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  1. Steve, Get a life and it is sad to see when RP, JP and JPJ to waste the rest of there lives when they have one good album left for closure. Peace
  2. Well the sad fact of one offs by Percy is half messures for a cure. Just think he could cure cancer if the Mighty Zep would tour for the cause with some new music ofcourse. Not like they can't come up with something creative for Robert's sake. It is hard to believe some people with that much God given talent cant find a why to work together as they should. Time is almost over. A little advise to Robert - go back and listen to the Stomp.
  3. From STL today The Robert Plant/Alison Krauss concert with T Bone Burnett at the Fox Theatre is changing yet again. First, the June 19 show was moved to Sept. 24, with a Sept. 25 show added. Both shows were set to be filmed for a live DVD. Now we learn that’s all changing. Due to a change in schedules, the second show will not take place, and neither will the filming. Anyone know why the change was made to not go forward with the Sept. concerts, filming and DVD?
  4. I have to say Raising Sand is something that really grows on you and then certain songs become fantastic as they get better and better. Songs of notice are 2, 5, 10, 12 and 13. You can look up the titles. But as a true Zep fan for over 35 years I can never again miss the chance to see any of the members perform, so off I go to after this to book the DC tickets for P/K. Still kicking myself for missing 02 but after the look on Allison's face with the peculiar comment at the CMT awards we may still have lots of hope. She didnt even say Thanks for the award just walked off.
  5. Looks like someone is trying to give Zep a bad name. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=206...&refer=muse
  6. I am a financial Advisor at a major Wall Street firm and I have the same issue. The power of Zep live is like a sonic explosion which I am afraid will over take us all in short order. Long live Led Zeppelin the true Hammer of Gods
  7. Anyone know the make of Jimmy's Sunglass at the 02. The look was incrediable like the the man himself.
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