this. I mentioned Tammy before. She got in touch with me the other day and wants to do something soon. We mentioned doing something tonight, but we'll see how that goes. I'd love to have her back in my life again, even if just friends. We've had this dance going on for nearly 20 years now. She's just sort of....well....unreliable at times. But I'm used to that. I mean, I don't think she's "The One", but she's certainly got a place in my heart. Always has, always will.
  12. I've got John Lithgow's signature. And a picture of George Lucas and Sir Alec Guiness together signed by both. It's hanging on my wall in the Star Wars room.
  13. I figured I'd start this early because some people get stuff early. Though for me, Christmas is about giving. Not getting. I love getting stuff people will love. My mom does love Pumpkin bread so I'm going to whip her up a batch at work. That's all I can really afford at this point. So far, Ive gotten nothing. What I want is just one thing. Another hard drive for my rig. That's it. But I never actually asked anyone for it. I know I'll get a lot of clothes, I always do. But I'm not asking for anything this year though. I was in a lot of trouble this year and my family was really there for me, so I don't want/expect anything really. And I can't really afford much for them. They told me they'd be pissed if I did get anything. So I at least bought nice cards for everyone. I did however send some stuff to my 2 year old nephew and my 2 month old niece. How about you?
  14. Hang in there DBZ. Do what you are comfortable with.
  15. I do know this really cool chick that is about my age. She's REALLY smart and moderately attractive. Not hot, but attractive. That's my way of saying, "I'd do her". We have a really good time talking and I enjoy seeing her. Too bad she's my psychiatrist.
  16. Well fuck. I tried. I'm getting lost in my own mind and listening to "In my time of dying". I wish Roxanne where here with me. Let it be known, schizophrenia is a one hell of a bitch.
  17. Somebody tonight gave me some xanex and I'm feeling GOOD. And the beer is helping. I guess I'm numbing my emotional pain. But I feel good. I love you all. Na na na na na na my baby. God damn I'm in a Zep mood tonight.
  18. You obviously never bothered to read those threads.
  19. Don't call me Luke. Spamming is something completely different. What the fuck is up with your attitude? I don't have any power at all here. I'm new too. I don't feel sorry for myself. I'm just reaching out to people that I know will set me straight to an extent. I'm tired of the friends around me that sugarcoat things. And what I post does not really reflect WHO I am. If your not going to be constructive, than piss off. If you want to take that olive branch, than be nice. And not an asshole.
  20. Well, for one, your use of the word "spam" is incorrect. I've never spammed anyone. For TWO, I never attempted to grab attention. I was speaking my mind, in a forum I "thought" was open. And for THREE, I know that you DO NOT have the power to do anything about my posts. Though you may have been here longer than me, that's non-sequential. You do not intimidate me.
  21. Jesus Christ. I've got the DIRECTORS CUT on DVD that came out a while back. I saw the original film, when Ford's character was NOT a synthetic. Then he MIGHT be at the end of the version I have. What gives? So are they going to change the end again? Riddley Scott needs to make either another Alien movie or stop fucking with what he's already done. And I though George Lucas was bad about reworking shit into the ground. Enough already. It was good the first time. Trust me. I went to art school. The more you think you can make it better, the more you fuck it up.
  22. My "trinket" is worth more than your car. Trust me. It's a one of a kind. Let's stop this pissing contest and make up. I'm not here to make enemies. I'm here to make friends. And you've done nothing but hinder that. It's apparant, for some reason ( and I don't don't know why) that you've been a dick to me. Let's stop that now and just be friends and concentrate on what we have in common. OK. ? I'm extending an olive branch. If you don't take it. Fine. It's your loss. But I think your an intelligent person with a lot to give to communities. I'd hate to think that your an evil, misguided soul that thinks demeaning people and what you have over others makes you happy. THAT would be sad. Peace?
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