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  1. I didn't hear it as a mistake. It felt more like a variation. Robert did that a lot when he sang Black Dog with Strange Sensation. Just my 2 cents (I was at the O2), and I might be wrong. What do other people on these boards think ?
  2. Thanks to YOU Steve, for all the information you're sharing with us day after day. A pleasure to read you everytime.
  3. What a beautiful song. They also played it on February 13 at the Budokan, Tokyo. I uploaded the whole clip (from yet another wonderful 3d eye dvd) at the following adress : http://www.dailymotion.com/JoeCh1p/video/7589311 My favourite version ever was played 2 days later in Osaka. It almost brings me to tears everytime I listen to it.
  4. Still wearing mine, and not planning to remove it anytime soon.
  5. On the tube coming back from the O2 last monday, I spotted this lovely Zoso tattoo on the wrist of a beautiful young woman. She told me she had it done a few weeks ago.
  6. My first post on these boards.... This whole trip turned out to be very expensive, but was worth every penny/euro/buck. Actually, I would have paid many times that to be there, in spite of my very low income. a) Cost of tickets : I bought a passcode for £90/$180 on ebay the day after the first ballot (in spite of Harvey Goldsmith annoucements that passcode buyers would not be allowed at the gig. I really wanted to see the gig and decided to try anyway. I bet he was bluffing; I won). I then paid £280/$560 for two tickets. b ) Who did you take : My twin brother. We began to listen to LZ t
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