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  1. McCain needs to pick a super star for VP, and probably an unknown. Just somebody who has got the touch. They exist. But I think you are right. Good points of view.
  2. Hi Hermit. I wish you wouldn't have attacked me on the other thread. I wouldn't have revealed your identity otherwise. Hopefully you learn......
  3. Hillary is done, and I think she might be the VP. Obama's KISSASS speech tonight tells me something is going on................
  4. DRUNK

    Whisky Tread

    I haven't had whiskey in a long time. I can't drink it anymore. It's disgusting to me. The buzz can be excellent though. It is quite a special buzz, depending of course on the type. I tried to drink some several months ago. I poured a cup, took one sip, and poured it back in the bottle. Couldn't drink it. I used to drink Jack Daniel's a lot. It was one of my primary drinks, especially when going out. A few shots of Jack, plus Jack and cokes would be what I would drink.
  5. Natural Light: for the first time in like 10 years. I was searching for a lower calorie alternative, and I have to say, it it like carbonated water, which I like a lot. I was pleasantly surprised.
  6. Awww damn. I knew you were participating in Jihad, but I didn't think you would take it this far. Please don't do it!
  7. DRUNK

    TV ads

    The freeonlinecredit reports commercials with those horribly annoying songs are nearly driving me to violence.
  8. DRUNK

    Pet Peeves

    Ohhhhh, I hate this also. People expect to get tipped for everything, and then give you a dirty look when you don't. Like when I go to the grocery store, there are like 30 baggers sitting on a bench, bullshitting. Then, the two baggers bagging my stuff, are bullshitting, taking their time, and they do stuff like put a loaf of bread in with a melon. When I don't tip them, they look absolutely shocked. Then they try to push my cart to my vehicle. Apparently, a lot of people do this. But I am like "Is there anything about the way I look that makes you think I am going to tip you so you c
  9. Hey, we were talking about Obama's wife.
  10. Well, yes they need to be addressed, but in what way? The progress over the last 50 years looks like we are going in the right direction. I don't think now is the time to make it such an issue again. If you remind people of the problem, then it is going stay a problem. Racism is one of those things that just needs to slowly phase out, and that it what is happening. Nothing is going to unite America. That's a false idea. People from a culture are naturally going to gravitate towards their own culture. It's what they feel comfortable with, and it is a preference. But back
  11. DRUNK

    Pet Peeves

    Got to let them live and learn. The problem nowadays is parents trying to prevent every little possible thing that might go wrong for their kids, and we are raising a generation of spoiled, worthless individuals.
  12. Uh, there is nothing about this woman that makes me think she will be redecorating and baking cookies. She seems like a Hillary Clinton with a racial agenda.
  13. I've been reading about this today, and I think this is legit. If the tape exists, it won't be released until after Obama gets the nomination. As soon as he gets it, he's going to be toast. The reason why Hillary is sticking around is because she is hoping this tape comes out just in time to save herself, but I don't know if it will. The advantage of releasing the tape now would be that the Republicans who don't like Mcain can take their chances with Hillary is she becomes the nominee. Of course, the Obama's seem to have known this sort of thing exists, with one example being
  14. And there in Europe, your continent is being taken over and destroyed by immigrants, most of which happen to be Muslim. Abusing your social systems which you pay for through your extremely high taxes. How does it male you feel when one of the largest Mosque's in Europe, is being constructed in Munich, an ancient Christian city? I don't know about you, but when I visit Munich, I don't want to see massive Mosque minarets and Islamic mosque messages erupting through amplified speakers for everyone to hear. How do you like walking through places in Germany and feeling like you are wa
  15. Hey buddy, I'm here to have some casual discussion. I'm not here to write research papers. I think that it should be well understood that the harshness of the world creates stronger people. Survival of the fittest! It's real.
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