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  1. Levee was a thoughtful and generous person to talk to. Always offering his kind words and support. He'd find a way to bond with us over our favourite bands, listening to a ton of albums as much as he listened to Led Zeppelin! Can't believe it's been a little over 10 years since I first joined this place and Levee's humour was always a daily pleasure to have when I posted quite often after. So many great memories and conversations. RIP and thank you.
  2. Mine too, mine too. I guess it's therapeutic........ Aerosmith: You know a store that still sells puffy Reeboks No, but I do know a store that sells puffy Adidas Supstar II's! The Who: You own a Goldwing with a baby-changing station Someday, most likely. The Rolling Stones: You own three cars and no stereo Correction: I own three stereos and no cars! The Beatles: You can do exactly 1.5 pull-ups Aint that the truth! Rush: You carry a small flashlight everywhere, and use it at least three times a day
  3. As frustrated as I am with my Habs (I know it could be worse... those damn Oilers!), I've been following the World Juniors and we are in for a treat on Tuesday. Team Canada plays the U.S. for Gold and I have a feeling it's going to be a very close one. Team USA's on fire, while Canada sort of stumbled in, but with home ice advantage (as always), it'll still be a challenge. I had a feeling that Canada could take this with a couple goals, but with our hardest working player and best penalty killer out. This could go to a overtime/shootout with either team for the Gold. That's how I see it fr
  4. I bought Star Trek on Blu-Ray today and it was totally worth the purchase. The bonus content has a lot of featuretes about how the movie was made, hilarious bloopers, deleted/extended scenes, which were good to watch as the movie (guess they took 'em out for time) and a ship navigation feature exclusively on Blu-Ray. You can freely explore the bridge and halls of the Enterprise. As for the movie itself; Not only do I think this is the best Star Trek movie (with all due respect to Wrath of Khan), but it's one of the best Sci-Fi movies out there along with Star Wars, Blade Runner and Alien. T
  5. As tempting as the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin are for getting my vote, I accidentally clicked on The Who..... Opps! Not that it'll make a huge difference anyways, and it's only a silly poll. Not a popularity contest.
  6. I saw a lot of potential when I watched them play Montreal at the beginning of the season, nearly fifty shots that lead to a loss in a very close ot game. After writing that since then, I feel like I was completely talking out of my ass. I should be the new cheerleader for Hockey Night in Canada (look out Grapes! ) I don't know what to say about their goaltending situation, it's quite a fiasco. Their D-men need to stay out of the box and here's to hoping that Kessel can turn things around when he's %100.
  7. I am very excited! I'm going to Rexall Place to watch my Habs play against the Oilers! It's my first NHL game too, I'm going to have so much fun. Hopefuly they'll keep it together and play a much better game than against the Vancouver Canucks.
  8. the street is cold, the dawn is grey my heart says no but my head says stay my work is finished, or so I've been told can't part the three of us, once we got a hold I forgot the name I took a shot on the chin I'm rearranging my game tell by the shape I'm in in line of fire, you know what to say they gave us no choices, just one shade of grey my legs keep movin', I don't seem to stray but I know each step we take, they're one step away I found the secret, the key to the vault we walked in darkness, kept hittin' the walls I took the time, to feel for the door
  9. The Game my Habs had against the Flames last night was probably the best they played so far, too bad they didn't win it. Hopefuly they'll bring that back tonight against the Canucks, especially with their home boy, Carey Price in net!
  10. Although I'm a Habs fan, I like your name. It's very close to home.

    Happy Birthday!!!

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