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  1. Absolutely fantastic live CD that they did Great Zeppelin: Tribute to Led Zeppelin The best covers I have ever heard. Absolutely incredible. Close your eyes and listen to All of My Love off this CD for starters. Enjoy!
  2. First no one needs to open BUT if it was my choice 1) Van Halen (with David Lee Roth) because it is my other favorite band 2) Heart -a great compliment and would fit well 3) Aerosmith 4) Rush 5) UFO-starting to really like this idea. Give UFO the chance of their careers! 6) Queen with Paul Rodgers Just a wish list but wanted to play along!
  3. Hello Everybody Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the Coverdale/Page DVD Live in Osaka 1993??? I have been looking forever Any help would be appreciated!!! Zeppelin in 2008 and beyond!
  4. Steve-Thanks for the quick response. Has there been any interviews done with anyone associated with the band?
  5. Has anyone heard or seen any interviews done by Page Plant or Jones after the O2 show was done? I have been searching and searching but so far just found a small interview with Jason so far Can everyone let me know what they have seen so far?
  6. IT would be the ultimate dream of so many fans I won the lottery but did not purchase my tickets because of my daughters birthday That will haunt me for the rest of my life
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