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  1. I bought Star Trek on Blu-Ray today and it was totally worth the purchase. The bonus content has a lot of featuretes about how the movie was made, hilarious bloopers, deleted/extended scenes, which were good to watch as the movie (guess they took 'em out for time) and a ship navigation feature exclusively on Blu-Ray. You can freely explore the bridge and halls of the Enterprise. As for the movie itself; Not only do I think this is the best Star Trek movie (with all due respect to Wrath of Khan), but it's one of the best Sci-Fi movies out there along with Star Wars, Blade Runner and Alien. The visual effects, the gripping chemistry of the crew, the enticing plot made it as great as Star Trek once was back in the '60s. With the crisp picture, astounding colours and it's booming audio of Blu-Ray, it really made this breathtaking experience as good as when I saw it on the big screen last May.
  2. the street is cold, the dawn is grey my heart says no but my head says stay my work is finished, or so I've been told can't part the three of us, once we got a hold I forgot the name I took a shot on the chin I'm rearranging my game tell by the shape I'm in in line of fire, you know what to say they gave us no choices, just one shade of grey my legs keep movin', I don't seem to stray but I know each step we take, they're one step away I found the secret, the key to the vault we walked in darkness, kept hittin' the walls I took the time, to feel for the door I found the secret, the key to it all I got the Nouveauree and dragged it home to bed I traded you for me I took it all and said I find my own fun, sometimes for free I got to pay it to come lookin' for me walkin' on Gucci, wearin' Yves St. Laurent barely stay on cause I'm so God damn gaunt
  3. Although I'm a Habs fan, I like your name. It's very close to home.

    Happy Birthday!!!

  4. It's definately one of my most favourite pics for sure. An image I idolized growing up as well! lol

  5. As am I! Because of the terrible hours I was working earlier this year, I did miss most of the fifth season. I finally caught a few episodes at the end and honestly I finally thought for the first time "What the Hell's going on?" Now that I look back at the season, I really do wonder what the Hell happened. I very much look forward to the Fifth Season DVD now, which will definately make the wait for the final season much, much more easier.
  6. Very snazzy bro! You have great style and class. The Star Trek DVD Collection caught my eye before everything else.
  7. Very beautiful picture, Aqua! I'll just post this random one of myself while I'm at it!
  8. Great pics everyone! The parade looks great, doc! It's been a long while since I posted pics and I'm just going to throw a couple out there.
  9. Great to see ya'! Fedora+On The Beach= Pure Class
  10. DN! I want that hat, it's so cool!!! Very cool axe, Swede. I would be proud of it as well. Ethan, I am very envious of your hair. My hair used to be long as yours. I got myself a new winter coat, so I'll look sharp for those long cold winter days... I took this on Monday morning before I had to work, that's why I look so damn tired.
  11. They released the trailer online today and I'm totally geeking out!!! *!Click!*
  12. Very beautiful pic, noora. You have such a wonderful smile, I dig your sig btw. This is me... with a hairut.
  13. Great pics everyone! Helping my Dad clean out the garage last week, I stumbled upon this... This was my very first rock band tee. My Mom bought it for me from a thrift store, I was 15 going to be sixteen at the time. I wore it for over a year until I grew out of it (wearing this tee literally cutted off all of my circulation while taking this pic )
  14. I think it's the hair that doesn't really suit Chekov, but I'm going by the performance instead of appearence as well. Zachary Quinto and Simon Pegg look great for the part, especially Karl Urban (McCoy) having his arms crossed in that shot. Hopefully the cast nailed their posture as well, because Pine looks great in the captains chair, very Kirk-esque. The only thing that looks traditional on the bridge is the lamps (sitting by the red-dressed girl whos fate is pretty predictable. ) and the red rails surounding the bridge. We'll see more when the trailer comes out next month and hopefully there's more good things to say. Wow! Thanks for posting these, those are great pics. Are those displays still up in the science musuem? That would be very cool to see.
  15. Paramount released pics from the new film to hype up their trailer that's coming out next month.
  16. With a special centennial Hockey team in the NHL 09 video game, a limited edition Habs version of Monopoly, a motion picture based on the franchise and now this? I feel very spoiled! ... and Go Habs Go!
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