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  1. Yes - Close to the Edge Stevie Wonder - Innervisions
  2. Neil Young - Zuma The Black Keys - Attack and Release
  3. That's good news, I was thinking about buying this one. I've been on a mid-70's Dylan kick for a while after I first heard an "Idiot Wind" from one of the Hard Rain shows that blew my mind.
  4. Rubber Factory is great, just some raw blues and rock. They pull off the "just guitar and drums" thing really well.
  5. Yeah, it's my first one. I'm thinking Magic Potion, for the next one.
  6. The Black Keys- Rubber Factory The Police - Outlandos d'Amour, finally a hard copy A Jeff Beck boot
  7. Yeah, I'm looking forward to giving it a good listen. I need Time Fades Away to complete the Ditch Trilogy, but it's tough to find.
  8. I bet there's a good story to go with this. I've always wanted to get banned from something, just so I could tell the story later. As far as terrible bands go, I would have to agree with most of the posts here.
  9. I just got home from this, too. I thought it was good, although the camerawork gave me a headache.
  10. Long Train Running - Doobie Brothers
  11. Thunder Road - Bruce Springsteen
  12. Thunder on the Mountain - Bob Dylan
  13. Killer story, Chicago, thanks for sharing. Kinda gave me an idea of what it would be like to be there at the madhouse with Led Zep right in front of me. Alas, born too late.
  14. Going to a party, I'm scared to death of the drunk drivers though.
  15. My friend and I are thinking of road trippin' up to Toronto in the summer, after graduation. Anyone have suggestions of stuff in the area to do or anything? I've only been up there once for a few days.
  16. ...featuring Jason Bonham I watched "Live Free or Die Hard" last week, thats about it for flicks lately
  17. Live at the Fillmore 1970 - Neil Young and Crazy Horse Chrome Dreams II - Neil Young London Calling - The Clash
  18. Saw them at Wrigley Field over the summer, good show. Stuart Copeland is sick.
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