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  1. Soccerzubs

    Led Zeppelin #1 In Hall of Fame

    Anyplace that calls them heavy metal doesn't receive my approval. They were much much more than heavy metal and even with the added description it does no justice.
  2. Soccerzubs

    Four sticks bonzo drumming

    This song is anything but a filler. It is one of my favorites and the beat and rhythm is so catchy I could hum it all day long. This and songs like The Rover is what sets them apart from other bands. The fact that they would try new and innovative things like this and succeed is just breathtaking.
  3. Soccerzubs

    Name 1 Bad Zeppelin Song

    He can't even spell Zeppelin, not worth our time, better spent listening to Zeppelin.
  4. Soccerzubs

    Jimmy Page: Whole lotta talent

    Even while watching this movie I happened notice and point this part out. This had to be one of the highlights of the movie. And even though he did not really say anything, it is still nice to see him and know he is alive and kicking.
  5. hey did you ever take the screen shots of Jimmy in the tinsel stars outfit from MSG 73 I would like to know how to take screen shots

  6. Soccerzubs

    Need Led Zeppelin Fan/ Wikipedia Editor

    This is extremely true. As a young fan I would lash out at people who had never heard or didn't like them and I thought to myself, "what the hell is wrong with these people?" But as time goes by you learn to just accept it and move on. I know they are the Greatest Band Ever and you do too, and that's all that really matters. I was sitting in my friend's car (he listens to rap) and he had some random radio station on and someone had called in and the DJ made a joke about her friend being "Dazed and Confused" of course being a Zeppelin fan I jumped on the sound of those words, but the caller of course said, "what?" and had a dumb founded tone in her voice. It just goes to show more people listen to Zeppelin then you think and if they don't then hell, they are missing out.
  7. Soccerzubs

    When did Led Zep Jump the Shark?

    PG is good from start to finish, both I and II.
  8. Soccerzubs

    Anyone still get goosebumps...

    Always, and at one point or another, all the band members knew there was something special about this song and if you really listen you can tell that there is something special about it too.
  9. Soccerzubs

    Led Zepagain in San Francisco

    My GF's Mom told me about them, might go check them out.
  10. Soccerzubs

    y'know you're a zep-freak when....

    What are you girls talking about! All the best Zeppelin shirts I've found are for GIRLS ONLY! I've thought about buying them but I don't think I can really pull off such a deep v-neck.
  11. Soccerzubs

    y'know you're a zep-freak when....

    You have an hour between classes, but instead of using it to sleep like a normal student, you spend every single hour everyday reading Zeppelin books from the library.
  12. Soccerzubs

    Where could I sell Led Zeppelin Vinyl?

    While eBay sounds like a place where people put their junk, it is also the most popular site people look on.
  13. Soccerzubs

    Where could I sell Led Zeppelin Vinyl?

    Don't do it! I'll cry!
  14. Soccerzubs

    "Stairway to Heaven" REAL length ?

    Jim Ladd is the shit, and that story makes him even cooler haha. But for the question, that is the real version, they refused to edit it for radio and left it as it was.
  15. Soccerzubs

    No Quarter appreciation

    The O2 version still leaves you in awe as well.