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  1. hey did you ever take the screen shots of Jimmy in the tinsel stars outfit from MSG 73 I would like to know how to take screen shots

  2. If you think he is wrong, then obviously you haven't really looked into the lyrics or about Zeppelin. Their overall theme as a band is Sex. And they show it through their music and their stage performance and outfits.
  3. I see what you are saying, but Zeppelin also had the choice to release singles and have interviews and let their songs appear in commercials and ads and in movies. But they chose to stay off the main-stream path and rely on their music and fan base. Sure it was more difficult at first, and they didn't get the respect they deserved till decades later, but they did it anyway. They were only famous to their fans, to the general public they were seen as dirty hippies. I know this may not have worked for The Beatles and they did what they had to to get where they are, but in the end, I have more respect for Zeppelin.
  4. You say it like it is a bad thing, they didn't want their music to be popular because of how many ads, interviews, TV apperances, or commercials they were in. It all based solely on their music and their fans. That is why I will always have a little more respect for Zeppelin then I would for the Beatles, they were in the spotlight almost all the time.
  5. They are starting to sell the tickets then...not when the event will be held, why should it matter?
  6. The book I read, "When The Leeve Breaks: The Making of Led Zeppelin IV" I am pretty sure it says that all four of them used to play soccer together, but Peter Grant would never join them.
  7. Thanks Again! Much appreciated =]
  8. Oh wow, I love it! She looks really nice in this picture along with the rest of the band, thanks.
  9. Anybody got a pic of the band with Sandy Denny?
  10. The entire 5th Season is named after a Zeppelin song, not to mention "Hyde" in the show is a huge Zeppelin fan and there are hundreds of Zeppelin references, I've seem to caught them all, even as far as, a jewlrey shop in the show is called "All That Glitters" I had a good laugh over it. That character also wears a lot of Zeppelin shirts which is always fun to see and there is one episode where two characters go to a Zeppelin concert.
  11. Mostly a joke but yeah, from that site, it made it seem too simple, but it is all a speculation nobody can be a 100% sure but great job either way
  12. From reading all the posts and links on this thread I have learned that we still have no freaking clue what it means
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