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  1. Yeah there was a guy on ebay selling audience recorded bootlegs from like Yugoslavia for some ungodly amount of money on ebay. Way more than the $26 amazon charged me to preorder the deluxe cd/blu ray/dvd combo!
  2. Not in one commute obviously. But I have about an hour drive each way so I can get through the catalog in about a week. Every few years I go through a phase where I do that sort of thing in the car...
  3. Carouselambra and a lot of the 80s sounding stuff like Ozone Baby off of Coda. Although Carouselambrahas that big thick guitar part in the middle for anyone brave enough to make it that far. I always thought In The evening was lazy songwriting too.
  4. I went to the 6:30 showing at the Midtown Art Theater in Atlanta, GA last week. It was awesome! I called the next day and asked about the 27x40 theater poster and they still had it so I snagged it the next day! My buddy who went the same night to a seperate theater couldn't manage to get a theater poster from anyone since they'd all been accounted for... he wanted to trade me some other music stuff for the poster but no way am I giving it up! Here she is hanging in the theater...first thing I saw when I walked in: And in the back of my car! lol
  5. I've heard audience recordings of the show...but didn't know if some sort of instant live exsisted?
  6. This is incorrect;) First off, AD200B's are bass heads. Secondly, from the closeup shots of the 2 Orange amps on the left hand side you can clearly tell that they are single channel AD30 heads. In fact Page has used AD30s a lot over the past several years. AD30s are now out of production PCB heads with an EL84 power section and two preamp tubes. I owned an AD30r combo and it was one hell of a great amp. The Orange amps on the far right are Orange Custom Shop 50 watt heads. Orange "made" two Custom Shop models: the AD50 which is a lot like the standard AD amps with the addition of a built in lead boost and 2 EL34s and the Retro 50 which is essentially the same amp with a more vintage Orange sound. Although there is no confirmation from anyone I've talked to -- the word is that Page uses Retro 50s. I'd have to see a closer picture to confirm this...although it kind of makes sense since they offer an "Orange" sound with a slight tonal variation over the AD 30s he had on stage. I've posted this information on the Orangeamps.com/forum and I'll link the thread here that lays everything out somewhere on pages 1 and 3: http://www.orangeamps.com/forumtest/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=21605 It's also worth noting that the Orange/Matamps that Page used in the past (circa The Song Remains The Same) were only used for his Therimen. After thinking about this it kind of makes sense since Orange/Matamps were some of the first amps to really employ an effects loop -- which would be perfect for using delays;)
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