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  1. Anyplace that calls them heavy metal doesn't receive my approval. They were much much more than heavy metal and even with the added description it does no justice.
  2. This song is anything but a filler. It is one of my favorites and the beat and rhythm is so catchy I could hum it all day long. This and songs like The Rover is what sets them apart from other bands. The fact that they would try new and innovative things like this and succeed is just breathtaking.
  3. He can't even spell Zeppelin, not worth our time, better spent listening to Zeppelin.
  4. Even while watching this movie I happened notice and point this part out. This had to be one of the highlights of the movie. And even though he did not really say anything, it is still nice to see him and know he is alive and kicking.
  5. This is extremely true. As a young fan I would lash out at people who had never heard or didn't like them and I thought to myself, "what the hell is wrong with these people?" But as time goes by you learn to just accept it and move on. I know they are the Greatest Band Ever and you do too, and that's all that really matters. I was sitting in my friend's car (he listens to rap) and he had some random radio station on and someone had called in and the DJ made a joke about her friend being "Dazed and Confused" of course being a Zeppelin fan I jumped on the sound of those words, but the caller of course said, "what?" and had a dumb founded tone in her voice. It just goes to show more people listen to Zeppelin then you think and if they don't then hell, they are missing out.
  6. PG is good from start to finish, both I and II.
  7. Always, and at one point or another, all the band members knew there was something special about this song and if you really listen you can tell that there is something special about it too.
  8. My GF's Mom told me about them, might go check them out.
  9. What are you girls talking about! All the best Zeppelin shirts I've found are for GIRLS ONLY! I've thought about buying them but I don't think I can really pull off such a deep v-neck.
  10. You have an hour between classes, but instead of using it to sleep like a normal student, you spend every single hour everyday reading Zeppelin books from the library.
  11. While eBay sounds like a place where people put their junk, it is also the most popular site people look on.
  12. Jim Ladd is the shit, and that story makes him even cooler haha. But for the question, that is the real version, they refused to edit it for radio and left it as it was.
  13. The O2 version still leaves you in awe as well.
  14. If you think he is wrong, then obviously you haven't really looked into the lyrics or about Zeppelin. Their overall theme as a band is Sex. And they show it through their music and their stage performance and outfits.
  15. I see what you are saying, but Zeppelin also had the choice to release singles and have interviews and let their songs appear in commercials and ads and in movies. But they chose to stay off the main-stream path and rely on their music and fan base. Sure it was more difficult at first, and they didn't get the respect they deserved till decades later, but they did it anyway. They were only famous to their fans, to the general public they were seen as dirty hippies. I know this may not have worked for The Beatles and they did what they had to to get where they are, but in the end, I have more respect for Zeppelin.
  16. You say it like it is a bad thing, they didn't want their music to be popular because of how many ads, interviews, TV apperances, or commercials they were in. It all based solely on their music and their fans. That is why I will always have a little more respect for Zeppelin then I would for the Beatles, they were in the spotlight almost all the time.
  17. It really does ruin songs for you, songs just sound so much worse when you hear them on these games. They are nothing compared to listening to the actual version of the song.
  18. Wow that is a really cool dream, I'm so interested in the music that was on the reel!
  19. I've never really thougth of comparing SIBLY and TFO as having similar parts, and to me they really don't. The guitar goes along perfectly with Robert Plant's vocals and the lyrics have a lot of meaning and power behind them, especially with Plant singing. Not to mention the drumming, which stands out the most to me in this song. I think they all just work beautifully together to produce this song.
  20. For some reason everytime I turn on the radio, Zeppelin either seems to be playing or is about to come on, even other people have started noticing.
  21. You're just trying to act like a smartass now, just drop it, we got the point. Go make a new thread if you care about the orignal credits so much.
  22. Majority of the time, information is cited from another website so if you follow the citation it should lead you back to the original site.
  23. Do you expect his voice not to change? He is human...
  24. Honestly, even I didn't know this, a lot of you are overreacting and out of line. Think twice before posting and acting arrogant.
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