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  1. I just listened to the 3/27 LA version and was blown away by it. One of the best versions I've heard of it. It was so cool to hear because it was such a rarity on that tour.
  2. 1975 for me. Just listen to the solos on Stairway during that tour. This was the quintessential Zeppelin, a band that had completely found its voice and knew each other's tendancies inside and out. No tragedies yet - they hadn't been knocked backwards by anything and were sitting on top of the world. That fifth element Page always talks about was stronger than at any time before or after. It's possible that each member had different highs at different times, (I threw in HTWWW the other day and was fucking amazed at how superior Bonzo's drumming was, even to his own playing on other tours) but to me 75 contained the complete package and was an absolute powerhouse rampaging through the world of rock and roll! Yeah baby!!
  3. They didn't play that night. On April 2 ,1977 they tied Boston 1-1 at home (when there were still ties in the NHL). April 1 was a Friday, adding more evidence that the gig would have been at the Gardens. The only events held there on Saturday nights during hockey season were Leaf games, so the proposed Zep schedule was probably taking that into account.
  4. The Canadian National Exhibition is a huge summer fair held each year running mid-August until Labour Day. Exhibition Stadium (sometimes referred to as CNE Stadium) was on the grounds of the fair and held events all summer and even deep into the fall. I saw U2 there on Oct. 3, 1987. Now that was a cold night...but also the best concert I've ever seen.
  5. Not so in the boot I just got. He speaks quite a bit. Maybe there were a lot more, I don't know. Would love to hear the rest of the gig, though. And the quality is quite good for an audience recording.
  6. Exhibition Stadium was torn down in 1999. Lots of great memories went with it, that's for sure. Zep could've played there conceivably, although the revised plan for the 77 tour had them playing in TO on April 1. Would have been pretty cold still. Maple Leaf Gardens would've been the probable choice. In fact, six days later the Blue Jays played their first ever game at the Ex in a snowstorm. And yes they did play Dallas on that date - the tour opener.
  7. This is one tune that sounded very much the same at each performance. There wasn't much room for improvisation or lengthy soloing as in most of their other songs performed live. Not to say it isn't an amazing song and one I love to hear live, though.
  8. Ballard was a stubborn old coot who owned the Maple Leafs hockey team. At one point in the 70s he didn't want to follow the league mandate to have players' names sewn on the back of their jerseys. When he could avoid it no longer and was forced to, he agreed - but had the letters made in the same colour as the shirt, so they weren't visible! Just one example...
  9. Yeah, it's possible - although he had to give the same message in a lot of other places that they went back to. They had a lot of positive concerts here from 69 to 71 (eg the Rockpile) and had one of their biggest supporters among the press in Richie York, writing for one of the dailies. Whatever the reason, it's a shame they never returned.
  10. Just got a hold of the boot of some of this concert - what a killer version of Celebration Day...sounded funny to heat Plant introduce it, after hearing it for years on TSRTS seaguing in from Rock n Roll. Also amazing to hear such an early version of Stariway, which stuck pretty close to the studio version...you could tell they were really concentrating on it and wasn't quite as loose as the later, longer versions. I thought it was funny too that Plant was giving a bit of a lecture (probably well-deserved, mind you) about basically shutting up and being respectful to others so they can hear...funny because, this is Toronto, where the crowds are still today notoriously polite and quiet. I remember Dave Winfield having to call on the fans to make more noise when he was playing here in the early 90s for the Blue Jays.
  11. I'm a drummer and the ones I always keep going back to are: The Ocean TSRTS Stairway No Quarter Achilles Last Stand Trampled Underfoot
  12. Last week I got a pool table installed in my basement, ending about a 20-year drought of not owning one, and the first piece of artwork I put up was the Song Remains the Same poster I got with the DVD. Next I will be ordering the Zeppelin pool cue, which will look incredibly cool in the wall rack. Next will be the installation of a TV so I can put on the Zep DVD and TSRTS and hone my draw shot at the same time! Gotta get those Zep beer glasses too, now that I think of it. I'll just keep adding stuff...it's going to be fun.
  13. I have to go with Immigrant Song. The Ocean is probably second - it's my favourite one to drum along to.
  14. For me it's tough to beat Earl's Court or TSRTS, in the 12 minute-plus range. The studio version is beautiful, but I really only listen to the longer live versions, unless I stumble across the original on the radio. I pretty mush only listen to lve stuff now, come to think of it.
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