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  1. DRUNK

    Whisky Tread

    I haven't had whiskey in a long time. I can't drink it anymore. It's disgusting to me. The buzz can be excellent though. It is quite a special buzz, depending of course on the type. I tried to drink some several months ago. I poured a cup, took one sip, and poured it back in the bottle. Couldn't drink it. I used to drink Jack Daniel's a lot. It was one of my primary drinks, especially when going out. A few shots of Jack, plus Jack and cokes would be what I would drink.
  2. Well, these songs are quite different from what you would expect. I think Oh My God is really special. Listen to it a few times. It might sink in.
  3. Go on youtube and so a search for: Catcher In The Rye IRS TWAT Better Chinese Democracy Oh My God Silkworms Madagascar
  4. Global warming might very well be a load of BS, but we should still do what we can to "stop it". The efforts trying to prevent it will only benefit the earth. The usual things associated as causes of global warming damage the environment even if they don't actually contribute to the warming of the planet. Ultimately, the "global warming prevention" way of living is an advancement that we will take eventually, so why not start doing it now?
  5. Bullshit. There is wayyyy more oil than anyone will admit. If the general public actually knew how much oil was available, they would never stand for the high prices. Say something is limited, and people will believe it's valuable. There are oceans of oil under the surface, all over the world.
  6. What is it man? I'm curious. As fas as I go, I am getting closer and closer to being done. Unfortunately, most of you will see the DRUNK for last time in the upcoming months.
  7. Sorry, I have seen every interview. I know I am correct.
  8. You haven't seen ANY interview saying that, because I have read every interview this guys has done, and I don't recall that. There have been several mentions of reunions over the years, and of course Tommy's loyalty has been Guns n Roses, whether they were serious mentions or not.
  9. So Duff "the drunk's" opinion is what Stinson thinks? There has never been any evidence that he has done this for the money. He's been in GNR for nearly 10 years. He has been recognized as a major contributor to the band. More than enough articles and interviews out there showing this guy's loyalty to the band, and vice versa. So, let's stop this talk about him just doing for the money, because it's not true.
  10. Provide that quote. You can't, because it doesn't exist.
  11. Uh well, you already did! Ms. Plant? Did she not? note to self: ok, ok, I must refrain and remember I dealing with the mentally handicapped......
  12. What we've got here, is people trying to get other people they know, to come into a situation, agree with them, with the intention of having a potential impact. That really is quite obvious and lame.
  13. As I have proven before, and as you always prove, you aren't knowledgeable at all. You regularly recite bullshit from stuff like GNR's Behind The The Music, and various other trash. I have already dealt with you, and I'm not interested in dealing with it anymore, so how about you stop trying to talk to me. You one or more of 3 kinds of people: 1. You are the guy who acts like this in public, pisses the wrong motherfucker off, and gets his ass beat the fuck down. 2. Or you are the lonely little dude sitting behind his computer, talking a big bunch of shit, knowing he'll never suffer the consequences. 3. You are legally handicapped, and people put up with you because they feel sorry for you, or because it is wrong to fuck with a handicapped person. Now, stop talking. I can't tolerate your stupidity anymore
  14. 1. I am on no "windup" and I am not "angry", so if that is what you're interpreting, then you are wrong. I suggest a closer analysis of the others' posts in this thread. You seem to be confused or biased. 2. An artist's job is not to "deliver" to the fans. An artist's job is to make music he is satisfied with, that he wants to perform, and that he can comfortably put his name on. This isn't about the fans. It's about a personal mission to accomplish what the person wants to accomplish. Axl Rose doesn't owe us anything. It's our choice to take an interest and be fans. Now in regards to this thread: these are not "concerned fans" who feel "let down" by Axl Rose. The other two people in this thread are relentless GNR basher's who are ignorant, misinformed, have a severe lack of knowledge, and have a consistent agenda. They have continually bashed Axl Rose at every opportunity on this message board. As I said before, if you aren't a fan, stay the fuck out.
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