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  1. Yes - Close to the Edge Stevie Wonder - Innervisions
  2. I thought this was going to be about the maple bats in the MLB. Either way, that lawsuit is ridiculous. Getting hit in the face with a batted ball cannot be a pleasant expirience, but this case is just another example of how dependent on lawsuits we have become.
  3. Neil Young - Zuma The Black Keys - Attack and Release
  4. Cubs win! Cubs win! I was at the game today, hell of a bottom of the 7th.
  5. Cabrera was a good lock up for them in terms of offense, his defense has suffered recently becuase he hasn't been in shape (for a 3B) for a few seasons.
  6. That's good news, I was thinking about buying this one. I've been on a mid-70's Dylan kick for a while after I first heard an "Idiot Wind" from one of the Hard Rain shows that blew my mind.
  7. Custard Pie usually elicits a laugh or two. One of the most thinly veiled of all songs about eating things of that nature.
  8. Rubber Factory is great, just some raw blues and rock. They pull off the "just guitar and drums" thing really well.
  9. Yeah, it's my first one. I'm thinking Magic Potion, for the next one.
  10. The Black Keys- Rubber Factory The Police - Outlandos d'Amour, finally a hard copy A Jeff Beck boot
  11. I'll definately review the parks afterwards. The places you listed are pretty much the trip, minus Washington and Detroit, plus the two Chicago parks (which I would have been to anyway.) We were going to plan it ourseleves, but realized it would probably be easier just to pay and have someone else worry about all the details. All we have to do is show up at the right places at the right times. Now comes the task of getting a job to pay for the remaining $1545.
  12. Anybody ever take one of those Jay Buckley Baseball tours? A couple of my friends and I are are taking one after we graduate high school in the summer, it should be cool. 10 ballparks in 11 days, plus Cooperstown and tours of NYC and Pittsburgh, and a tour of Fenway.
  13. Yeah, I'm looking forward to giving it a good listen. I need Time Fades Away to complete the Ditch Trilogy, but it's tough to find.
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