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  1. Levee was a thoughtful and generous person to talk to. Always offering his kind words and support. He'd find a way to bond with us over our favourite bands, listening to a ton of albums as much as he listened to Led Zeppelin! Can't believe it's been a little over 10 years since I first joined this place and Levee's humour was always a daily pleasure to have when I posted quite often after. So many great memories and conversations. RIP and thank you.
  2. Mine too, mine too. I guess it's therapeutic........ Aerosmith: You know a store that still sells puffy Reeboks No, but I do know a store that sells puffy Adidas Supstar II's! The Who: You own a Goldwing with a baby-changing station Someday, most likely. The Rolling Stones: You own three cars and no stereo Correction: I own three stereos and no cars! The Beatles: You can do exactly 1.5 pull-ups Aint that the truth! Rush: You carry a small flashlight everywhere, and use it at least three times a day
  3. At least you'll have something good and ready for a midnight snack.
  4. As frustrated as I am with my Habs (I know it could be worse... those damn Oilers!), I've been following the World Juniors and we are in for a treat on Tuesday. Team Canada plays the U.S. for Gold and I have a feeling it's going to be a very close one. Team USA's on fire, while Canada sort of stumbled in, but with home ice advantage (as always), it'll still be a challenge. I had a feeling that Canada could take this with a couple goals, but with our hardest working player and best penalty killer out. This could go to a overtime/shootout with either team for the Gold. That's how I see it from the way things look on paper, and judging from their New Years Eve match up. Other than that..... GO CANADA GO!
  5. I bought Star Trek on Blu-Ray today and it was totally worth the purchase. The bonus content has a lot of featuretes about how the movie was made, hilarious bloopers, deleted/extended scenes, which were good to watch as the movie (guess they took 'em out for time) and a ship navigation feature exclusively on Blu-Ray. You can freely explore the bridge and halls of the Enterprise. As for the movie itself; Not only do I think this is the best Star Trek movie (with all due respect to Wrath of Khan), but it's one of the best Sci-Fi movies out there along with Star Wars, Blade Runner and Alien. The visual effects, the gripping chemistry of the crew, the enticing plot made it as great as Star Trek once was back in the '60s. With the crisp picture, astounding colours and it's booming audio of Blu-Ray, it really made this breathtaking experience as good as when I saw it on the big screen last May.
  6. As tempting as the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin are for getting my vote, I accidentally clicked on The Who..... Opps! Not that it'll make a huge difference anyways, and it's only a silly poll. Not a popularity contest.
  7. I saw a lot of potential when I watched them play Montreal at the beginning of the season, nearly fifty shots that lead to a loss in a very close ot game. After writing that since then, I feel like I was completely talking out of my ass. I should be the new cheerleader for Hockey Night in Canada (look out Grapes! ) I don't know what to say about their goaltending situation, it's quite a fiasco. Their D-men need to stay out of the box and here's to hoping that Kessel can turn things around when he's %100.
  8. I am very excited! I'm going to Rexall Place to watch my Habs play against the Oilers! It's my first NHL game too, I'm going to have so much fun. Hopefuly they'll keep it together and play a much better game than against the Vancouver Canucks.
  9. the street is cold, the dawn is grey my heart says no but my head says stay my work is finished, or so I've been told can't part the three of us, once we got a hold I forgot the name I took a shot on the chin I'm rearranging my game tell by the shape I'm in in line of fire, you know what to say they gave us no choices, just one shade of grey my legs keep movin', I don't seem to stray but I know each step we take, they're one step away I found the secret, the key to the vault we walked in darkness, kept hittin' the walls I took the time, to feel for the door I found the secret, the key to it all I got the Nouveauree and dragged it home to bed I traded you for me I took it all and said I find my own fun, sometimes for free I got to pay it to come lookin' for me walkin' on Gucci, wearin' Yves St. Laurent barely stay on cause I'm so God damn gaunt
  10. The Game my Habs had against the Flames last night was probably the best they played so far, too bad they didn't win it. Hopefuly they'll bring that back tonight against the Canucks, especially with their home boy, Carey Price in net!
  11. Although I'm a Habs fan, I like your name. It's very close to home.

    Happy Birthday!!!

  12. I like reading this very much! I love the team they have and if they work hard enough, they can be more than a suprise in the West. The close game against Calgary was something that I loved watching and I hope to see more of that from them this year. Colorado's rookie, Matt Duchene, was insane on his first game. That kid has great determination. He might just be hard to beat for the Calder this year.
  13. My team was a major embarrassment last year! I also watched them struggle and missed the playoffs four times between '99 and '03 (while nearly finishing last in the Conference). I definately know what it's like on the other side. It's only the start of the season, with only eighty more games to go between the both of us. My Habs tanked the last few years after good starts, so I'm embracing this as long as they keep it up. I see a lot of potnential in the Leafs, Ron Wilson has a great knack for developing young players and Burke's a very solid GM. He can turn around teams very well. They can be a very strong contender within the next couple years as long as they draft smart and don't trade away their young guys (speaking of Burke and Draft picks, the trade he made for Kessel? wtf?!). I think the Maple Leafs are a darkhorse this year if Kessel can make an impact on their scoring, Gustavsson starts out solid between the pipes and if Komisarek can stay out of that frickin' penalty box!
  14. It's definately one of my most favourite pics for sure. An image I idolized growing up as well! lol

  15. My Canadiens barely came out with a win OT tonight, the Habs were able to keep keep themselves together without Markov and the Sabres outplayed them within the first 30 minutes. The big guys were there whenever Buffalo were roughing up our first (and small) line. Moen was able to (controversially?) tie it and they held out till OT. The Canadiens took quite a few bad penalties and struggled quite a bit when they were on the powerplay as well. Things aren't looking so good for the team now with O'Byrne and Metropolit out. They also need to work on their passing and for the defense, their puck movement isn't as good as it should be. Brian Gionta had amazing hand/eye co-ordination with his goal in OT though, he was able to bat it in the net after Scott Gomez shot it off the boards. With that pretty much said, I'm very happy that the Habs came out with a win tonight against the Sabres in OT and Carey Price really kept us in it, the kid made over 80 stops in the last two games and he is very hot right now. I hope he's able to keep it up with their western road trip next week, I can't wait to watch him next Saturday when they stop in Edmonton!
  16. I just read that Habs main D-Man Andrei Markov, will be out four months with a torn tendon and is expected to be back after the Olympic Break... CRAP!
  17. That is a bizzare experience, but it's good to see that he came forward with it in such a professional manner as awkward and embarrassing as it can be.
  18. It's hard to imagine that Kolzig (one of the classiest guys in Hockey) used to be one of the meanest to play against early in his career, earning his nickname 'Godzilla'. It's a shame that he never played with the Caps as deadly as they are now, but he had some good years (takin' them to the finals in '98 and his Vezina year back in 2000). As for my Canadiens, it's great to see 'em pop off the season with a win. Toronto came on strong, but Price kept us in it! The way those people (I'm not calling them Habs fans) booed him during our playoff exit last year, we don't even deserve a goalie as good as him and he really proved those losers wrong tonight. If his goaltending is as strong in the next two weeks when they finally play at home, I hope the fans the the Bell Centre give him an ovation. I'm going to see Price and the rest of the Habs when they come down to Edmonton to play the Oilers next week. I'm very excited, I never been to a Hockey game before! Can't wait!
  19. Traded to Hamilton perhaps? "Wayne Gretzky resigned as head coach of the Hockey team Phoenix Coyotes yesterday, which lead to many people in Phoenix saying; "We have a Hockey team?" - Jimmy Fallon Cherry can say whatever he wants about Gretzky, but I really do believe he left the team on terms that suited the best interests for the both of them. Wayne was never really given much to work with in the past eight years anyways, but took on the challenge with hopes of rebuilding this team and I think he had gave it all that he was worth. He took all the blows (scandals and all) head on and still remained the classy guy he is, his reputation from all of this has taken quite a hard hit. He deserves to work with a great franchise if that was his choice, the NHL owes him that. Bettman's days as Commishiner are probably numbered anyways and if the sale does go on in Hamilton's favor, he should be fired. He made the NHL a joke long enough. Amidst talk of the whole Phoenix ordeal and this years Leafs, I will proudly say; GO HABS GO!!!
  20. As am I! Because of the terrible hours I was working earlier this year, I did miss most of the fifth season. I finally caught a few episodes at the end and honestly I finally thought for the first time "What the Hell's going on?" Now that I look back at the season, I really do wonder what the Hell happened. I very much look forward to the Fifth Season DVD now, which will definately make the wait for the final season much, much more easier.
  21. Very snazzy bro! You have great style and class. The Star Trek DVD Collection caught my eye before everything else.
  22. John Tavares will make his exhibition debut with the Isle's against my home boys, the Oilers tonight.
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