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  1. I just downloaded Danke Vienna as well, and recently picked up Not Warm, Its Hot. Two excellent shows. Now i understand why many feel this was the band at its hottest (euro 73). I still prefer the sept 71 shows, but these shows are certainly some of the best.
  2. I agree. Those are my favorites.
  3. JLB

    Best Zep show

    9.29.71 OSAKA 3.24.73 Offenburg
  4. THe set list on those first couple of '75 shows has always been interesting to me, but seems like no decent recordings, so id agree on that one. One of the NY 77 shows would be nice. Sept 19, 1970 MSG Evening show would be the holy grail for me. Amazing show with a unique set list. As others have mentioned- the '73 Germany shows would be fantastic
  5. JLB


    Thanks. Im going to have to check out Rotterdam; I hadnt realized it was such a good show. I have Zurich, Frankfurt and Berlin (love the WLL from Berlin!).
  6. Just fixing my numbering - dont want anyone to think im signing the boys to do too much!
  7. 1.Rock & Roll 2.Wanton Song 3.Black Dog (Bring it on home intro) 4.Rover/Sick Again 5. Lemon Song (Killing Floor version from 4/27/69) 6. For your life 7.In My Time Of Dying 8.Trampled Underfoot 9. Nobody's Fault But Mine 10.No Quarter 11.Tea For One (alternate or replace with SIBLY if this is too Presence heavy!) 12.Dazed & Confused 13.Song Remains the Same 14.Achilles Last Stand 15.Heartbreaker 16.Misty Mountain Hop 17.Kashmir Encore: 19.In the Evening 20.Whole Lotta Love ('75 version with the Crunge) Second Encore 21. Communications Breakdown Other so
  8. Totally agree. The first time i heard Flying Circus (2/12/75-MSG) i was shocked by Plant's voice. (though it seemed to get a bit better as the show moved on). It was a shame because its such a strong performance. Seemed much better by May (earls court). But as you say, the band was so strong in '75, id rather listen to that tour than '77 (though i do enjoy the LA Forum shows from '77, and its nice to hear Achilles, Nobody's fault and 10 years gone).
  9. JLB


    Forgot one of my favorites-- Osaka, Japan -- 9/29/1971 -- "Stage" recording. Remarkable version of Whole Lotta Love.
  10. JLB


    These are some of my favorites. To be clear, im not suggesting that FF '80 is better than Berkeley '71 or Bath or any show from '73, etc. These are just some that I enjoy. It a matter of personal preference. January 5th 1969 Live at the Whisky, LA April 27th, 1969 Fillmore West, San Francisco, (Devils Blues) August 31th, 1969 Texas International Pop Festival, Motor Speedway, Dallas, Texas September 19th 1970, Madison Square Garden-Evening show (one more for the road). Listen to RP sing, during D&C, for the audience to sit down. Rare performance of Out on the tiles. Januar
  11. Oops -- i forgot Heartbreaker. Could be alternated with Communications Breakdown for the final encore.
  12. I like this set list- -mine is similar. Here it is ( a few differences-- im happy to cut stairway and sacrifice the acoustic set in favor of some more physical graffiti and presence material) 1.Rock & Roll 2.Celebration Day 3.Black Dog (Bring it on home intro) 4.Lemon Song (Killing Floor version from 4/27/69) 5. Wanton Song 6. For your life 7.In My Time Of Dying 8.Tampled Underfoot 9. Nobody's Fault But Mine 10.No Quarter 11.Tea For One (alternate with SIBLY) 12.Dazed & Confused 13.Rover/Sick Again 14.Song Remains the Same 15.Achilles Last Stand 16.Misty Mountain Hop
  13. I think you make a good point about the back-up musicians. Ive caught every Stones tour since '78 and most Who tours since '79 and the amount of supplemental musicians needed for each band has been a little disturbing (although, as you correctly pointed out, to a lesser extent with the Who). The last decent tour for the Stones, in my view, was the '89 steel wheels tour (last one with Bill Wyman). About the best you can expect with the Stones now are a few decent moments (e.g., Sway). And while the Who '00 tour was unbelievable (I saw them twice at MSG and they were really re-energized), the
  14. Totally agree; i just dont get it--- for what its worth, i went to the show by myself (i flew in from NYC especially for the show). I was totally focused on the show, stood the entire time, knew every word of every song (but didnt annoy others by singing out loud), showed my appreciation and didnt leave until i was absolutely sure it was over. Ive been going to shows for over 30 years and this was the greatest show ever-- by far.
  15. yes (at least some of it). i was towards the top of it. I do think that is why i saw a number of people leave early and a few looked bored.
  16. I was very pleased with the set list-- they cant play everything. I like ITTOD, but its not my favorite. Other than In the Evening, which i always thought might make an interesting opening number, im not sure that anything really fit with the vibe of the night. In the evening also makes a nice closer, but not at the expense of Kashmir. And that leads to the pivotal point-- -what would they drop in favor of In the Evening, ALl my love or Fool in the rain? I would have hated to see anything they played dropped.
  17. I was in section 101 near the back -- - the woman next to me who showed up just as the show was starting and sat the entire time looking bored. I dont think she could see anything, since everyone else stood - the guy in the suit who didnt have a seat in our section but continued to sneak into rows waiving his cell phone around and trying to high five everyone - all of the people who took off after Kashmir - all of the people who stayed for Whole Lotta Love, but left before Rock n roll - the guy who continued to stand while everyone else sat down during no quarter (oh yeah, that wa
  18. In my time of dying For your life Its hard to pick just one!
  19. There were so many - In my time of dying For your life The laser pyramid during Dazed and Confused
  20. Yes, he did! i have a photo of it, which i will upload if i can figure it out. He was in front of the others, worshipping them, as if he wasnt worthy. I think he got caught up in the moment and was being appreciative of the opportunity (that's my interpretation, but of course, only Jason knows what he was thinking). And yes, they also put their arms around each other and bowed. I was blown away by Jason -- he was incredible and certainly did his Dad proud.
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