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  1. Yes, is it also listed as 1980 on RogerBerlin's website http://rogerberlin.de/volume1980.php
  2. I have bought the Alexis Korner - Every Day I Have The Blues - The Sixties Anthology 3CD set. It contains much richer Stereo versions of Operator (not just flat centered Mono as on '66 to Timbuktu') and Steal Away and here is the passage from the liner notes of the short period with Robert Plant:
  3. No. This is the same 12CD box just photographed from above.
  4. From which magazine issue is the above stage shot (that with the green lights)?
  5. Yes, even if they were worse a combination of Gerrard Street 1968 and final rehearsal 1980 would be the true 'Alpha & Omega' of Led Zeppelin. The same would be Gladsaxe 7th September 1968 and Berlin 7th July 1980. The latter we already have.
  6. For live recordings: the very first appearance as New Yardbirds at the school in Gladsaxe. And (ok, not a real concert recordings but): the very, very first rehearsal at Gerrard Street 68 plus the very, very last rehearsal 80 before tragical death of JB.
  7. Release announced for this Saturday, 8th Feb
  8. 👍👍👍 Thank you so much. Exactly what I was looking for
  9. I am looking for one specific historical snapshot of an airship at nightly sky but can't find it anywhere in the net. Ok, it's not the band Led Zeppelin but Tarantura used it for the their old 'Groove' title and if I remember right, Sam also used it in a Flash animation for the ledzeppelin.com website many, many years ago. So... the connection was there. Maybe someone have it in good quality? Thank you very much.
  10. Moonchild is surely a sub label or side label of Empress and was maybe just installed to release Fan-Remasters like Winston's works to provide them on silver discs at low costs (or even maybe just for fun). I can also imagine that Moonchild is a kind of 'revenge' (e.g. they cloned some Godfather titles which copied and remastered many soundboards that were previously provided by EV only). It also seems that Moonchild can be used as tool to knock out other currently active labels because Moonchild releases are always cheaper than others. So far, so good. But what I don't understand is: if there is a direct relationship with EV why are they cloning themselves? According to bootledz.com Rock Carnival, Knebworth or Bonzo's Birthday Party are direct clones of EV's original discs.
  11. Then maybe the several volumes of Robert Godwin's 'Illustrated Collectors Guide To Led Zeppelin' should be the right literature for you.
  12. No. These are 3 (of 6) different Black Dog CD singles / teasers.
  13. That CD is from Salt Lake City, 5-26-1973 http://www.zeppelinart.com/browse.asp?dir=1973%2F1973-05-26+salt+lake+city%2Funidentified+live+(celebration)
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