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  1. favorite Song, Album cover, Album itself as a whole, Who is your favorite member, Favorite live performance? Song - Dazed and Confused Album cover - Houses of the Holy Album - Led Zeppelin I Member - Jimmy Page Live performance - Dazed and Confused
  2. I think they're both brilliant, although Led Zeppelin I was always my favourite, out of the whole catalogue.
  3. Hmm, you guys are stereotyping technical guitarists. You're saying they have no soul or emotion and they just play sped-up complex scales. The people you've chosen to "represent" this are possibly the worst examples of a technical guitarist (Malmsteem, Vai, Satch etc.) There are many tech. guitar players who are more focussed on writing beautiful melodies and making their music sound good. Here's an example of what I mean - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgrACYkXFqY. He plays with excitement and has brilliant phrasing. One of the things you have to understand is, that to be a musician you have to know your craft. You need to learn music theory and learn to apply it to your playing. There's a reason why guitarists are so looked down upon by the rest of the musician community. It's because there are so many talentless guitar players who can barely play anything besides the major triad chords who make more money in a month than an amazing Jazz saxophone player. Of course, nothing at all against Jimmy Page. I like his (and other similar players') playing alot more than the kind of players I mentioned. Just trying to clear up some of the stereotypes.
  4. I got him a guitar tutor book called Play guitar with Led Zeppelin!
  5. You know, Zeppelin could be referred to as a "hippie jam band" too... Imho, ability to jam is one of the best qualities of a musician.
  6. Tyr is a good band too. If you're looking for more melodic Folk Metal with clean vocals, try Eluveitie. I haven't listened to much of them, but I believe the singer is a female.
  7. I - Dazed and Confused/Babe I'm Gonna Leave You II - Whole Lotta Love/What Is and What Should Never Be III - Since I've Been Loving You/That's the Way IV - Stairway to Heaven/Misty Mountain Hop HOTH - Dancing Days/No Quarter PG - Trampled Under Foot/In My Time of Dying P - Achilles Last Stand/Tea For One ITTOD - Carouselambra/In the Evening Coda - I Can't Quit You Baby/We're Gonna Groove
  8. Hmm.. believe it or not, coming from a young person, most young people today do, in fact, listen to the music on its own. I don't know where you got the idea that we only listen to music through video games... Although the part about MP3s is true. I myself, only buy CDs - the hard copy. If I can't find the CD in the store, I don't download it, I order it. Although, I'm one of the very few who do that. There are so many kids who illegally download their music, and speak openly about it. It's disgraceful. To be honest, I think it would have been much better for the music industry, and for music itself, if we never made the change from vinyl to compact disk.
  9. Look no further than Ensiferum! http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=ugt-iDHXrkc
  10. You can always tell if someone is a Zeppelin elitist if they bash or hate Stairway. They seem to think that because it's the song everyone knows, it means the song is some overrated piece of pop trash or something. Either that, or they hate it because Robert dislikes it. He doesn't hate it, he just gets tired of singing it. Of course it's a masterpiece. In my opinion, the greatest song of the 20th Century, and it still beats most of the trash put out nowadays. These people just dont seem to have the logic to understand that it IS a masterpiece, therefore it's a good song, therefore it's popular.
  11. I think I heard the guy laughing
  12. Jimmy Page is my God. I conduct daily rituals to worship him.
  13. Nothing. For me, Pink Floyd comes close, but Led Zeppelin shall always prevail!
  14. They're both in Cminor.. and structured similarly. I prefer SIBLY though, tbh. But I still love TFO for its intensity.
  15. Whole Lotta Love. It's the most heavy, driving riff EVAR
  16. Dear Robert Plant, Just WHY don't you want to tour with the rest of Zeppelin? I can understand that you're just tired of touring or something, but is there a deeper reason perhaps?
  17. Let me put it simply: Led Zeppelin were Bluesmen.
  18. DVD but HTWWW is a very close second.
  19. There was this pr0n movie I saw at Civic Video called Black Dog.
  20. Blues has more feel to it. Blues was all about "letting out the blues..", while Rock is just a style of music. There are differences in the way they're played. I think Page was more of a Blues guitarist when Zeppelin formed, but slowly his style of soloing changed through the years.
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