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  1. I don't think it's wrong to learn from tabs, I find them useful, and hopefully they are (cross your fingers)accurate. I always do what works for me even though someone else thinks you should do it this way. Merry Ho Ho all!!
  2. Sero

    The Reunion DVD

    I just heard on 97.7 hits fm that the O2 dvd is coming out. They said Zeppelin was aggressively removing all the You Tube clips. They didn't know when exactly it will be released...but it's coming
  3. I'm not denying his talent or abilities, but the band could of kept rolling on. The bands desire to play is a given, and reading some of the life changing reactions fans had that went to see them at O2, that would be all the motivation I needed. I hope your incorrect, I would love to hear a new album.
  4. I was sitting here thinking....why do bands pack it in after they lose a member? I know it is devastating to the band, and it really sucks that it happened, but shouldn't bands keep the spirit alive? Look at bands like Ac/Dc....what if they packed it in? I salute them for carrying on and guess what....people still love them. As in Zeppelin's case, they lost the drummer, (and what a drummer he was) but a drummer can be replaced a lot easier then a lead guitar or lead vocals could. I just hear the magic that was, is Zeppelin, and I think to myself why did they make and take that v
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